I torrent anime and video games online. I downloaded the English dub of Spy x Family and my sister, mother and I watched episodes in it. So is this good?


piracy = the practice of attacking and robbing ships at sea.

robbing ships at sea is the sin of stealing. attacking ships may be the sin pf violence depending on the context.


obviously I don't do THAT definition of piracy but i do this one instead...


piracy =

the unauthorized use or reproduction of another's work


We see nothing in this definition about "stealing" whatsoever.


Just because something is"unauthorized" does not mean its bas. If God Himself unauthorized it then it would be bad but we dont see that specific command anywhere. Further, the people of Jesus' time unauthorized people to preach in Jesus' name, it was criminal activity and the apostles were sent to jail. Yet this was still good even though it was made illegal by the government body at the te

Acts 5:29

But Peter and the other apostles replied, “We must obey God rather than men.


I remember I paid Funimation to watch Cose Geass on their dtreaming site but there's problems 

          1.       Sites like Crunchyroll block screenshots due to DRM. If you pirate it, VLC Media Player, you can take screenshots

2 theres lag when it comes to streamig from the internet. but if you download it then even with a slow internet connection you can still watch it.


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Scott the Woz

Scott mentions the rapture. the second coming of christ occurred in 70 AD from Preterism point of view.

he shows an article titled “Video games were invented by the devil”. Not all video games are evil, they are merely a medium in which a person experiences a game. Like the video game that is literally the “Bible” on steam


Bible Games




I am a Christian Universalist who is LGBTQ+ affirming, and so is my sister, who is a minor. Our mother is homophobic and transphobic.


“Who is lesbian here!?” my mother was shouting at my sister just now today Aug 9 2023 while I was downstairs doing my work from home. Another day of screaming. So, I came upstairs to defend my sister. My mother wants to ban her from all sleepovers because she’s afraid of my sister’s friend who is who is gender fluid, who switches between genders. There is nothing inherently sinful with this, nor with transgenderism either. I went to Ai-Kon, the anime convention here in Winnipeg, with many of my sisters transgender friends, these are just normal regular people!


She started slamming her hand on the black kitchen table. Screaming. Throwing things down the stairs. She tells me that the reason I’m against her is because she is against my bible stuff. I tell her, simply, because her behavior is not biblical, I am against her “Now you’re both against me? You’re both going the same path. That’s what I can see right now” she shouts, telling us we are wrong and do not have righteousness.

I must be careful. In the past my mother said that


My mother mentions that she wants to be “civil” “civilized” “But no matter how much I tried, I have to stop you, because you guys already formed a bad habit. Unstoppable” Here is her quote, I type as she speaks upstairs: “I’m not going to let anyone to destroy that goal that I established when you guys were small. I’m not going to let anyone, anybody, who will destroy that, that I prepared for you. I worked hard. I worked very hard. To get you [name] to where you are right now. I worked very hard here. [crying] and someone will just, people will just, you don’t know who they are, just… classmate, will destroy you. No way, I’m going to go to her house! No one will destroy that. I’m not gonna let anyone do that. I worked hard for you guys. And I’m not going to give up! If I have to see their parents, I’m gonna go there! I am not afraid! I’ve been through a lot of things already. I’m telling you. I’m not stupid. Do you think I’m stupid and do you think I’m dumb? No, I’m not! [blows nose] Dumb people are just quiet, they let things happen, not me! “




So I created a list of sexualities so let me explain why they are not sinful as concepts.


Every sexuality can commit sexual sins. What are sexual sins? Not all sexuality is a sin. However, heterosexuals, homosexuals, and others can commit the sin of rape, sexual assault, abuse of children, etc.


Heterosexuality = Straight = Sexual orientation towards the opposite sex.

Homosexuality = Gay = Sexual orientation towards the same sex.




Being Lesbian = Sexual orientation of women to women.



Cisgender = Identifying as having a gender that corresponds to sex one has been assigned at birth; not transgender.

Being transgender = Gender identity differs from sex person had or was identified as having at birth.


Queer = One who has a sexual orientation or gender identity that is not heterosexual or cisgender.


Asexuality = Ace = Lack of sexual attraction to others, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity.


Bisexuality = Sexually orientation towards members of either sex.


Since heterosexuality and homosexuality are not sins, bisexuality is not a sin either.



Questioning = One who is unsure of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Those who are questioning are in a state of being unsure. Not knowing something is not a sin, since a person has to know what the law of God is in order to break it.


Intersex = Born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn't fit boxes of "female" or "male."


God created all people with love. Naturally, all humans are born with sin, but that includes those who are born male and female too. The sheer act of being born with different anatomy to other people is not a sin.


Binary = Those who do identify their gender as exclusively male or female.

Non-Binary = Those who do not identify their gender as exclusively male or female.