July 4 2023 5:57 PM


As a researcher connected to the Government of Canada, my hourly wage is $15.05 CAD (aka 11.39 USD). In my province, Manitoba, as of April 1 2023, the minimum wage is $14.15 CAD (aka 10.71 USD) and it will rise to $15.30 CAD (11.58 USD) in October 1 2023. Increasing the minimum wage is good.

Though, as a soon-to-be-under-minimum-wage worker, I donít have much savings. The total amount of money I have in my bank account as of July 4 2023 is exactly $2,164.97 CAD (aka $1,638.45 USD).

Iím paid for 35 hours a week, I guess so they donít have to pay me full-time benefits. Why do I tell you this? Because my mother and I are worried that I am going to be laid off thanks to my hard work in the job, which exceeds my bossí expectations, since Iíve finished the work faster than they expected.

My mother warns me to stop spreading the Gospel of Christ because it may prevent me from getting future employment.


LOL. What? Were you expecting me to ask for money or something? XD. Honestly, the joy of spreading the Gospel is itís own reward, I donít want to


Colossians 3:23-24 23 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, 24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.

HmmmÖ. I was thinking of making this my daily verse, since Iíve already told my friends can.of.soup and SailorWriter about this, but I just realized that this may come across as some donation drive or something LOL. Thatís not my intention. So, Iíll turn this into a longer rant. Personally, I donít want to get physical money from my Christian ministry, that way, I can be rewarded with spiritual rewards, which are far more valuable.


For example, the Christian Universalist Discord Server has a rule that states ď-Asking for donations in the server or through member DMísĒ is not allowed. Unfortunately, it seems talking about a personís finances, when they are viewed as ďpoorĒ, gives people the impression that the person is asking for monetary support. Honestly, Iím just talking about it because I want to vent about my situation. Still, I can do that to myself, and post these thoughts on my webpage myself. Funny how I give all this information, yet Iíve avoided giving my exact age to others. Stuff like this are a hint to it though.


Another one of their rules is ď6: This is a Safe for Work, 13+ server. Posting adult content is not allowed.Ē For me, adult content is 20+ years old as explained on www.songofsongs.net, my other site. Another hint to my age lol, yes, Iím at least 20+ years old. But that stuff is important to me too, but due to its nature, itís separate from this site, www.jesus-saves-all.com


As an update, my mother and sister have discovered that I spread the Gospel of Christian Universalism in public by handing my papers to other people and they are against my evangelism. I will not stop spreading the Gospel of Christ in public, as I will continue to post my handwritten Bible truths on objects outside in public. I talked to my earthly father, he supports it. Ironic my sister, a fellow Christian Universalist, is against it.


So, Iíve been writing Bible verses in my room. At night, got those blue wireless Bluetooth earpieces and listen to music, videos, while writing Bible verses. You can still scroll phone while listening when you go to options and click play. Also, watching Youtube videos about gaming, anime, etc, while writing out Bible verses I can see with my phone. Time efficient. I used to send out around 10 on a day, but since I havenít been able to go out physically that often, itís jumped to 40, so I like to have two piles of twenty, one for each shoe ready. Watching Youtube vids, anime, 2x speed is fun for me personally.


Ahhh, ok, gotta rewrite the Roblox Spray Paint (the other server) verses since I was afk for 20 minutes. Gotta click it every so often

Ahhhh alright. There we go. I have to have those verses prepared when my mother allows to go outside. Yeeehhhh IÖ I still write like this. I feel tired. Like in style of past me from 2017, even now XD


[Fictional news: The fake video game Genshin Impact released Fontaine trailer, Iím excited for Clorinde, she looks cool, electro, like Raiden who I also like. Stopped playing it since gacha game grind was a lot, I have a lotta primos saved up, havenít logged in in months. Blue Archive on my phone, saving these blue things, lvl 22. I skip story, auto battle, feels less satisfying then Star Rail, I like Seele Bronya together, then gamer bronya SilverWolf, I have them. Iím like a hacker. I have Seele, seele starchasm, seele double, from Honkai Impact 3rd. Iíve already got so much to do so I delete Blue Archive app from Iphone now. †I really like character Hasumi tho, cool big black bird wings, like Utsuho ďOkuuĒ Reiuji from Touhou. Touhou Lost Word gacha, had Okuu, I really like her, I uninstalled that before too. Same with Azur Lane, I like Atago character, name from boat like Clorinde. All ties back together. Fictional news end`]

[Fictional news start: I miss Inazuma from Genshin Impact, my favorite region. Relaxing music, beautiful scenery. Well, itís still there lol as an area, but less updates. I remember playing Genshin with my sister, us grinding domains together, so fun. Now sheís gotten busier so have I. Seems so much I do is for content for this site now lol. Still, gotta enjoy the journey, relax myself fictional news end]

[Fictional news start again: Well, I think of those characters. It makes me sad thinking that the stories physically end. I imagine happiness for them, maybe continuation. Ah, the joy of heaven. This is my rant. Fictional news end again]

Heaven is what I look forward too, more beautiful than anything in life, just on the train ride there, like I told the one who claims to be Prodisty. Routine, checking answering emails, discord messages, forum dms.


Oh wait, realized, I still gotta do that daily verse. Iíll end this one here.