Jesus Christ will save the entire world. Believe in Him and you will be saved, all people will be saved.

Psalm NEB 18:30 The way of God is perfect.


Journal Entry 39 – Onwards and Outwords

October 24th (Tuesday) 2017

You know, I was going to start typing on and on about how my day has been horrible

Which relieves me,

Day started in secure mode, This meant that anybody could enter the building but nobody could leave. While this felt secure, guy told me that since they werenft checking people for weapons at the front that this was actually less secure since if he were to kill us we would all be dense here and wouldnft be able to escape.


The plan was to have them work beside me so that they can see the project that I was working on, but that didnft go out so well considering that the laptop there didnft have photoshop on it. The only editor was MS Paint. I thought it would have been easy to edit, until I realized that once you placed an object down, you couldnft move it around afterwards, making it literally impossible for cooperation here. Needless to say, I detested MS Paint a little bit more that day (today).

Srry if Ifm using lol too much lol, Ifm just trying to stay positive lol. Plus itfs 11:40 PM and See ya laaatttteeerrr!!!!