Jesus Christ saves all people on Earth. Everybody will believe in Christ with faith alone and thus be saved. Have faith in Christ!

Psalm 2:7-8: "The Lord said to me, `You are my son; today I have begotten you. Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession."'


Journal Entry 6 – Drill or Thrill


September 10th (Monday) 2017.


The drill is that I keep on working and Word thinks Ifm typing in French. Anyways, all I do is study. I have no friends that I relate to other than my close family. Thatfs why I find it important to pray to them to God a lot. Though the people who are my friends yet are not at, I still pray to them just because they have dedicated their time to me expecting to receive some good advice in return. I always feel worried that when I talk to them that I feel to forced. So tired, This makes the days go by slower but more meaningfull. My difficulty breathing (not really recovered) from false diagnosis of asthma at birth (will talk about that if it isnft the or whatever) bye still got Tuesday to type!


Nevermind it was just this one, ok that es good God helped me on this one. Would soulwin on Youtube comments and the Reddit community but Ifm too tired. So hindered by my slow typing speed. You thinkg 70 is slow well I do. How do some people even manage to type at speeds like 180 canft express my pain and sorrow Lord helpe me please come


Size of Christian sites can be intimidating until most of his articles copy and pasted or written over long periods of time. No hate, it good. Gotta make this personal for the people. Here goes, all out. I know myself well atleast for fear [respect, love] of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.


So much hate comments on comments it hurts.

So much to say, yet so little time. I will be happy eternally in Heaven. Thank you God, for blessing me so.