The gend timesh are different from the gend of sin timeh.  When is the end of the world? Personally, Ifm a preterist, so I believe that the Book of Revelations describes the events that happened in 70 AD. But eventually, there is another end. Not the gend times apocalypse doomsdayh stuff described in the Bible ahead of us, since that happened in the past. But rather an gend of the worldh where all people become believers in Christ Jesus with faith alone and everyone is saved. From a futurist perspective, they also have to admit that there must be a point where all sin is eventually removed too. From their perspective, that would have to be after the Book of Revelations ended. As a preterist, since the Revelations prophechies have already been fulfilled, now the big event wefre waiting for is the glast turnh


1 Corinthians 15:22-28 All will be made alive in Christ, but each in his own turn and ultimately Christ will subdue all His enemies, eliminate death and God will be all in all.


Look at how this verse says geach in his own turnh. In this turn right now some of us are already believers in Jesus, but there will be a turn in the future where everyone is believers in Christ. Soc when will that glast turnh be. When will Christ ultimately be all in all? Death = sin. So when will God ultimately eliminate all sin?


 Matthew 24:36 gBut of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.

This gdayh is referring to Revelations, the Second Coming of Christ, so preterism wise in 70 AD. But what about the different gdayh when all sin will be removed. Well, if already the Second Coming of Christ around 70 AD was not possible to predict except by the Father, then maybe the date when all people are saved can only be predicted by the Father too.


Do I know the specific date and hour when this sinful world will end? No! Only God the Father does my friends. And by gsinful world will endh Ifm talking about all people becoming believers in Christ to be made clean of sin. This is different from the gend of the worldh that happened Preterism wise in 70 AD, futurism wise they speculate in the future.


In terms of predicting the exact date of the end of the world, we know that from the verse below



I have looked at that same Wikipedia article in the past, funnily enough lol. Yep, there's a lot of "predictions" that fall flat because the choose like such a specific number XD


Harold Camping, I remember that guy. Maybe because his name is like mine, Harold lol.


For clarification, I do not know the exact date or the hour. However, just naturally from a time moving forward perspective, the more time passes, the sooner we to having everyone saved. So if I ever mention "end of the world", I think I mention stuff like that in Tentmaker posts, that's what I mean.


You could say that we are closer to that "end" of all people becoming believers in Jesus Christ now, then when we were thousands of years ago. For the Book of Revelations, there can be specific events like pretrib, posttrib, preterist. But for me politically, I see things are going on, like they usually have been for many years. What will happen? I can't say for sure. But definitely scary times we are in. As long as sin is here, which it has been around for a long time unfortunately, there will be suffering no matter how technologically advanced we get.


Hope that makes sense. The last thing that I'd want to do is put like... a specific numbered date and end up on that WIkipedia list my friend XD. Still though, I appreciate the heads up! :D


So first, for the end of the world meaning the glast turnh where all people eventually become believers in Christ, there would have to be a specific date. BUT BUT BUT!!! I donft know the date, nobody does excel God the Father alone. However, it must exist. The end times happened in 70 AD. But at what specific date will all people become believers in Christ. Thatfs what I mean by gend of the worldh. The world meaning this world full of sin. When will we reach the point where there is absolutely no more sin? Well, of course, we donft know the date, but a date in the future must exist, though we donft know it.


Whatever the date is, you can say that compared to 1000 years ago, we are 1000 years closer. The date is unknown to us, only God knows! When will all people become believers in Christ? Only God the Father knows my friend.


Thatfs why I donft say the specific date, but I keep up with the news politically. Thatfs what I mean by politically in that email, itfs good to be aware of the world events so we know to expose evil. For instance, the Russian army is torturing, kidnapping, killing mass amounts of people, itfs horrifying. The sin of murder by Ruzzia Federation. Therefs been the sin of murder going around in the world for a very long time and by many different groups. Unfortunately, nothing new under the sun, murder was here close to the beginning of sin after all.


When will the end of the world be? I donft know. However, I do know that at the end eventually everyone will become believers in Christ Jesus and all people will go to Heaven, amen.