Recently, Iíve noticed things have been calming down in terms of the influence of evil spirits, itís a big relief. Even I can use a break sometimes lol. I had a meeting a few days back with that Dr. friend of mine and he wanted to introduce me to what he calls the ďSmartest Person in AcademiaĒ who was his mentor. When I first heard that, I was surprised. Thatís a very bold statement, the ďsmartestĒ. But he told me that this person is very wise. So I might have the chance to meet this person.


I am interested in having the opportunity to find out if this ďSmartest Person in AcademiaĒ is a Christian, if not, I would greatly enjoy converting them to Christianity. With someone that smart on our side, it could certainly be beneficial! Though, I do believe that the Smartest Person in general is Jesus Christ, after all, He made a plan to convince every single rational being that He is God and that they will all be saved. Thatís a pretty smart move right there already.

```Luke 2:52 And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man. ```


I know the apparently ďSmartest Person in AcademiaĒís full name too. Though, due to a contract I signed, I have to maintain strict confidentiality with the nature of my work with the Government of Canada. I wish I could share it, but all of my work for the project becomes the Intellectual Property for the owner. They told me that failure to comply could result in legal proceedings. So yeah, super serious stuff. I already have evil spirits and that other organization that knows my real life physical address and have visited before, so I donít need these Government of Canada federal agents going after me too lol.


When you say that spirit whispering ďheyĒ, I believe you. I mean, look, Iíve had evil spirits do much crazier things to me, Iíve seen it with my own eyes. A lot more stuff than what Iíve mentioned to you with my stories, itís only scratching the surface.


```1 John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. ```

So you should be careful. Iíve seen both good (Cherub) and evil (Demon) spirits, and it can be tricky distinguishing them from each other because the evil spirits like to pretend theyíre the good ones. Both of them can perform supernatural acts too, like whispering ďheyĒ like you said.


YOOOOO BAIZUH LETíS GOOOO!!! Iím popping off for you my friend! Iíve been playing Genshin since like the first few months it came out, and it feels so surreal to see Baizhu coming out. Alongside Scaramouche, who I pulled for. Now all thatís left is Dainsleif XD. But thatíll probably be a while (He reminds me of Dimitri from Fire Emblem Three Houses)

Ayyy and speaking of ďacademiaĒ Iím glad you could get Kaveh from the Sumeru Akademiya! (pun intended) Honestly, Kavehís attacks are so cool. Like theyíre so fast for a claymore user! And ayyy, C3 keqing! Glad you got her from the standard banner!

Interesting, my hair used to be really straight when I was young but then got curlier as I got older. Iím so happy for you! Both for the curly hair and for the amazing character pulls my friend :D

In terms of a medical diagnosis like for autism, I personally think itís good to have that information. Like my mother told me when I was young that the doctor diagnosed me for asthma at birth, so itís explained why sometimes I have shortness of breath (SOB) problems like gasping for air or purposely getting myself to yawn so I can get more oxygen. Iím surprised that the waitlist is that long though, 3 years!


Oh no worries my friend, I do believe it is important. I mean, itís your choice what to share, but I appreciate you opening up to me. Since Iíve suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), specifically scrupulosity which is intense religious fear, I would be considered neurodivergent. Learning about terms like that has helped me a lot in terms of healing from past trauma. Like, whether or not I know about that term, I would still have these symptoms, so I personally think itís better to know the definition so itís more relatable. Itís difficult opening up to people that I have OCD or asthma, since a lot of people have stereotypes towards those types of peopleÖ Unfortunately, itís like that with other medical diagnosis too. But being born as a hypersensitive person, I think that helped me relate to other peopleís suffering more. So, Iím grateful that you chose to share this with me. The Lord Christ blesses you with happiness :D

```Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace```