Jesus Christ will save every person in existence, have faith in Him, all ends of the Earth, you will all be saved, guaranteed!

ECCLESIASTES 3:14 Everything God does will endure for ages.


Journal Entry 8 – Black Box

September 13th (Wednesday) 2017.

How can a person come to Christ if they first donft know that they are a guilty sinner? How will they possibly save themselves if they believe that they are righteous enough to save themselves? How can one know Grace from the law if they first do not know the law? Itfs impossible is what Ifm saying here.


You know, I could have had a lot more time to type this instead of feeling this rushed feeling that I have to complete it on time. Ifve already missed a few days that Ifll have to do, but Ifll just do those later or something.


A transgender friend

Just know that I donft hate transgender people, why should I hate someone when we are all created by God [and this God will save all of us through Christ Jesus] just a little bit differently. In fact, I love all transgender people! In fact, I love all people and I would never hate them.

On the topic of friend, I donft mean a simple acquaintanceship, but rather a true friendship type thing. She doesnft seem Christian, [but eventually she will be, God guarantees it]



While I usually sit with a random groups that I donft talk to, just to look like Ifm not lonely, one of my few friends (Donft know how he stuck around for so long) came and talked to me. One thing that was one his mind was this, but because of my cowardice not to tell him where I stood in the fear of persecution. I wasnft really afraid of losing his friendship, but rather that someone might overhear, become aggressive and kill me on the spot.

In truth, I mention not to cause strife among people, but because I feel sorry for them. Let us hope that they come to Christ for salvation.

The Canada Summer Games had changed its flag to feature that iconic rainbow colored leaf on it. [God created the rainbow, as a symbol to Noah that He will never again flood the Earth, a promise]


As I was about to head down to for my usual working time, I was surprised at the fact that it was closed! Mind you, Nevertheless it makes sense, as their would most likely be multiple meetings during this time. What surprised me was what came next!

In Heaven, Ifll finally be happy. Ifm sad, but thatfs life.


Feel sad about how hypnotized people are in making money. All of them working meaningless jobs [overworking themselves to burn out of their own desire for more and more money], just to get a literal piece of paper as they think that once they have that money they will finally be happy! Woe to them! I canft blame them though, I was broken in the regard that I used to think that money mattered. I even started an unrelated channel where I would post content. Needless to say, after 130 videos I quit. Woe woe woe!

Itfs time like these where I feel especially lonely. Even on the Internet, where Ifm supposed to feel safe, I go and here and yet feel lonely as Ifm persecuted. Oh, the rewards God will have in store for me for going through this! [All people will receive the reward of universal salvation, Christ saves all through faith my friends]