Because really, it makes sense how if an all-powerful being existed, we would never really understand how He works. No wonder the Bible goes with the message of having a "childlike faith" to be go to Heaven, if an all-powerful being really loved His creations, He would make it as easy as possible to get to Heaven, while still giving us the free will to choose for ourselves.


Woah never knew that. Nice to see them doing that.

If you literally need the money to literally feed your family and are on the brink of poverty, go ahead and work a bunch of jobs. But if you're just an average guy with an average family (like me), then you shouldn't give yourself so much unnecessary stress over this kinda stuff.

Though I'm not condemning you wanting to make money. I just hate the greed some people have for it, so it's hard to tell who really needs it, and who's getting it just for fun. I can't judge the hearts of men after all, so I'll let God do that.


Yeah, that's a big problem with a bunch of those hateful Christians (oftentimes, those materialistic enough to have Churchianity without Christianity) who condemn everyone for not being righteous and how "holy" they are instead, simply because of a certain denomination they're in.  [Denomination doesnft matter, only faith alone in Jesus Christ. Our first commandment by Christ is to love one another. Churchianity, is a term I use to refer to the false good works salvation, Christianity is the true faith alone salvation]

"As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:" - Romans 3:10 

In fact, the only difference between Christans and other religions is that we have accepted God's Grace to forgive us of our sins. No good works can possibly take away even one sin.


Yeah, honestly I can relate to the Notes app section of your story. While I do most of my typing on my home desktop, I can really understand how it's so easy just to type away and to let everything out. Even for me, while I'm not posting Reddit posts online, I'm typing on Word Documents offline about how my day went and what type of feelings I experience, you know, for archival sake.

[Luke 23:34 Of those who crucified Him (which is all of us) Jesus asked: "Father forgive them; for they know not what they do.]