Also, I've begun to reflect on how fate led me to this particular forum. It's interesting. I would originally only post on the Tentmaker site. That's one of the first places I began researching Universalism years ago. But suddenly one day, the forum shut down. Even to this day it's still not back up. Because of that, I began searching for other forums to post about Universalism, which is how I ended up here.


Of course, it's bad that the Tentmaker site forum is closed at the moment. There's a lot of useful information on there. It makes me glad I was able to partially back up the HTML with HTTrack Website Copier. But at the same time, maybe it was God's way of getting me out of my comfort zone. After all, there are still people out there who would benefit from learning about God's plan to save everyone.


So, I'm thankful that there's support for Universalism in other forums like this one too. For those who are against Universalism, it's also good to see their participation on these threads as well. In fact, I'm surprised by how much activity are on these threads. Much more active than the Tentmaker site. As a disclaimer, while I do read through every page of my threads on here, sometimes I'm not able to reply to absolutely everything.


It's interesting. Before I believed in Universalism, I would go out there and evangelize people who did not believe in Christianity. I still do that, but now, with Universalism, I feel I can send them a more complete message. It makes me wish I could have learned about Universalism earlier so back then; more people would have known the truth. But everyone will eventually learn the truth. And each person is on their own unique journey of discovery set out by the Lord. So, there's no need to worry.


I used to go soulwinning to people out of anxiety and panic, worrying about where their souls may go after they die. But with Universalism, I believe that I can spread these Christian beliefs without perturbation.