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Luke 3:6 NRSVue and all flesh shall see the salvation of God.


trying to improve download speed so I can get the fictional video game Genshin Impact Fontaine update aug 16 2023. I had it downloading over night on my computer since my mom is going to work for work so it would not affect the internet connection speed, however, she turned off my computer while I was asleep. She keeps trying to stop me from spreading my Christian Universalist Bible verses. 1 Cor 13:8 Love never fails.

I was so busy like talking to calmy and her trying to stop me that I ended up missing out on the free Layla character from the update and the free Kaeya skin. With the INC, CPS, ETC. I’ve been so occupied this summer.


Upload Mbps


Ping ms 110 120 —



Altima Telecom 10G

Montréal, QC


Is the speedtest and… I just realized that I’m connected to Mullvad VPN. And I don’t have split tunnelling set for Genshin Impact! (This excludes it from the VPN) so I set it. Clicked “Find Another App” button. Added launcher.exe under list of “Excluded apps” and under Genshin Impact game folder added Genshin Impact. Speed seems to be the same, so clicking on the Green Lock icon at the bottom right corner of my screen, I click the red “Disconnect” button. Now it shows an unsecured connection for Canada and the icon at the bottom right corner of my screen is now a Red Lock icon.


[A VPN aka Virtual Private Network lets you change your IP address from one location to another. This is useful if you’re like me who keeps getting my Roblox accounts banned because I spread the Gospel that all shall believe in Christ and that all shall be saved. Luke 3:6 All flesh shall see the salvation of God]


Ok, the speed is actually slightly faster now! It used to be 0.8 to 0.9 mbps varying, now it’s 0.95 MB/s steady. It used to have the yellow text of Time Remaining as 08:00:00 now it’s like 07:22:00 something like those numbers.


search: does vpn slow down downloaded speed

Using a VPN (virtual private network) slows down your internet connection. According to our research, you'll see Wi-Fi speeds drop by as much as 77% as soon as you sign onto a VPN.

end quote

A wired Ethernet connection lets you get a fast internet connection

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Right now speed is around 0.9 mbs which is slow as per this reddit post

As for 0.9mbps that's really slow, what kind of speed is it supposed to be? are you paying for 1mbps connection?

No, an ethernet cable will not make the external network faster.

end quote

Check the Ethernet cable and connection. Make sure the Ethernet cable is securely plugged into the Ethernet port on both your router and Windows 10 PC. On your router, make sure the Ethernet cable is plugged into the correct Ethernet port—not the Internet port that’s used to connect your modem and router.

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So, I plugged the ethernet in directly into the computer since there’s a port but it shows the text “No Internet”. It’s a long long light gray/grey cable that is running down here to the basement living room, going up the light brown stairs and going into the upstairs living room. So let’s follow the connection to see what’s up!


Ok so I tightened the cables and came back and there was some error message on the Genshin Launcher, so then I continued and all of a sudden the download speed was like 4 MB/s which is so much faster! But then it suddenly dropped back down to 0.95 MB/s


Now it shows the Ethernet cable connection as “Connected”. Clicking on it shows the Settings window with the Title of “Eternet” at the top in white text in front of a black background then below it the name then lighter grey text which says “Connected”


Metered Connection is already turned off, since that would control more data usage, so that’s good.


Under the Properties, there’s a grey “Copy” button with white text so clicking on it here’s the information

Link speed (Receive/Transmit):   1000/1000 (Mbps)

Primary DNS suffix:         hitronhub.home

Manufacturer:   Intel

Description:       Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (7) I219-LM

Driver version:

Ethernet cable increases speed from your device to the router (assuming yoir wifi is in congested chanel/ low signal etc). It does nothing to the speed from your router to the internet.

end quote


Well, at least the speed from my device to my router is at it’s optimal speed. I used to have my computer setup in my room but I just use that place for sleeping, since I had computer screen that broke. We hooked it up to the old TV, then that broke, so we have this new one. So the cable wasn’t really being used for that much anyways, so this makes sense. As this commenter suggests, the issue appears to be the speed from the router to the Internet. At least this should help me in the future when it comes to Christian Universalism evangelism. James 2:13 Mercy triumphs over judgment


Huh… that’s strange. So when I click Ctrl + Alt + Del and go to the Performance tab, in the orange Ethernet section for Intel® Ethernet Connection (7) I219-LM it has a maximum Throughput of 11 Mbps and is operating above the 7.7 Mbps line most of the time. At the bottom it shows stats similar to the ones I already copy pasted above. Yet for Send it’s around 180 Kbps and Receive at 8.5 Mbps.

Highlighting over it with the mouse shows the text “Send and receive activity on this network”



So under the Processes tab, for the 0% Disk percentage, I think this is a tracker of the Download speed because for apps like Firefox (sometimes going to 1 MB/s), Microsoft Word, Task Manager, Windows Explorer, it shows it at 0 MB/s but then for Genshin Impact (2) it shows as 1.0 MB/s


Scrolling down the list to Background processes (56) and Windows processes (35) it shows 0 MB/s for most things, though there was 0.1 MB/s for PowerToys.Run, 0.1 MB/s for System

Going on the Resource Monitor, in the Disk tab, under the Disk Activity section, it shows around 0 – 3 MB/sec Disk I/O with 1% Highest Active Time


Then under the Network tab it shows Network Activity with the launcher.exe (two instances) biggest one is 1,017,500 Receive B/sec around,


task manager receive for ethernet larger than download speed

Task manager shows transfer speeds in kbps or Mbps - MegaBITS per second

Chrome shows download speeds in MB/s - MegaBYTES per second

end quote


WOW ok I just realized there’s a difference with it now, so I went back and changed the times where I said “mbps” when I really mean MB/s.



So let’s do some quick math fellow Christian gamers.

8.5 Mbps – 0.95 Mbps = 7.55 Mbps

That means that 7.55 is being used for a different Internet process! But for what?



Ok so because I did not know the difference, I accidentally assumed that 0.95 was Mbps when it was really 0.95 MB/s so the math is flawed here in the cross out section.

0.95 Megabit per second = 0.11875 Megabyte per second

0.95 MB/s = 0.11875 mbps



So really the math should look like this then huh?

8.5 Mbps – 0.11875 Mbps = 8.38125 Mbps per second that I’m missing out on.


And theoretically that means th


8.5 Megabyte per second = 68 Megabit per second

8.5 Mbps = 68 MB/s

I COULD BE DOWNLOADING THIS AT LIGHTNING SPEED HERE!!!! LIGHTNING like the fictional character raiden ei, my fav character in Genshin Impact because she’s HoT

Some users have also reported you can simply pause and unpause the download

end quote


Looks like the slow download speeds may be something specific to the Genshin Impact launcher.

So while typing this I paused the download and will start it back up now. Ok so it jumped up to 4 MB/s and then went back to 0.95 MB/s


In the comments section one person writes “People have reported getting a free vpn and pointing to Hong Kong and getting 30mb/s”. Well I’ll turn on my Mullvad VPN and set it to Hong Kong without Split Tunneling to see what happens.


Ok so it went up to 2 MB/s but then dropped to an even lower number so I don’t think this works, I think the VPN overall is just lowering the speed so I will turn it off.

To fix your slow download speeds, you’re going to want to close the launcher and completely restart it

end quote