Believe in Christ to gain permanent life. Thus all people, even all vandalists, will become believers in Christ and go to Heaven

Luke 3:6 All flesh shall see the salvation of God.


Sorry for the delay in answering your question a few days back. I was recently at a business symposium with many Ph.d people, including my mentor, who seems to be Christian like myself, which is good. That was going for a few days, but it just finished recently, so Iíve gotten a bit more time luckily.


Also, nice profile picture of the Battler from OFF. Anyways, hereís my commentary as I read through it.


Ooo ok, so this gives me some classical vibes. And this NEET (Not in Education Employment Training) could be a hikikomori. Then again, heís outside of his house. Unless the car IS his house and he always stays inside it.


Looks like Charles doesnít give his name right away. Oh ok, and I get it. Wind + Ice as a natural energy source, so Windice. The name itself makes sense grammatically.


Ohhh ok! I didnít see this part, but Charles does give his name! But yeah, I being stuck in that car with Greig with his cigarettes second hand smoke would negatively affect my health, so I understand why the girl would want to spend more time than expected out in the city.


??? says this was her ďformer cityĒ. It makes me wonder if sheís either

a)       Happily moved to another city or more likely

b)      Sheís haunting this place since her pale skin could be from a lack of blood

Lol like the reference of her looking at him from earlier XD


Overall, I like how quickly you establish the characters and Iím interested in the direction youíll take the story. Iím thinking naturally they will go reach the outside of the city, so like the countryside or prairies. I speculate they may meet more of the survivors from the former city as they get farther away since I imagine many people evacuated. Either this is going to be the main party moving forward, or Charles will be meeting many odd characters throughout his journey. Either way, the car gives a good way for him to travel quickly!


Thanks for letting me know. Awesome post my friend! These connections have really amazed me! I did not know about them until now.

I made an account on Blogspot and commented on your post with the text. While researching, I found my own discovery too, so I think the other site readers can benefit from hearing it too!


Touhou wiki mentions that ďLiving Gods (現人神 arahitogami) are humans who have become deities while still alive.Ē

Colossians 2:9 For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity.

The only Deity is Christ, who is the Word of God made flesh. So Arahitogami mixes up the order. Yes, God can become like the appearance of a human. But a human cannot fully become the appearance of God.

Christ is God -> Christ becomes flesh

Human becomes God -> Impossible! Only God is God. 1 Timothy 2:5


Arahitogami is also synonymous with Hitogami which means. ďMan-GodĒ. False doctrines are so tricky because they are disguise themselves with true doctrine.

True Doctrine = God became like man

False Doctrine = Man became like God.

Wow! Itís the exact same words, but because they got swapped, the entire meaning changed! Just like how swapping around the letters of LIVE becomes EVIL, so to can true doctrine be rearranged to be false!


Meanwhile, Kanako Yasakaís snake form represents the Devil like you mention. And then Sanae Kochiya is the shrine maiden for Kanako Yasaka. Itís subtle, but this is a false doctrine where praying to the Devil makes one like God. What a lie! In fact, the same lie that Satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Genesis 3:5 For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.


I think ZUN was influenced by the false religion of Buddhism here, because they have the same ďpray to snake to become like a GodĒ false doctrine Devil worship. Ultimately, all false religions trace back to Satan, the Father of all liars. A shame itís infected so much, which is why itís good you and I are here to expose it all my friend!

I also made an account on Blogspot and commented on your post with that text. I like the discovery I made, so I think the other site readers can benefit from hearing it too!


Lol it is exaggerated, and I already knew that in a video before you mentioned it. To tell ya the truth, it is an alright game, if you remove the puzzle aspect because puzzles isn't my thing.

But dang, kids nowadays. Even though I can act insufferable, there is no way I'm THAT insufferable to the point I vandalize my school.

Clearly, they're lost.


Based on what youíve told me about Homestuck, Iím surprised they discovered OFF! XD. Iím going to say that thing so many OFF fans say, but I guess you could say that feels a bit off.

Same. Honestly, I donít really like puzzles either. I prefer searching video walkthroughs for the solution. Like, I play video games to relax after work, not to do more work!

A few weeks ago, I was doing a puzzle in Honkai Star Rail, and my game glitched which made the puzzle look impossible. So, there I was spending so long figuring it out. So, I gave up and searched Youtube. Turns out, one of the moveable parts necessary for solving was literally invisible because of my low graphics setting! That was annoying.


Yeah, I feel bad for the school. Itís hard nowadays to stop these kids, because you donít know if theyíll come back as a school shooter. Thatís my worry with the friends my sister makes at school. Hope theyíre not like these vandalists. So, Iím just surviving day-by-day, thatís how Iím feeling right now. Hope youíre doing alright my friend!


Yeah, the Over the Rainbow song is beautiful. A shame Markiplier had to cut it out of his lets play to avoid getting hit with a copyright strike.

That story you mentioned is emotional. At least the male character who is a ghost you mentioned is on there way to go to Heaven, so thatís the bright side. Makes me feel bad for Hugo. Thereís a lot of fan theories online speculating about Hugoís illness, like if itís terminal. If Hugo was real, I feel like heíd become a believer in Christ and go to Heaven too, an end to his suffering at least.