Preterism Hebrew Greek Word Study


In Mark 16:15 the verse before tell us it was specifically the Eleven that Jesus was talking to, the "they". Verse 20 shows us that it was the disciples who followed the "preach" command and indeed went and "preached everywhere". The Roman verses you provided seem to mention more of this "proclamation". It's very interesting.


Rev 22:2 shows us rivers that I think relate to the rivers described in Genesis 2:10-14, as both are for watering.


Specifically, I remember Romans 16:20 that you mentioned in the Zoom call about 2 weeks ago.


But wow, you're right! Right there at the bottom, for Young's it really does say "quickly". And the KJV says "shortly" too. I completely missed that the first time you showed it!


will soon crush


συντρίψει (syntripsei)



For me, I see Sheol (Hebrew) as a place where just, dead people are in general. The natural consequence of having any sin, is being stuck there. But when someone believes in Christ, they're washed of death and given permanent life.


Yes, it shows in John 3:13 that no one has ascended up to Heaven. Then there's the question of whether people will ascend bodily like going up, or spiritually, that I remember was being discussed a few weeks back from the Zoom call.


Well, we at least know that Lazarus was resurrected. John 11:43. Then 1 Corinthians 15:20 talks about the first fruits being resurrected. Speaking of Matthew, Matthew 27:52-53 also says "tombs broke out" similar to Verse 28 from John Ch 5 you mentioned. The bodies of many holy people were resurrected. They went to the Holy City, I think New Jerusalem.


Yes, Bible Hub's very useful for looking at Strong's Greek translations and seeing where conjugations appear elsewhere. Such as death θάνατος (thanatos) and permanent life αθάνατος (athánatos)


Luke 21:32 and Mark 13:30 talks about a generation passing away, same word.




γενεὰ (genea)

Noun - Nominative Feminine Singular

Strong's 1074: From genos; a generation; by implication, an age.


Interesting, it looks connected to olam (Hebrew) and aionios (Greek) which means "pertaining to an age". So there's the Old Covenant you mention passing away in AD70, one age, and now we're in another age (generation). Old Heaven and Old Earth replaced with New Heaven and New Earth Isaiah 65:17 Revelation 21:1


Romans 10:18 mentions the voice going out to all ends of the earth then Colossians 1:5-6 mentions the Gospel growing. My theories are either



First thought

a) Colossians somehow came before Romans, even though the Bible book says otherwise


But now thinking about it, more likely I think

b) Romans had the seed of the Gospel planted. And Colossians talks about that seed now growing.


So the "planting of the Gospel seed" seems to be what was already fulfilled. Now it's up to us, the gardeners, to grow that plant and have the seed of faith go inside people. Requirement for Matthew 24:14


Strong's 3956: πᾶσαν (pasan)

and all = all as us UR people know.


In terms of Jesus coming back at a certain year, I thought I was going to see Christ come back many years ago, like some sort of "rapture" or "translation" I guess XD. This was when I was younger... I even made a message explaining why I would have suddenly "vanished" to my parents. You know how that turned out... since I'm still here... For me, that's why I'm interested in looking at other views like Preterism, things that I thought were true in the past turned out false. So besides UR, I can't really "debate" much of anything, I'm just a truth seeker on a journey lol.


Oh, I like to use Mark 16:15 as an argument against people who tell me to stop evangelizing. But... looking at the rest of the chapter... Mark 16:20 states "they went out and preached everywhere". From a preterist view, I'm wondering if the Gospel was already preached everywhere. At least, to all creatures during that time. (Col 1:5 "have already heard", past tense, Rom 1:8 "all over the world"). Though, there may be people born years after that that would benefit from the Gospel preached to them. Goes back to what you said about being a witness. But preterism wise, that original requirement has already been fulfilled.


So, preterist UR evangelism is more about reminding the whole world the truth that they've already heard, so they don't forget it. Hence Mark 13:10 saying "must first". Further, like you mentioned before, the gathering of certain elect has already happened, like in the 1st century. Related to AD70. A lot of people assume Revelations is still upcoming, but parts of it have already happened. Matthew 24:11-14 says "then the end will come" which relates to that. Parts of "that end" have already happened. Though there's still "another end" as in everyone becoming a believer in Christ, as we know from UR. Preterism + Universalism help show the different ages (olam/aionios/eternal) God works through. And many verses are "timeless" in the sense, even though they're requirements have already been fulfilled, they are a good reminder of God's overall nature, since He does not change. (Ex: Malachi 3:6 still relevant despite it applying to children of Jacob)


Rom 8:26-27 and Cor 14:14 mention the Holy Spirit, which I didn't add, I think simply do to time constraints. You know how it is when someone's new to the Bible, they jump between a lot of questions lol. I did mention the Holy Spirit before, but I think I forgot to include it on the text document. But eventually all people will have the Holy Ghost dwelling in them, praying on their behalf.


