Jesus Christ will save all people in existence, everyone will go to Heaven and be happy, God guarantees it. Have faith in Christ, all who believe will be saved, which will be everyone!

Psalm NEB 138:8 The Lord will accomplish His purpose for me. Thy true love, 0 Lord, endures for ever, leave not thy work unfinished.


Journal Entry 7 – Rest when Not


September 11th (Monday) 2017.

(Though this was Sunday, so title is whatever sleepishly.

 Ifd explain it to them, but I donft have time, the end is coming,  The Day of The Lord! [Future Edit: Lol, five years later, but hey, itfs going to come eventually]

If you hadnft noticed already, Ifm writing this on actually September 13th, just cause I didnft have time to actualy write this on the date that it says at the top. Today (well not really lol), Ifll be going through the causes of this.


Wow, when I mean therefs work I mean a lot; relatively. Sometimes, people would say that their so tired (in fact my. While most told that they were tired from my jobs, I said I wasnft. Donft be mistaken, I didnft say that with the intention to come as and that I was some sort of gpowerful characterh that didnft need any rest nor sleep. I was just thinking at the time. Who am I to put myself above them. We are all human are we not? We are all sinners are we not?

itfs just that because Ifm a Christian I feel the need to comfort people when I indeed take their sadness. I try to say this as un pridefully and un-pretentiously as I can where they gknow people better than they know themselvesh. While Ifm cautious about this because itfs psychology, I still feel like it fits me.

Introversion and extroversion is why I feel like John the Baptist was praised by the Lord. While John, he was already praised in the womb. He talked to people personally and could relate to them personally as well.

As you can tell, Ifve lost all order and have turned to chaos on this. I feel my head hurting but I canft stop it. I try to let out all my feelings, but not only am I limited because of my limited typing speed, but because of the fact that I need to keep it formal and nice on this blog. I just canft take it. Ifve become traumatised (overuse of that word but whatever) whenever I hear a bump while Ifm working in my room because Ifm worried. I feel that pain every day, I want to nice some nice relaxing Gospel and religious music. I want intense music which is why I use my lyricless music. My parents want me to use Disney singing music but the songs are not melodic and simple enough. I write all my ideas from my though down here so someone can continue. Oh boy how easy it is yet sore for my hands to get to 1000 words hahahahaa I just want this to end I just want to be happy. Even so, come Lord Jesus!