All of these events happened today, February 9th 2023. I was outside, going to a spot I went to before to write more evangelism verses on papers to spread around, when there was a red truck that rolled out of the side of the road and directly blocked that spot, and there were people at the scene.

John 17:2 "As God gave Jesus authority over ALL FLESH, that he should give eternal life to as many as God have Him."


It was winter out. I found a new spot, it was later at night, dark, the orange hues of the lights gave light. Jesus Christ is the true light though. Believe in Him with faith alone and be permanently saved, thus everyone will become believers in Christ, the light, and all will go to Heaven.

Gen. 18:18 "ALL the nations of the earth shall be blessed."


My pen ink would freeze, where no black lines would go on the lined page. No scissors to cut the torn page in two, I would have to tear them myself, two verses on one piece of paper. My hands would get white parts on it, Ifm unsure if this is frostbite or not. I wear gloves, hard to write. My right hand wrist hurts, I keep writing. Minutes on end would past.

Isaiah 65:1 God "reveals Himself by those who did not ask for Him: He was found by those who did not seek Him."


I was at a location and realized the time was approaching an important deadline. So I ran to the bus stop, luckily a transit bus came on time, and I ran and I made it before the details started to be discussed. I still had the papers stuffed in my left pants pocket, my left jacket pocket. After, I came out.

Psalm 107:43 Let the wise man lay these things to heart, and ponder the record of the Lord's enduring love.


I then realized that I had lost something very important, a means to go to a location. I searched, I ran for blocks on end, while delivering the Gospel truth, that Jesus Christ will save everyone. Believe in Christ with faith only and be saved permanently! Thus, all people in all nations will become believers in Jesus, the light, and all will go to Heaven.

Psalm 18:30 The way of God is perfect.


My hands are warming up now as I type this. I came here, exhausted, gasping for air, my breathe. As I ran outside, I spoke through a whisper, a gasping of breath, for the Lord to help me find what I was looking for, and when I found it, I thanked the Lord of Hosts for helping me find it. He is gracious and merciful, this is true. I asked Him to give me the power to run, more energy, to deliver the Gospel truth to just one more soul. I have delivered these truths from person (me) to person (other). And the messages say something similar to these words. A Bible verse. Believe in Christ with faith alone to be permanently saved. And at the back. Christian Universalism. Everyone will go to Heaven.

Hebrews 1:2: "He [God] has spoken to us by his Son, whom He appointed the heir of all things."


I call a paper a gTruthh and I deliver these gTruthsh as a mere ordinary human messenger. When I went back to a location, looking for my lost item, I found a place to place a truth, which I had not previously considered, so I believe that was Godfs way of telling me to put it there. I spoke, and asked the Lord something along the lines of gIs this the reason you brought me back here Lord, to place this truth here?h I have placed these truths and the truths have disappeared, which implies people have read it. I have delivered it in person to person, handing it over, which implies it was read.

Psalm 17:7 Show me how marvelous thy true love can be.


I view these truths each as a seed. The seed of faith alone, when someone reads, I hope they believe in Christ with faith alone to be permanently saved. So the Holy Spirit, the Ruach Adonai, can permanently dwell within them. And thus, everyone will eventually learn this truth. But I hope, that by delivering these truths, I can help people learn sooner rather than later, to spare them from some suffering, I hope. And the Lord Jesus is my blessed hope. He will never fail because love never fails.

Philippians 2:10-11: "At the name of Jesus every knee will bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."


And it was at that location where I placed the last truth for the day, that I then realized I had my important item on my person this whole time. Thus, I thanked the Lord, and I ran to the bus stop. And I saw another person running, and then there was a child running, and I saw another person running, but this time in the direction opposite of where I was running. I saw this as a message. I hope, my running around, spreading the Christian Universalist truth, can encourage others, to run from place to place, placing truths wherever they go, and handing them around. Thatfs soul winning. And how fitting itfs named gwinningh because Christian Universalism is the Victorious Gospel!

Acts 3:21: g[Jesus] must remain in heaven until the time for the final restoration of ALL things, as God promised long ago through the prophets."