For me, as long as someone has core Christian beliefs, like faith alone salvation, permanent salvation, universal salvation, etc, then I'm fine with understanding their other unique viewpoints. Like in the Zoom call before, Global Flood vs Local Flood. Or sphere Earth or flat Earth. Personally, I see the Earth as a sphere, but I wouldn't want to go in a long debate with a flat-earther proving it, I'm more so curious how they justify it with Bible scripture.


I think theological debates are most useful for core beliefs. Which is why I debate ECTers and Annihlationists, but I don't really want to debate like pre-trib post-trib rapture people. Outside of core beliefs, anything else should be a learning approach, like with eschatological views.


Start Quote "But further, Yahweh referred to Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, thus speaking of these patriarchs not as dead men but as those who are alive and immortal. If God spoke of dead men as though they were alive, then this implied that these men would live again; they would rise from the dead." End Quote


Which shows the "aionion" life (John 3:16), pertaining to ages, that we gain from belief in Christ, like how Abraham believed. (Rom 4:3). The Holy Spirit works in ages, whether it's 10 years or 50 years. I've changed a lot personally too thanks to Him :D


Which universally speaking, shows how all the people of Abraham's generation (Gen 22:8), of Isaac's, of Jacob's and so forth will be saved, in their own turn. (1 Cor 15:22-28). All people thus blessed. (Gen. 12:3). UR Gospel preached beforehand. (Gal 3:8)




Interesting Preterist view of Satan my friend. Oh and the Nephelim to. For me, there's many views on them, whether they're mighty men, legends, offsprings, etc. Still researching them. For me I personally view this verse as describing Satan as a "cherub"


Ezekiel 28:14 You were anointed as a guardian cherub


Though like in John 8:44 he is also the Father of liars who can disguise himself as an angel of light 2 Corinthians 11:14 But yes, what the truth is will be revealed eventually



Hmm... 1st century history. Looking through my email archives, I remember this timeline about 70 AD



Joel 2:28 so "Holy Spirit" poured out on all people. Would this count as all people being sealed for the day of redemption? Or by pouring out, just a spirit of prophesy? Eventually all people will be a temple of God, with Holy Ghost dwelling in them, but exact timing can be tricky to found out.


The timing of Revelation 5:13 is interesting. There are those "who are under the earth". From a UR perspective, everyone will be saved eventually. I wonder if they are still in the pit, Sheol/Hades, yet to be saved. It may also refer to underground creatures like moles, since it says "every creature" even those in the sea


Ohhhh, wait wait wait. I think my prediction was close actually... I just found this on BibleHub from this "Amplified Bible Version" (I like to compare between versions like YLT),


under the earth [in Hades, the realm of the dead]. So seems to be humans


1 John 2:18 says "this is the last hour". Makes it seem like it's very soon



ὥρα (hōra)

Noun - Nominative Feminine Singular

Strong's 5610: Apparently a primary word; an 'hour'.

first result of hora is


Matthew 8:13 N-DFS

GRK: ἐν τῇ ὥρᾳ ἐκείνῃ

NAS: was healed that [very] moment.

KJV: in the selfsame hour.

INT: in the hour that


so "very moment" meaning very soon. like literally in the hour. So the verse literally could have been written maybe an hour before the 70 AD Antichrist appeared thousands of years ago.




In terms of predicting the exact date of the end of the world, we know that from the verse below


Matthew 24:36 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.


I have looked at that same Wikipedia article in the past, funnily enough lol. Yep, there's a lot of "predictions" that fall flat because the choose like such a specific number XD


Harold Camping, I remember that guy. Maybe because his name is like mine, Harold lol.


For clarification, I do not know the exact date or the hour. However, just naturally from a time moving forward perspective, the more time passes, the sooner we to having everyone saved. So if I ever mention "end of the world", I think I mention stuff like that in Tentmaker posts, that's what I mean.


You could say that we are closer to that "end" of all people becoming believers in Jesus Christ now, then when we were thousands of years ago. For the Book of Revelations, there can be specific events like pretrib, posttrib, preterist. But for me politically, I see things escalating. What will happen? I can't say for sure. But definitely scary times we are in.


Hope that makes sense. The last thing that I'd want to do is put like... a specific numbered date and end up on that WIkipedia list my friend XD. Still though, I appreciate the heads up! :D

At timestamp 14:05 I noticed that they used the same verse I had sent to you a few days back, Matthew 24:36


The pastor makes a good point, God the Son, doesn't know the hour, He laid aside the prerogatives of the deity.


