Fictional aka fake series Five Nights At Freddies

FNAF Ultimate Custom Solved: UCN Solves Security Breach

0:11 Timestamp: “This was William Afton’s hell and being kept there by Cassidy”

There are Youtubers that speculate the Ultimate Custom Night is William Afton’s “hell” or “purgatory”.


Even though William Afton is a fictional aka fake character, nobody stays stuck in hell forever. So even William Afton would not be in hell forever, assuming he was a real person.

There is corrective punishment via the metaphorical lake of fire, as all sins have consequences, however, people will not experience punishment for their sins endlessly, only until the point that it takes to convince them to repent, meaning to have a change of mind, and thus to believe in Christ.


And there’s no other person that can keep a person in Sheol/Hades the realm of the dead, so Cassidy, a person, would not be able to keep someone there. What keeps a person in the realm of the dead? By having the wages of sin on them, which is death. Sin is what keeps a person separated from God! Sin is any violation of the Law of God at all.

The only way to be made clean of sin is to believe in Christ to be made permanently alive, thus all people, even people like William Afton, even people worse than William Afton, will eventually have faith alone in Christ and thus be made clean of all their sins and go to Heaven in the end.


 Purgatory from Catholicism is not a biblical concept when it implies an endless hell for those who are somehow not good enough. Also, it falls into the trap of promoting works salvation which is false




I was reading Wikihow and look what it says

Start quote “Remember what to avoid. You know the old rule: never talk about religion, politics, money, relationships, family problems, health problems, or sex with people you don't know incredibly well.[3] The risk of saying something offensive is too high, so just stay clear; these are often emotional charged issues as well[4] . “ End quote

We must talk about Christianity. Though, Christianity goes beyond just religion, as it’s a relationship with Christ. One personally has faith in Christ and is thus saved. What is this old rule? The true rule is that established by the LORD God Yahweh, Christ Jesus, my friends. He has set His commandments, which are higher than any human tradition.

Talking about religion with people you don’t know incredibly well is good, because therefore you can evangelize them with Christianity, as the Lord tells us to spread His good news to all people.

Matthew 5:14 ESV You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.

If Christianity is offensive to people, then I will continue to talk about Christianity, with kindness of course. I do not want to go out of my way to offend without gentleness, however, if they are naturally offended by Christianity even though I am respectful, let that not deter me.


My thoughts on controversial topics is as such: Why is it controversial?

Cambridge Dictionary Definition = causing disagreement or discussion:


If there’s disagreement, then that means there are still things worth learning about. If there was a book that was not controversial, then everyone would agree about the content of the book, so all the people have learned about it. But when there’s many different perspectives, like with the Book of Revelations, futurism, Preterism (what I personally belief), pre-tribulation rapture, post-tribulation rapture, eschatology, etc., that means there’s discussion, something to learn still for people.


Ultimately, Christianity will not be controversial in the sense of it will not cause disagreement because all people will become believers in Christ and thus go to Heaven. However, there will continue to be discussion, we will continue to talk with each other, to praise the Lord in Heaven.


Proverbs 1:5 ESV Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance,

Proverbs 18:15 ESV An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.









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I’ve heard multiple gunshots near me at night during evangelizing time. People shouted stuff along the lines of “Where are you running?! Come over here!?” as I ran away from them at night after soulwinning. What looks to be drug deals I saw when spreading the Gospel. Strangers parked their car in front of our house, rang our doorbell, and suddenly drove off when working on my Christian website. A strange note that looked to have one of my Christian friends name written on it was found in our mailbox. One impersonating “Adonay” online with powers that even startled the moderators so much that one of them emailed me asking for help, that evil spirit inflicting real-life misfortune on me. Fire truck fire fighters coming to our house while I was on a Christian Zoom meeting. A natural disaster while calling a Christian friend, extreme cold that complete shut off my phone’s battery. Locked, trapped, in the bottom floor of a bank building with my sister while posting my handwritten Gospel tracts around the city. I’ve been spat on, physically assaulted, I did not fight back during that time, I just put my arms up and blocked while I cried.




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