Herefs a pro tip. There is a God, believe in Him to be saved. After that, donft worry, youfll be happy no matter what. Donft go crazy over religion because then you worship it and not God (everything else in life which He created as well).

Our job as Christians is to simply witness to others and present them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to lost sinners in the hope that they will believe solely on Him for salvation. Like in a court trial, a witnessf job is to simply present what they have seen.

Some believers are so zealous against the possibility of a gap between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 as to call gap theory advocates gunsaved.h That is very wrong and unscriptural. [The only thing that saves a person is faith alone in Jesus Christ. What are my thoughts on Gap Theory, you may wondering? Well, I donft know whether itfs true or not at the time of writing this, as I see therefs not enough information. In fact, the whole component of Gap Theory is that therefs missing information, hence the ggaph. So, I would say, if you want to discuss theories, thatfs fine, but the most important thing is that faith alone in Christ saves a person. And everyone will become believers in Christ and be saved]

[Gen. 18:18  "ALL the nations of the earth shall be blessed."]