To add my own commentary, reminds me of what I talked about in a past HopeForAll Fellowship Zoom meeting a few weeks ago. I think it's why Jesus was taught carpentry. Mark 6:3. If Christ was omniscient, He would already know how to do carpentry, but since He had to be taught, that means He may have laid aside those deity prerogatives.



That Osama Bin Laden part was interesting. Many times, unfortunately, violence creates more violence. The tricky part is taking every action from Israel and interpreting it as "orchestrated by God". Truly, only what's recorded in the Bible is what we can say are "God's orchestrations". And even then, it depends on how accurately it's translated.


I admit, there are times where I've speculated that Russian President Vladmir Putin could potentially be chief prince of Rosh, Mesech (Russia, Moscow). While I am against the Ruzzian Federations evil actions, at the same time, God would rather the wicked to live.


EZEKIEL 18:23 Have I any desire, says the Lord God, for the death of a wicked man? Will I not rather that he should mend his ways and live?


I admit, sometimes when speculating I do get a bit excited by some discoveries. However, I can see the potential dangers with eschatology, where some people might use their interpretation of verses as a starting point for a crusade, which could only lead to more violence. Because ultimately, even Osama Bin Laden and Vladmir Putin will become believers in Christ and also be saved.


Psalm 141:5 Let a righteous man strike me—that is a kindness; let him rebuke me—that is oil on my head. My head will not refuse it, for my prayer will still be against the deeds of evildoers.

Luke 21:20-22 mentions “fulfillment”. That desolation being near, surrounded by armies, from a Preterism view, would have already happened. Ah I see… Past history confused for future prophecy.


Ohhh, and on 32 it says “generation”. Human life spans are typically last as much as 120 Genesis 6:3. Mark 13:30 and Matthew 24:34 mention this same “generation” too! So, it appears those events were fulfilled within those 120 years in the past, like Gog and Magog, which has already been fulfilled.


Very interesting video series! So the last days, which has already happened, is the 70th week of Daniel:9! A lot of “sevens” in that chapter. Interesting how the temple was destroyed in AD 70 by Titus, another seven. Ahh… now I can see the issue with using trying to get history that has already happened and say it has not. A lot of dispensationalism is popular, so it can be tricky to get out of the mindset. My earliest views of eschatology was with dispensationalism, just like how my earliest views of salvation was ECT. How unfortunate that the truth, like UR, is not well known to this generation.


5:46 of this video talks about that generation in a way I find interesting.


Very strong evidence from this video series. Now… I am in a tricky situation, due to my past postings of Gog and Magog. Well… due to the discovery of this information, the least I can do is this my friend :)


I have gone to my dispensationalist futurist assumption posts about Gog and Magog and added a disclaimer to them, and posted a link to this preterist video series. I value this information you have given to me greatly. Those are what I can find at the moment. While those posts are already posted, the least I can do is to provide that follow-up in light of this new “revelation” that you have shown me, so to speak. <3


I have made mistakes in the past, I used to believe in ECT and Annihilationism. And… I don’t know exactly how many of my beliefs are true or false. And to be honest, it can be scary thinking about how many of my beliefs may be wrong. Though, I know sola fida, eternal security, UR is true, that’s for sure! However, I believe in scripture, which is truth and scriptural evidence, like what you’ve shown me in favour of preterism. And I think, over time through reading and rereading the Bible, we learn more and more of God’s truth.


I think that Gog and Magog section was the last thing holding me back from fully believing in preterism. But after watching those videos you sent... right now, at this present moment, I believe that preterism is true. The link above also mentions the Parousia Archive, which I remember from the Zoom call I think.


Daniel 12:4 mentions sealing the book. Everything has already been set up since AD 70 for the Kingdom of Heaven. I think it relates to the NDE you shared. And the Cherub dream I had. The Kingdom of God, New Jersualem, is already here, waiting for us. Hebrews 13:14


I think of it like... the buffet is ready (preterism) now all we need to do is wait for the guests to arrive (universalism). Aka for everyone to believe in Christ eventually. Isaiah 25:6-8


2 Peter 1:11 the gates will be open -> Rev 21:25 the gates are now already wide opened.



Would you consider yourself full preterist or partial preterist?


What do you think of this definition of full preterism:


Full preterism is the view that all eschatological events necessary to secure complete redemption for all believers, past, present, and future have been fulfilled.


Because if that's the case, then you can call me a full-preterist. 😎 


The prophecies served as God's step-by-step history of creating that complete redemption. Now, when people believe, they have completed redemption too! :D Hebrews 9:26 end of all ages, Christ has already appeared.


Now, in our day, there are people who do not believe. But when they do believe, they will be saved with all those eschatological events already fulfilled. <3


All the prophecies have already been fulfilled. Now it's just up to the person to believe in Christ, and therefore they are permanently saved.


