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Under the “Advanced Network Settings” running the “Network troubleshooter – Diagnose and fix network problems” it opens a “Network Adapter” window where it asks what network adapter to diagnose. So I just select the last option on the list which is “All network adapters”


It says that it found a problem saying “The remaining repairs require administrator permissions. Problems found. The Diagnostics Policy Service is disabled” So I left click on the “Try these repairs as an administrator”


Then I go through windows and it says “Start the Diagnostics Service Automatically. Network Diagnostics requires that the Diagnostics Policy Service be running” so I click on the blue worded option with the arrow facing right that says “Apply this fix”


Now it says that “Troubleshooting has completed. The troubleshooter made some changes to your system. Try attempting the task you were trying to do before”


Here is the information from the Troubleshooting report that it allows me to copy and paste below:

PrintNetwork Adapter Publisher details


Issues found

The Diagnostics Policy Service is disabledThe Diagnostics Policy Service is disabled

Network Diagnostics cannot be run without the Diagnostics Policy Service. Detected Detected

Start the Diagnostics Policy Service automatically Completed



Issues found Detection details


6 The Diagnostics Policy Service is disabled Detected Detected


Network Diagnostics cannot be run without the Diagnostics Policy Service.

Start the Diagnostics Policy Service automatically Completed


Network Diagnostics requires that the Diagnostics Policy Service be running.



Detection details Expand


Collection information

Computer Name:  DESKTOP-U2AJ0CV

Windows Version: 10.0

Architecture: x64

Time: Wednesday, August 16, 2023 10:54:02 AM


Publisher details Expand


Windows Network Diagnostics

Detects problems with network connectivity.

Package Version: 4.0

Publisher: Microsoft Windows

Network Adapter

Find and fix problems with wireless and other network adapters.

Package Version: 3.0

Publisher: Microsoft Corporation


So then I close the window.


Now the Download speed is at 0.97 MB/s so I think all of this may have gained us 0.01 MB/s which I’ll take I guess………


Now clicking on the Data usage button, for the Choose a network for the Ethernet, it does not show a list of the different programs using data.


Timestamp 2:13 Metered connection is already turned off as well


Searching in the settings for Background apps it already has the “Let apps run in the background” turned off and it also has all the blue icon apps as turned off as well.


Looks like there’s this whole guide here about a manual download version



And they have the Direct Download Links for Genshin Impact 4.0




Their server’s are being bombarded and unfortunately we must be patient.

end quote


At this point, amidst my constant struggle for hours, I’ve begun to realize that maybe the real limiter is the Genshin Impact servers themselves.


aminscovalol 2 mo. ago

Try to open the command prompt as administrator and excute this command:

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal

I went from 3MB/sec to my maximum (100MB/sec).

end quote


Another one of these tips which I tried and still does not work. I’m back at 0.96 MB/s so it’s like I’ve lost that supposed 0.01 MB/s that I would have gained if it were at 0.97 MB/s


And under general settings on the launcher it’s already set for there to be no limit when downloading. Specifically for “Limit Download Speed” it’s set as “No Limit”






When I use this an the download is on Google Chrome, the download speed is actually slower. So it might just be my network connection in general.


Luckily, based on the information provided to me by the “Fing – Network Scanner” app I’ve been able to determine that my ISP meaning Internet Service Provider is Shaw.




I have some of the outdated passwords saved to an old Word Document that I have ok that one doesn’t work kinda what I was expecting lol


Since the newer password does not work either I have decided to try resetting the password


Check your email

We’ve just sent an email to  with details on how to reset your password.

Check your junk folder if you don’t see an email from us.


Here’s a copy of the email from Shaw sent to Gmail


Shaw <noreplyshawid@sjrb.ca> Unsubscribe

11:18 AM (0 minutes ago)

to me



Please reset your Shaw ID password.


Reset now

This link will be valid for 48 hours.


If you didn't request a password reset, let us know.


shaw logo

This message is sent to you by Shaw Cablesystems GP. Our address is Suite 900, 630 - 3rd Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2P 4L4. For general inquiries, you can reach us by phone anytime at 1-888-472-2222. For additional contact methods, click here.


To unsubscribe from all Shaw commercial electronic messages, please click here. We will continue to deliver your eBill and notices relating to the administration of your account and delivery of your services.


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end quote


Funnily enough I set that newer password that I tried but didn’t work as the current password now so it showed a big green checkmark and displayed this following message:


start quote


Your Shaw ID password has been reset

Want to start using My Shaw ?You’re all set to start using My Shaw to manage your account.


end quote



Ohhhh that Shaw ID is the email address, not the account number, I was using the numbers so let me try the email instead

Two-step verification required

You're signing in on an unknown device or have made recent account changes.


In the next 30 minutes, please enter the verification code sent to


Thing is… I don’t have access to the phone number right now where the verification code was sent to. And I don’t even have my VPN on, since it usually asks for this 2 Factor Authentication stuff when I’m logging in from a different IP address than the one at my home but my house address one is the one that I am using!




Well, guess I’m stuck here then. So I will just post this on the Genshin Subreddit, see what their reaction is, maybe some tips, idk. This has been just a journey from me, a random person on the Internet, the creator of www.jesus-saves-all.com Believe in Jesus Christ to be made permanently alive, thus all people will be saved and go to Heaven. Titus 2:11 For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all people.