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Journal Entry 95 – Tea Time

December 19th (Tuesday) 2017

Guess what time it is????

Itfs time for TEA BOIIII

Thatfs mah boi camomile going ham.

And while some of you may find this as a negative, I find it as a positive, it helps me worry less, and as a result makes these journal entries much much shorter. Which Ifm fine with tbh.

Ø  Sure, you may look at the journal entries and see relation to suffering, but whatfs the point being relatable in suffering if therefs no cure? Not very hopeful amirite.

Ø  Some people look at these journal entries for fun, to see how much suffering I can get into to. Well, the problem with mine is that it really isnft that bad. As much as my words may convey a deep meaning, theyfre really. What Ifve went through isnft unique and is most definitely not the worst thing humanity has gone through.

Ø  Some people look at these for religious purposes, getting closer to God, but if you want to do that, just do it yourself. Donft trust me and donft trust anything else online. In fact, if you could take at least one thing from my journal entries, the point is that you shouldnft trust whatever you read online, minefs not discluded from that. Just read the Bible, or talk to someone in person about it, I canft answer you guysf questions specifically, so all youfre going to get is merely inner conflict in your head.

And if you think this isnft the tea, youfre wrong. Therefs a drastic difference when Ifm on the tea and when Ifm not.

When Ifm at school and without the tea, I get really stressed. Now, I feel sleep and tired, but the good type of tired. Itfs wonderful, and the air feels so smooth and my head so light. Not even my regular hunger now hurts. Hahaha, my stomach just growled, Ifll get to you later little buddy. But anyways, my point is that, this chemically improves my mood.

Which is good, because mental disorders arenft a personfs choice. Some people are born with or develop these disorders, not because theyfre doing that voluntarily, but itfs rather their brain doing it.

Ask me before writing these journal entries if a person should take drugs to alleviate their own medical conditions and I would 100% have said that they shouldnft. Now? Take them, but make sure you research them. Of course, donft over research and panic about it on sites like WebMD or other general medical sites, talk with someone. Really. This is from one introvert to another, it helps ok. Donft fake a personality while doing it, just say what you think honestly.

Ifm not guaranteeing that theyfll listen, or that theyfll be nice about it, heck my mother would angrily scream at me whenever I brought up religion, but look at me now. I was able to talk to her about it and stop obsessing over it.

Look, I donft know you personally. And we all have been given our own scenarios in life. But I wish you the best of luck out there. Thatfs really the only non-controversial point I can leave this on. See you later.

(Additional tip, listen to your fav music, itfs so good, especially when studying. Niiiicce homie).





Ahh, itfs so nice to play the piano.

Ahh wellc

Pro tip for myself though, or others if Ifm willing to share it.

Make sure you end each beat progression on a major note.

Only end it on a minor note if youfre adding suspense.

Because itfs what determines whether youfll have a major or minor piece.

Though, itfs all meaningless, so I just do this piano stuff for fun.

But who cares about the opinions, for me that was my best piece yet, so itfs fine.

I enjoyed it, and the conflict was simply there to progress the story.

So I donft hate her for it, I will always love her no matter what.

Just how God loves me no matter what.