A major division between Universalists is on whether there will be torment after death before ultimate salvation. Restorationists believe there will be a time of suffering after death while Ultra-Universalists believe there is no suffering after death. Ultra-Universalists (also called Modern Universalists) believe that all will be saved with no punishment. end quote.



I’m against GotQuestion’s infernalism/queerphobia/etc, from the screenshot above, they used to have the term “Restorationist” but now they don’t feature it. I can’t find this captured by the Wayback Machine, but was saved on the Christian Universalists Discord server.



ism = belief

ist = ism believer


Omega: Strong’s 5589 (Ō): finality https://biblehub.com/greek/strongs_5598.htm

Ultra = extreme religious opinion https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/ultra

Hyper Strong’s 5228 ὑπέρ (hoop-er'): over, beyond https://biblehub.com/greek/5228.htm

In my head, I synonymously associated “hyper-universalist” with “ultra-universalist” similar to what saintchalupa did on 05/01/2022 8:27 PM


Personally, I am not an Ultra-Universalist. I believe in the existence of temporary punishment after death, so you can call me a Christian Universalist Restorationist.


```Rev 20:15 WNT And if any one's name was not found recorded in the Book of Life he was thrown into the Lake of fire. ```

My view of the Lake of Fire, the τὴν λίμνην πυρός aka (tēn) (limnēn) (pyros) is it’s punishmental effects are temporary for as long as a person remains unsaved, for as long as a person has yet to believe in Christ to be saved.


Here are the terms I collected relating to the “Universalverse”


✝️ Universalism / Universalist -> U = All will be saved

μ ✝️ Ultra Universalism / Ultra Christian Universalist = UU + No Afterlife Punishment

μ ✝️ ♻️Universalism Restorationism / Universalist Restorationist = UR + Yes Afterlife Punishment

† ✝️Christian Universalism / Christian Universalist -> CU = All will believe in Christ and be saved

μ ✝️ Ultra Christian Universalism / Ultra Christian Universalist = UCU + No Afterlife Punishment

† ✝️ ♻️ Christian Universalism Restorationism / Christian Universalist Restorationist = CUR + Yes Temporary Afterlife Punishment

The Universalverse = U + UU + UR + CU + UCU + CUR

I say “temporary” because the belief in permanent afterlife punishment excludes one from being a Universalist. Permanent in effect of destruction: Annilhationism. Permanent in effect of torture: Infernalism.

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[I searched “ultra” on Duckduckgo and this page showed up: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/μ Idk, looks like the letter u I guess]

[I used “recycle” emoji since it has the “re” prefix like “restoration”


If you’re confused by these terms, get ready, because I have created an “Omegaverse: OCA, OCI”


☢️ Annilhationism / Annihlationist -> A = People will be permanently destroyed.

†☢️Christian Annilhationism / Christian Annihlationist -> CA = People will be permanently destroyed by Christ.

Ω ☢️Omega Annilhationism / Omega Annihlationists -> OA = All will be permanently destroyed

Ω †☢️ Omega Christian Annilhationism / Omega Christian Annihilationist -> OCA = All will be permanently destroyed by Christ

☢️🌌 The Annilhationverse = A, CA, OA, OCA

[Nuclear emoji used in reference to nuclear annihilation.

Based off scientific Annihilation findings by Large Hadron Collider from the European Organization for Nuclear Research


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🔥 Infernalism / Infernalist -> I = People will be tormented forever.

† 🔥 Christian Infernalism / Christian Infernalist -> CI = People will torment forever by Christ.

Ω 🔥 Omega Infernalism / Omega Infernalist -> OI = All will be tormented forever.

Ω † 🔥 Omega Christian Infernalism / Omega Christian Infernalist -> OCI = All will be tormented forever by Christ

🔥🌌 The Infernalverse = I, CI, OI, OCI

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Universe = Umbrella term for set of beliefs

Permanent Afterlife Punishment = ☢️🌌 Annihlationverse, 🔥🌌 Infernalverse

Temporary Afterlife Punishment = ✝️🌌 Universalverse


Thus, Universalists are all naturally Ω Omegas because by definition all will be saved.

Non-Omega Infernalists and Non-Omega Annihlationists we can therefore call α Alphas because by definition not all will be saved. It’s impossible for μ 🔥 Ultra-Infernalists and μ☢️ Ultra-Annihlationists to exist, when torment and destruction are included in the definition of punishment.


Just like how Infernalists/Annihlationists can be Ω Omega, so too can only Universalists be μ Ultra.


Therefore, here is the equation:


(✝️ 🌌 = ✝️ + μ ✝️ + μ ✝️ ♻️ + † ✝️ + μ ✝️ + † ✝️ ♻️) ≠ (☢️🌌 = ☢️ + †☢️ + Ω ☢️ + Ω †☢️) (🔥🌌= 🔥 + † 🔥 + Ω 🔥 + Ω † 🔥)



To Ultra-Universalists, Gehenna can be interpreted as purely a physical valley to the side of Jerusalem which has no metaphor to the Lake of Fire.



Ultra Universalists could relate the Lake of Fire to the Furnace of Affliction in Isaiah 48:10, saying how the suffering we experience right now in life is already the Lake of Fire, the weeping and gnashing of teeth just our day to day life.



```Isaiah 48:10 NRSV See, I have refined you, but not like silver; I have tested you in the furnace of adversity. ```


The use of the past-tense “refined”, they can argue, shows that living on Earth is already punishment enough to refine a person.



Another interpretation is that a person experiences all their punishment right before they die.


```Ecclesiastes 12:6 NRSV before the silver cord is snapped, and the golden bowl is broken, and the pitcher is broken at the fountain, and the wheel broken at the cistern, ```



The silver cord is the nervous system breaking; the golden bowl breaking representing the brain and loss of memory; the pitcher broken at the fountain and the wheel broken at the cistern is the heart slowing and failing to pump; which then results in the death of the body. See full commentary here

end quote


Scientifically, there’s the concept of time dilation from physics. 1 year for a 1-year-old baby is their whole life, thus, a year for them feels longer than a 100-year-old adult where 1 year is only 1% of their life. Specifically, time objectively moves at the same speed, but subjectively, we can experience time moving slower or faster.





So perhaps, for those who need to be punished, their dying moments will be experienced consciously, in slowmo and be incredibly painful. Thus the law of reaping and sowing Galatians 6:7 fulfilled.



Do you see?  Do you grasp that there is no reward, good or ill – just non-existence?  Conscious survival after death is here excluded.  Further, Solomon tells us (12:6-7)  “Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.  Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was:  and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”  He is, through poetic language, describing the moment of death and the fate of body and Spirit, the soul already having ceased in its existence.  That is why Solomon does not mention the soul here as such.  As I wrote elsewhere, when the living person (soul) dies, the body returns to dust, and the breath/spirit (one of the seven Spirits of God) returns to God.

end quote


One speculates whether there’s consciousness after death, like how the soul could cease existance, and then return to existence in Heaven. Thus, some Ultra Universalists may even take the stance of afterlife punishment being literally impossible.


…… Some might find it odd that I’m providing evidence for a position I don’t personally believe in (I’m a Christian Universalist Restorationist), but I think it’s worth being intellectually honest and presenting their arguments in a fair light. I find it fascinating!