Jesus Christ will save the entire world. Everyone will go to Heaven, guaranteed!

Luke 23:34 Of those who crucified Him (which is all of us) Jesus asked: "Father forgive them; for they know not what they do.


Journal Entry 90 – Donft Take Seriously

December 14th (Thursday) 2017


So, you may be wondering why Ifm always typing these if I claim to not like them. Well, itfs kinda a funny story actually. But Ifm too much in a rush to say it, so Ifll just put it in this semi-creative list format instead.

·        Excited about typing journal entries, since doing school work (math applied) is sometimes boring and I get all of these deep philosophical question that I want to talk about

(I sometimes even right them down with my pencil, not pen, just so I can erase them when I realise that they actually stink).

·        At home: Ifm too tired from my whole routine (hang clothes, hang self, shower, quick min talk with sis, Vaseline lips) so by the time I get to this, Ifm dreading it because Ifm so hungry.

(Though I kinda wonder whether that improves the quality of these or not, since apparently people can get really poetic when their depraved or depressed because itfs only then when they see the meaninglessness (vanity) of life. Besides, those slave owners made a ton of dough off of what they did, so they probably patented some sort of most effective way to do it. I mean, seriously, if they actually worked harder with food then they would have been given food. Itfs not anything personal, they wouldnft get off to that type of suffering, itfs just theyfve gotta work to feed their family yo. Have some respect bro)


 Should get new earbuds and paper and cut paper out of notebook.

Lunch (Those chicken arms, legs, whatever they are, drumsticks! Yeah, they good).



Therefs no point to doing a bunch of creative projects in life, since theyfll all go away when the Earth is destroyed. Just do stuff thatfs fun. Even back in Biblical times, those farmers didnft do any creative projects to try to stubbornly / arrogantly / pretentiously / pridefully store up their gvasth amount of sufferings. They didnft have Microsoft Word, or pens, or even paper! Imagine Adamfs generation before Noah, where they all got wiped out and we have no memory of them. They didnft make any technological advancements to our species / write a huge autobiography of their ghard and difficult sufferings in lifeh / discover a new element and name it after themselves. Despite their huge lifespan, they didnft care.

Which is why itfs important to just relax and have fun on the ride, the ride to Heaven. You canft force anyone to be saved, I canft even force my own mother to believe in Jesus Christ alone to save her (Once saved always saved), itfs her choice. Ifve already signed that soul contract, so Ifm just hanging out until itfs my time. [Eventually everyone will believe in Christ of their own free will]

Itfs like being at a doctorfs appointement. Just because you signed up for free health insurance doesnft mean that youfre suddenly going to be healthy. Sure, you may try to be healthier, considering the doctor was a nice guy and you donft wanna stress him out so much trying to fix your body. But other than that, you just have to live through life, the doctors still hanging around just to give the service to as many people as he can. And hefs pretty advertised already, considering everyone knows about him and could search online for him if interested. So, hefs just gotta wait and I can just chill.

I donft care about rewards in Heaven nor if someone takes a reward thatfs supposed to be mine. If they did take it, then they probably suffered more than me and deserve it more. Besides, God is always a rewarder, itfs a part of His eternal nature, so wefll still earn rewards in Heaven for worshipping Him there too.

And donft use that excuse that gholy things arenft supposed to make senseh


Anyways, since I have 0 clue what I want to talk about, other than just random meta stuff about how I do these things (pretty much behind the scenes stuff not behind the scenes that nobody cares about), so Ifll just show yfall what Ifve written down in my written journal entries.



Help people when you want to, so that when you want help people will come

A good thing will make you feel good. If it doesnft then it was never a good thing to begin with.

If youfre doing good and youfre not feeling good, then youfre doing no good.

Because if youfre not feeling good, then who is?


At that point, I was saved.


But I wouldnft believe that until much later.


Donft pressure yourself to do good, do it for joy.




Season 1: Salvation               (Soteriology)

Season 2: Scrupulosity                    (Scrupulosity)

Season 3: Suicide                   (Sencationulity)


All family thinks of me is a joke machine. I cheer them up, but goh forbidh they cheer me up


I guess I really am a big joke to them

(Ironically, that was the day before talking to my mom. Guess God answers all prayers, even when theyfre written down somewhere).

Everything is connected



Also, this was all an excuse to remind me to cut out journal paper and get new paper and get rid of papers from my binder lol.


Nostalagia boiys, reminds me of times when I wasnft so religious. [fundamentalism pain that is]

You can trust me, I will have those times back.

No matter what.

The joy of salvation, pluis the joy of relaxation.

I will be happy.

NO Matter what



So thatfs my purpose in life. To cheer up and have fun with my loved ones. Because thatfs really all I cared about at the end of the day, cheering people up. It always brings a smile to me whenever I see someone genuinely laugh, often itfs my mission to try to get people to laugh whofve Ifve never seen laugh before.

Because shoving religion in their face isnft gonna make them like Christianity, humor is. A little sugar makes the medicine go down.

Because Ifm not egotistic enough to go around in public shouting about how Ifm putting my time to good use and bragging over all the new converts I have. Ifm in the world so I can show the world that Christians arenft that type of people, but just funny people to be around who genuinely wanna be my friend.

And I donft care if that leaves a legacy or not. Heck, I donft care if nobody reads the nonsense I right here. As long as the Lord is happy, Ifm happy. Amen.

Because thatfs the nicest feeling in the world, and I can tell from their own responses, to get into the interests they have in life and talk about it with them with a genuine interest.

Thatfs why Ifm still in the world, to convert, not aggressively, but passively. Just by existing Ifm a light in the world.

And itfs lightheartedness that makes my salvation glow ever brighter. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, for blessing all of my life. I will show my love to you by showing love to your creations as you do. Amen.