There I was, running outside in the city in the dark of a cold winter night. Two men were shouting at me louder and louder as I ran faster and faster. “Where are you going!?”, “Wait, come over here!” I think I remember them shouting out. I did not want to look back, I was worried they were going to kill me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation. Well... it’s a long story, so buckle in.

First, for context, the Gospel is as such. All humans have sin, and the wage of these sins are death, however Christ who is God died for our sins, He paid their penalty, and resurrected showing they’re fully paid off. Thus, whoever believes in Jesus will be permanently made clean of death and have permanent life. Therefore, eventually, all people will become believers in Christ Jesus and be saved.

Romans 3:28 For we hold that one is justified by faith apart from works of the law.

I say that because I have a collection of Bible verses that I’ve written down myself, on cut pieces of paper, that I bring out with me when I go outside, which I brought tonight, April 6 2023. [Will post this article on the forums later, since I’m physically tired right now from all that running]. There I was doing my work, when my mother informed me that she got a message from my sister who is a minor. She’s under 18 years old and she’s a child. Therefore, as her older brother, I must protect her. My mother told me that my sister was waiting at the bus stop alone. She showed me a picture of the bus stop location and I recognized the structure of the buildings. Indeed, I had been at that very same bus stop in the past, so I knew where it was already.

Immediately, I started putting on my jacket, toque, neck warmer, gloves and outdoor clothes, and told her that I had to go out to that bus stop to keep her safe. I grabbed my phone, and my mother said she would contact me if my sister arrived. I then bolted out the door and I straight ran towards a bus stop where I can take the transit bus to the bus stop my sister was waiting at. I had to be careful, there was ice on the ground, slippery, I could have fell and injured myself, so I tried to keep a strong grip with each step I hope. Yet still, I sprinted with haste. Any spare moment that I was not there was a time where should could be getting hurt by the criminals of this city, who roam around late at night. In my pocket were Bible tracts that I had written, for Universal Reconciliation, the truth that Jesus Christ will save all people. Everyone will eventually believe in Christ Jesus with faith alone and the sins of the whole world will be washed away. I kept them with me, not just to spread around the city, but also because I felt they offered me protection, these scripture passages.

However, in this present day, there is still sin. When I reached the bus stop, I had some moments to place these tracts around, two of them. Then, the bus arrived, and as I sat, I saw another bus on the other side of the street going to the bus stop, and I wondered if my sister may have been on that bus coming home. I texted my mother, and told her the bus and it’s number that I was on alongside a photo I took of the outside of the bus window showing my location.

Inside of the bus, thoughts rushed through my head. I recall many past dangerous incidents outside. Around that location, I remember there was a crazy guy who was screaming swear words in public in broad daylight. It was so intense that a whole security team had to come to monitor him and move him out of the area. It was scary because I was there, and I could see him from a window being moved away, and I could hear him shouting. My told my friend about this, and he also told me about the dangers too.

Then, the bus arrived, and I ran across the street (luckily there was a walk signal already there), and then across the other side. When I went to the bus stop location, I could not see my sister there. I took a picture of the bus stop, and it sent it to my mother telling her this. I looked inside of a nearby public building, and saw that it was empty, so I took a picture of it, and I told my mother about this. Then I saw a message from her telling me that my sister already made it home. Immediately, I felt a feeling of relief rush over me. Truly, I’m glad that she’s safe and that nothing bad happened to her. As her older brother, I must protect her and keep her safe. I love her unconditionally, and even though my mother and I are against her going out this late due to how dark it is and the dangerous area of the down town area filled with criminals, we care for her. <3

This was the down town area, where there’s a high crime rate. Criminals, murderers, sexual assaulters roam around that section of the city, I often see police cars going around the streets there. So, I took the bus home, and as I was running home fast to make sure my sister was safe, I passed by a store. In front of this building were what looked like two men. They were visibly taller than me. And I heard them shout out things along the line of “Wait come over here!”, “Where are you going!?”, “Come over here!”, there were multiple lines. And the further I ran, the louder I could hear the shout out. I think I remember both of the men were loudly saying these things to me.

I didn’t want to look back. I knew, I couldn’t look back. Because if I did, I could have been killed. That’s why I make these posts, in case I am ever killed, you all know what happened. My soul is safe because the Holy Spirit dwells within me, I believe in Christ and am permanently saved, however, if I am physically killed than I can no longer physically speak with you all for the time being. And I do appreciate all of your presence, and the time you take reading my posts, my friends.

But when they shouted out, in a panic, I was still running, but I checked my pockets. Digging my gloved hands in them. I felt the outside and made sure that my phone, that my belongings were still with me. I grabbed my head, making sure my toque didn’t fall of when I ran. And now that I’m home, it looks like I didn’t loose anything at all. But when I told my mother this incident, she warned me that this could have been their trick. And that’s true.

Maybe... they wanted me to go back to them, thinking that I dropped something? But instead, they would physically assault me, rob me, mug me, kill me, who knows. Why else would they be so persistent? Shouting louder and louder as I ran faster and faster away from them.

Thus, I am grateful to the Lord of Hosts for protecting me. And I type this post to express the fear that I felt. Luckily though, I went out of the house with 10 Bible tracts, and I came back with none, because, even during this dangerous emergency, while waiting for the bus for instance, I placed these Universal Reconciliation papers in the city. Because even the criminals of down town must hear the Christian truth, that Jesus is the only way to Heaven! And therefore, all people will become believers in Christ and all crimes will be washed away! Amen!

Isaiah 26:9 "When God's judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the WORLD will learn righteousness."