Someone today mentioned to me about a sun coming to the East? Itfs interesting. I was just talking to another person recently who said something similar, about how if the sun comes to from the East itfs the end of the world. I havenft heard of the concept until recently, but it seems to be a topic on a lot of peoplefs minds.


I think this verse is related to that?

Matthew 24:27 For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

Revelation 7:2 Then I saw another angel coming up from the east, having the seal of the living God. He called out in a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm the land and the sea:


I will also tell you this interesting thought that Ifve been thinking about. Ezekiel 38 gchief prince of Rus, Mesechh predicted President Putin of Russia, Moscow invading Ukraine. Wormwood references Chernobyl.


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Hebrews 6:10 God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them

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Matthew 8:29 gWhat do you want with us, Son of God?h they shouted. gHave you come here to torment us before the appointed time?h


The presence of Jesus Christ is pure holiness and light. Because demons are so evil, just being in His presence hurts them. Notice how they shouted these words before the Son of God commanded them to go into the pigs. Christ hadnft done anything to them yet, He just approached them.


Matthew 8:28 When he arrived at the other side in the region of the Gadarenes, two demon-possessed men coming from the tombs met him. They were so violent that no one could pass that way.


So this shows that Sheol will be temporary mental anguish. The fire is the one people feel in their heart when they feel guilt for their sins. And realizing youfre a sinner is always the first step before understanding the need for a saviour. As some people have asked me gWhat am I saved fromh. Sin, which causes death, as in, going to Sheol, the realm of the dead.


Psalm 119:130 The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.

Ifve noticed when evangelizing, sometimes people have a painful reaction to the Gospel. Mentally, they experience anguish when seeing Bible verses, because they believe in something different or because their ways differ from the Lordfs.


Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

Itfs like that feeling when, youfve been in a dark room for a long time and suddenly someone turns on the lights. Some may cover their eyes in pain because of how intensely bright it is. That light is God. And the Word of God is God.


Eventually, those demons will be exposed to that light. All evil people will be exposed to that light. The cross will light up all areas of the universe. Thus, everyone will have faith in Christ and be saved.

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Hell in Hebrew OT is Sheol in and Greek NT Hades. Both refer to realm of the dead. If someone dies without believing (unwashed sins), they go there, where they feel temporary mental anguish. A guilt that convinces them to believe in Christ and be saved. So eventually, everyone will be saved. But the sooner the better, itfs less painful.