privacy and security settings windows 11

turn off radio settings for which apps can control radio and radio control access

turn off geolocation to avoid tracking IRL address

under voice activation, turn off let apps use voice activation

turn off notifications. turn off notifications access and turn off let apps access notifications

under account info, turn off account info access and turn off let apps use account info access

under contacts, turn off contact info access and turn off let apps use contact info access

under calendar, turn off calendarís info access and turn off apps using access for calendar info

under phone calls, turn off access to phone call info and turn off apps using phone call info

under call history, turn off call history access and turn off call info

under email, turn off email access and turn off apps using the email for apps

under tasks, turn off tasks access and turn off apps having access to tasks

under messaging, turn off messaging info and turn off apps accessing info related to messaging

under other devices, turn off communicate with unpaired devices so that info is not synced wirelessly to protect your data

under music library, turn off allow access to music library on this device. turn off allow apps to access music library

for your antivirus, you can do a quick scan or a full scan of your system to make sure you arenít infected with any malware which can cause your computer to run slower or to have your information stolen and sold to a third party. a lot of options here like core isolation and protection history that you can choose whether to turn on or off on a case per case basis. sometimes legitimate programs can be false flagged as malware.

under general, turn off let windows improve start and search results

under diagnotics and feedback, turn off diagnostic data sent to Microsoft to protect your privacy of information

under activity history, turn off activity history


windows update update history shows the updates

2023-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5023706)

2022-08 Security Update for Windows 11 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5012170)

2023-01 Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057)


oh, this is interesting. while searching how to debloat windows 11, I found this program

log in to internet archive, you can sign in with google for quicker use

an iso build. tricky thing, I already have applications installed in this computer, so if I install this new operating system, it will essentially reset my computer with all of those files, so I will pass on using this

windows key right click and put these search terms



\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

empty out this folder by deleting applications you donít use


shell:common startup

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

empty out this folder as well from Files Explorer



Registry Editor


oh wow, hereís a strange one: MicrosoftEdgeAutoLaunch_7C87C42F88BDEDE05FE4D8A985A72070

I donít use MicrosoftEdge anymore because they added that big blue b button to the top right so I will delete this

others are default, f.lux and net.mullvad.vpn, so I will keep those



oh found an OBS registry, I have that on my other laptop and I donít use it anymore on this one so I deleted that



ohhhh this one gives me nostalgia my friends, I used to have a keyboard that would randomly click on keys. makes it difficult to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ saving all people by faith alone, if I canít type, so I found that software to disable the keys. but, I have a new keyboard. Insignia one. So I will delete that. But it served itís purpose at the time, I think

Simple Disable Key Startup Reset


now search task scheduler app. looks like a clock icon with part yellowish-orange the rest white for me



XblGameSave Standby Task

which I donít have an Xbox connected to this laptop so I will delete this whole folder

oh ok, so I delete the task first and then delete the folder


under the main task scheduler folder thereís this

OneDrive Standalone Update Task-S-1-5-21-3153724674-4243063741-4117063989-500

and I donít like using OneDrive, so I will delete this m


in control panel thereís programs you can uninstall

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features

bloaty nosy I already used it so no reason to keep it around

uninstalling disable key, it served itís purpose

simple disable key (remove only) from 4dots corp I will remove, as the name has remove in it already lol

C:\Program Files (x86)\4dots Software\Simple Disable Key\

WinHTTrack I like but I have a separate more powerful laptop on with several roblox accounts running that I can create website copies on, so I will uninstall it on this laptop


on the left top thereís option to turn windows feature on and off

turned off print and document services since this laptop is not connected to a printer (different from Microsoft print to PDF)


windows button windows 11 and all apps dropdown thereís a list of applications too to delete

skype for business uninstall that since I use zoom


Microsoft store shows apps that you can uninstall too

Interesting, their name is Chris Titus, reminds me of the Universal Reconciliation verse that I memorized

Titus 2:11 For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all people.

Christ Jesus will save all people. Have faith alone in Him, to be washed of all your sins, and thus all people will become believers in Jesus Christ and everyone will gain permanent life. Amen.


iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

right click windows icon and go to windows power shell admin


now will also use these steps on my windows 10 laptop4e ]


Thus, there is a happy ending for all people my friend. The Almighty Lord is merciful and gracious, and He will finish His Work, He will convince everyone in existence to believe in Him to be made clean of all their wrongdoings, so we are all clean to be in paradise with Him :)

1 Corinthians 13:8 Love never fails