2nd Timothy Group I am amazed at how many of these verses I missed as I attempted to log them all in my years of study. I currently have 38 passages that deal with this teaching . . . and it continues to grow because of your efforts. I really appreciate it.




Thank you so much!




No worries 2nd Timothy Group! :)




I am only showing what God has been telling us since the very beginning. As well, it truly warms my heart to see your reply and see how these verses have helped you. In a way, you also have my thanks, for spreading God's love too.




I bet there's plenty of passages that I myself have yet to record that prove Universal Salvation is true, since it's a message that appears all throughout the Bible.




In fact, I just recently discovered this a couple days ago while reading through some old messages on the Tentmaker forum: The Hebrew names of Adam's lineage from Genesis is a message from God!




Hebrew           English




     Adam             Man




     Seth             Appointed




     Enosh            Mortal




     Kenan            Sorrow;




     Mahalalel        The Blessed God




     Jared            Shall come down




     Enoch            Teaching




     Methuselah       His death shall bring




     Lamech           The Despairing




     Noah             Rest, or comfort.




It's the entire Gospel in Genesis! Everybody has sinned, God died for everyone's sins. Who is The Despairing? Everyone in the world affected by sin. The Almighty Lord will give rest/comfort to everybody!




God promised since the very beginning that




Here's the link: https://tentmaker.org/forum/lounge/the-hidden-gospel-in-genesis/msg34546/#msg34546






Also, here's today's verses. These two are from the Book of Samuel.








1 Samuel 2:6 The Lord kills and He gives life, He sends down to Sheol, He can bring the dead up again.




The wages of sin is death but God will destroy death, freeing everyone so all may come to salvation through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has the keys to Sheol. Even when someone dies without having believed in Him with faith alone, Jesus can still go to Sheol and convince them to believe! The Grace of God will always succeed.








2 Samuel 14:14 Yet God does not take away a life; but He devises means, so that His banished ones are not expelled from Him.




Those who are banished are only banished for a moment. Eventually, they will come back to the Lord and be saved!