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My personal views on eschatology are preterism, which means that all eschatological events in order to guarantee the salvation of a believer in Christ have already been fulfilled. Specifically, the 2nd Coming of Christ, the Apocalypse, the Great Tribulation have all already occurred in the 70 AD Destruction of the Temple period.

One difference is the spiritual science of the Bible and the physical science of the world. Specifically, not all of the Bible is meant to be taken “literally” as in literally physical. There are aspects of the Bible that are “spiritual truths” and not meant to be taken as a “literal physical scientific explanation”. Of course, God created all science, and there are many physical scientific phenomenon that are in the Bible and that proves the existence of the Lord Jesus Christ, however the Bible literally has a book called Proverbs with many spiritual truths explained in physical ways. Or the parables, which are spiritual truths explained with physical stories. Or psalms, which is poetic language (spiritual) using physical ideas.

So when I mentioned there start quote

I?ve created numerous academic papers on climate change and biodiversity loss. To be honest, it?s only a matter of time before this old Earth is destroyed. Happily, replaced with a new Earth with no more suffering for humans, angels, animals and all creatures as all will be believers in Christ (Revelation 21:1, Revelation 5:13)

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By “old Earth destroyed” I’m referring to the suffering of the old world going away. Like the suffering getting destroyed in a spiritual sense. “Suffering” is more of an intangible idea. Sure, people can suffer, but can you physically feel the concept of “suffering?”.

I do not know if the entire Earth like atom by atom block by block sort of deal will be completely destroyed as in a physical science. There is the physical science of climate change which is true which can tell us about certain natural disasters, but even, will the entire Earth atom by atom be destroyed? Or is it just more natural disasters for us as the citizens. Though all citizens will eventually become believers in Christ and gain permanent life, so that’s the good news above all.

Heaven and Earth Passed Away (2 Peter: 3:1-13)               04/29/18            MP3 Audio File


I like this part which mentions "Modern Christians come up with an end of the solar system scenario"

When reading about climate change, there's some Christians with a futurist mindset who think there's "4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse" Rev 6:8 coming when they already arrived in 70 AD. I do think there will be famines, civil wars, in the future, but those events are not the "horsemen" of Rev. Just like how there can be "troubles" in the future but not the "Great tribulation" meaning persecution like there was in 70 AD.


I do also agree that not all of the Bible is meant to be taken literally. (That's a problem some fundamentalists run into). Like how the article mentions very well " If you were a Babylonian and Babylon was destroyed would it seem like the world was destroyed? Yes! Your world would be destroyed.". Not the literal destruction of the world but a destruction of the "social world", the society the Babylonians are in.


So for the context of my post


I have mentioned Preterism to them in the past. Here it seems they confuse "Apocalypse" with destruction of the world when it means merely a revelation, the truth being revealed.


So when I say " before this old Earth is destroyed. Happily, replaced with a new Earth with no more suffering " I mean it here in the metaphorical sense. As in the suffering of the old Earth being destroyed. To be honest, I don't know whether climate change will fully destroy the earth like atom by atom, if it will simply wipe out all of humanity or just a part of it. Since it's related to the industrial revolution, it's not explicitly mentioned in the Bible by name per say since Revelations was fulfilled in 70 AD


Thus, some futurist dispensationalists may see Revelations being fulfilled by climate change, which I believe is wrong. As a full preterist, I see climate change as a physical science, different from the spiritual science of the Bible. Since Revelations was already fulfilled in 70 AD, any climate change related event is simply a physical event that happens afterwards.


Hope that explains my views better my friend. I appreciate the article though, it's a good read! <3 The Lord's blessings to you :D


That is a good line of thinking. It's good we base our ideas on scripture first as a foundation, like a builder makes walls, furniture, beams of support on a solid ground.


I assume this is related to the climate change post I made recently on TM;topicseen#msg221603


You mentioned a Berean Bible Church page, but I do not see a link on the email. You did give the date, so I will see if I can search with that


Ok, I found this page. Scrolled through the archive to find this verse


Interesting. I think, in terms of climate change, I read r/collapse for that news. Unfortunately, there are those who do not believe in Christ on there, yet believe in climate change. I personally believe climate change is true and that Christian Universalism is true. However, it's better for a person to believe in the former, that's the most important thing. Knowledge is good Proverbs 18:15 However, ff one had to choose only one between them, it's better to do research on the Bible (spiritual science) as opposed to physical sciences, since this physical world will eventually pass away Isaiah 65:17


I think it's useful to have knowledge of climate change, since many young people today are worried about the future. About getting hit by a natural disaster, ocean acidification, biodiversity loss, food shortage, water wars, etc. So I believe it makes my witness to them more effective. I guess that's one of my "talantos" Greek for talent, like that site says.


The Lord of Host's blessings of knowledge to you my friend,



- Harold Samson(g)

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