June 16 2017

[This Journal Entry had no number associated with it in my USB folder where I store all the other entries, so I will put it here]

to relieve streess,  my knucdkel right arm index finger is bleeding , not knuckle but joint above it, like middle one yeah dat, but boi with dat dopamine rush it all ok. Itfs biological reaction for stress to run away from it, so I run away from it, and boi did it feel good to breath deep with my mouth boi,

Thank you God, for blessing me so, with all theses troubles, comes your grace lighting into view even stronger. Thank you God, thank you.

[I will use this entry to explain things about the other Journal Entries]

Psalm NEB 107:43 Let the wise man lay these things to heart, and ponder the record of the Lord's enduring love.

[Christ Jesus will save all people through faith alone. Everyone, believe in the Lord of Lords Jesus, the King of Kings! And be saved by faith alone. All will be saved by faith alone in Jesus Christ, amen.]


[December 29 2022]

[I have not included every single Journal Entry, I only included the ones where I type about the Lord. For privacy purposes and to protect my family too, I donft include too detailed personal information about my life.]

[I formed these entries by going on a Word Document .docx then going to the Insert Tab, the left is Home and the right is Design. There is a gTexth category, where on the left is gHeader & Footerh and on the right is gSymbolsh which is the end of the row. In the gTexth category, beside the gText Box vh are 6 icons, with a heigh of 3 icons and a width of 2 icons. Going to the bottom third column, to the second icon at the bottom right corner of the rectangle is a v shape. I say these instructions as this icon has no text, but when you mouse over it, it says gObjecth in bold as the title and a description that reads gInsert an embedded object, such as another Word document, or an Excel chart.h Clicking on the gvh shape reveals a drop down menu with two options. The topmost option has an icon on the left with text to the right reading gObjectch. The bottommost option has an icon on the left with text to the right reading gText from Filech. Clicking on this second option options a File Explorer window pane, where I can select a group of around hundred Word Documents .docx, such as Journal Entry 600 – Insert Title Here to Journal Entry 700 Insert Title Here. After a while loading, I then do Ctrl+F command shortcut to open a Navigation pane on the left side where, in the text input field that has the text gSearch documenth I can search for specific keywords like gChristh, gJesush, gUniversalismh and see the instances of that keyword appearing on the document under Results. I initially had a Word Document that had all of the Journal Entries appear at once, but I could not copy and paste from that due to an error, not even to a regular .txt document which would have reduced the file size and the strain on the %temp% directory of my computer.]

Hebrews 1:2: "He [God] has spoken to us by his Son, whom He appointed the heir of all things."

Psalm 2:7-8: "The Lord said to me, `You are my son; today I have begotten you. Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession."'