I was thinking... if believers who die will already be transported to Heaven? As such, I assume those who die and do not believe would stay in Sheol/Hades (realm of the dead) until they do believe and then get transported to Heaven immediately?


Thus, under my beliefs of Christian Universalism and Full Preterism, the Bible is a beautiful history book about how God fulfilled all prophecies to save everyone. What a coincidence that today I picked up a Bible I ordered online from the post office.



Yes. I couldn't see it before, but as a preterist now, I cannot unsee all the Tentmaker futurist predictions. Like how when I found UR I couldn't unsee all the ECT myths.


Wow... interesting! It seems these ideas spread well through email :D I'm grateful you passed on their teachings.


When I search Modern Young's Literal Translation online, I only see one for the New Testament 2005. Is there an online version?


Also, is there one for the Old Testament? Would be useful for evangelism. YLT OT uses "Jehovah". Many people have mistaken me for a "Jehovah's Witness", which I'm not since I disagree with their view that only 144,000 will be saved.


Though as a former KJV-onlyist, I'm useth to readeth expressiveth languageth... lol, so I like that YLT's correctly translates Sheol/Hades/Tartarus/Gehenna/etc When talking to the kids... hope they understand


Reminds me of Gary Amirault's great article here


I'm glad not to be reading The Message paraphrase 😎


Oh, I found it. will μέλλει (mellei). Says "A strengthened form of melo; to intend, i.e. Be about to be"


In my old futurist mindset, I thought this line meant like world war 1 world war 2 LOL


Matthew 24:6 V-FIA-2P

GRK: μελλήσετε δὲ ἀκούειν

NAS: You will be hearing of wars


But the truth is those were the wars before 70 AD. A lot of futurist predictors like to misuse that one.


By Hebrew 19:25 do you mean Hebrew


And this one's a strong proof!


Luke 7:2 V-IIA-3S

GRK: κακῶς ἔχων ἤμελλεν τελευτᾷν ὃς

NAS: by him, was sick and about to die.


I don't think it took him 2000 years to die, like futurists posit XD. He was ἤμελλεν ēmellen "about to" die, quickly like you say.


Matthew 20:22

"the cup that I am about to drink"


Even before I met you, I first heard of Preterism years ago through 70 AD, around my ECT days. I think UR helped me understand it. It's why I was interested to reach out during that Zoom call months ago. I'm very glad I did though, a good decision!

Hebrew 10:37 for yet a very very little, He who is coming will come, and will not tarry;


Μικρὸν (Mikron)

Adjective - Accusative Masculine Singular

Strong's 3398: Little, small. Including the comparative mikroteros apparently a primary word; small (figuratively) dignity).

He who

ὁ (ho)

Article - Nominative Masculine Singular

Strong's 3588: The, the definite article. Including the feminine he, and the neuter to in all their inflections; the definite article; the.


is coming

ἐρχόμενος (erchomenos)

Verb - Present Participle Middle or Passive - Nominative Masculine Singular

Strong's 2064: To come, go.


will come

ἥξει (hēxei)

Verb - Future Indicative Active - 3rd Person Singular

Strong's 2240: To have come, be present, have arrived. A primary verb; to arrive, i.e. Be present.



καὶ (kai)


Strong's 2532: And, even, also, namely.


will not delay.

χρονίσει (chronisei)

Verb - Future Indicative Active - 3rd Person Singular

Strong's 5549: To delay, tarry, linger, spend time. From chronos; to take time, i.e. Linger.



Ah, hopefully more Preterists come to learn about UR, and UR to Preterism. Those Biblical truths go together hand-in-hand.


Even when in my bed, the word "generation" stays in my mind. Soon, about to come, quickly. I can say with certainty now that I believe full-preterism is true!


So yes, I would be interested in getting the "full-load" so to speak my friend :D

It seems the last podcast here is dated May 13 2016. But wow, it goes all the way back to 2011. He definitely has a good history with his preterist research!

Starting from the bottom, I'm listening to this one first, about Satan, which is interesting. Like you said in a previous mail, Satan is already crushed. Romans 16:20. Soon = quickly. συντρίψει (syntripsei)


When evangelizing, I've met a few Satanists (that's what they literally call themselves). But it's ironic to think they're essentially worshiping an already crushed false god. It's like betting on a horse in a race when the results are in at it's already in last place. The Devil is no longer the prince of the power of the air like he mentions in this podcast.


It makes sense. Jesus already paid the penalty for all sin. Now we just have to wait until everyone believes in Christ in their own turn. Brings a whole new meaning to the "Victorious" Gospel of UR! The Devil has already lost!