can.of.soup — Today at 1:41 AM gOn the media Ifve been seeing so many more Christian related things (my phones been listening to me.. XD) and some of the comments have.. not been the nicest so to say. Part of me understand where theyfre coming from because before I met you I was just like them, I was clouded with an offensive idea of what a Christian was, but man I donft know how you do it. I think this may be a gIfm too sensitiveh kinda thing but some of the stuff people have said would 100% make me cry if it was directed to me personallyh


[Therefs nothing wrong with being gToo sensitiveh. Truly, I am a Highly Sensitive Person, HSP. We should not harden our hearts, but be sensitive to other peoplefs emotions. And I do cry based on what people say. But itfs with this sensitivity that I learned about Christian Universalism, the truth that everyone will have faith alone in Jesus Christ and be saved permanently.]

Therefore, here is my reply.

One of my trigger words is ghellh. I mean, thatfs why I personally prefer to use the word Sheol, itfs less emotionally charged. Butc wow likec talk about an inconvenient trigger word to have! As a Christian Universalist, I have to tell people the truth that gHellh doesnft appear in the Bible quite frequently. But, when I was young, I was so hurt by words that I would go back to my old Journal Entries and highlight them with black (I use dark mode now so that doesnft work as well lol), or censor the middle with asterisk * Thatfs why I felt the need to warn you about the slur there. While itfs a useful article describing a negative example, it can be potentially dangerous, I know this since I have a sensitive mind too.


Even when itfs just digital words, it hurts. One times I was getting ganged up on online, and I could feel my heart beating heavily, my whole body shaking.


I think, because Ifm such an emotional person, that I can relate to peoplefs feeling better. If I wasnft sensitive, Ifm not sure how I could have reached you my friend, for example.


Hebrews 3:8 Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion, on the day of testing in the wilderness,


And the Lord tells us to soften our hearts, to be sensitive to pain. Sure, if someonefs heart was hardened, theyfd feel less suffering, butc maybe it was my sensitivity to hell that brought me to this position, where I can show others that Christ saves all. If I was like other people, who mention hell and think nothing of it, Ifm not sure if I would have found this great joy so early. I also feel sensitive to the pain that Jesus felt on the cross. Just the thought of being crucified absolutely terrifies me, yet God did it, and the Lord is the most kind person there is.


2 Timothy 2:3 Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. [it really is a spiritual battlefield in the world right now]


While I was preaching on Roblox Free Draw, another friend asked me months ago something similar of gman I donft know how you do ith. All I do is write out Bible verses on there and answer Christianity questions in chat I have ac reputation there, to say the leastc A lot of people there recognize me and call mec names, letfs sayc I join a server and some instantly start mocking me directly. Ifve attached a few photos showing the morec nicer experiencesc. I canft show everything due to the use of hate symbolsc


[attach photos at this point]

Ifm naturally introverted, an INFJ, but I feel sometimes the Holy Spirit gives me another personality, like of an extrovert, so I can relate to more people. Itfs exhausting, yet God upholds me.


Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


The joy of getting rewards, which are these relationships, for the suffering I endured. [And people can still earn rewards, relationships, in Heaven, I guess I just like to get a head-start on the processc]. The net positive spreading the Victorious Gospel.


There are many many times in my life where I thought gThis is the end, I am going to dieh. Yet, the Lord upholds me. I like to think of my current life as a patient on life support. I could have died, multiple times in the past, yet the only reason Ifm alive is because of God. Truly, He is my reason to live.


I could die, and go to Heaven already, be done with this suffering. Butc the people who are still here on Earth, they too still suffer. I want to help them. If Ifm dead, I can no longer type these posts. And alsoc Ifm curious how the world will end. Like someone who wants to watch a movie until the end. Everyone will know the full story of course, as all will be saved. But this is a rare opportunity to be born right in front of the disaster, facing it. Ifm starting to cry a bit, I can feel it in my eyesc I donft know why? I wantc I want to see, out of sheer curiosity, how this world is destroyed so that a new world can be created in itfs stead, free of sin.


Romans 8:22 For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now.


My mother also recognizes that the end of the world is coming soon. Itfs only a matter of time before Vladmir Putin does something morec intense. So, my time to help people is limited. They say the average life expectancy is 60 years, some live double that, up to 120, but truly, I may die in a couple years. In all honestly, I really could have died many years ago, I tried different ways to kill myself, and yet the Lord upholds me. And now thatc now that I want to live, to help peoplec then I realize that I donft have that much time leftc howc ironiccc..


Isaiah 45:7 I form light and create darkness; I make well-being and create calamity; I am the Lord, who does all these things. [The Lord created Satan as good, yet knew he would turn out evil, yet still chose to create him due to the net positive of all our happiness in Heaven coming afterwards].


For me, helping God is a way of extending my life. Alsoc just realized, hope Ifm not putting ac damper on the mood, is that the right way to say it? I know you are a person who has recently been saved by Christ, and thatfs reason to celebrate! To be joyful and full of happiness! Itfs justc I feel venting about my troubles helps me relax. Then again, it is related to your question, so itfs an excuse for me to talk about this stuff.