Christ Jesus, saviour of the entire world. All people will go to Heaven, you cannot stop the will of the Lord, it will come true no matter what, this will happen! All people will become believers in the Lord, hear this proclamation, all ends of the Earth, and rejoice. For your days of suffering are limited, and they will cease, this is guaranteed.

John 17:2 "As God gave Jesus authority over ALL FLESH, that he should give eternal life to as many as God have Him."


Journal Entry 29 – Fringe Friday

October 14th (Saturday) 2017


Whatfs a fringe? I donft know. Letfs get into this shall we!

Okay, Ifll admit, Ifm feeling a little bit rushed and panicky at this point, At a momentfs notice could just suddenly burst into my room and see what Ifm up to.

Ifm scared of her because how much religion I watch. Problem with her is that shefs clearly unsaved, but Ifll get into that laterc

All I care about is Jesus Christ. None of this will matter when Jesus comes, I only care about earning rewards for Heaven while Ifm here. [That is, all will receive the same equal blessing of Christ Jesusfs salvation for all]

(While typing this, the tip of my middle finger feels tingly for some reason. I donft know why, it just feels so weird. When a type a key with it, it suddenly feels relieved, which is why Ifm forced to use my middle finger more here. When itfs hovering, it feels so weird)


Honestly, thatfs just the devil attacking me, ever since what I said to my mother. Itfs worth it though, more rewards in Heaven! I want rewards in Heaven. [All will be rewarded equally with Universal Salvation in Heaven]


Itfs commendable to see a person (hefs older than me btw lol) like him working so hard [as long as hefs not getting burnt out], though itfs sad too. Hefs out there working for an inheritance of money, rather than trying to earn rewards for the eternity, rewards in Heaven! [All will be rewarded equally with Christfs salvation for all]


There was this one child there who was this horrible influence on everyone. You know the expression Essentially, because of how hyper of a kid she was, they completely destroyed the arts and crafts stuff that we had upstairs and literally dumped two trash cans (including the one in my room) all over my room throwing all of these toilet paper rolls all over my room. It was like I was watching how vandalisms grow up to be who they are. After some cleaning and vacuuming, it was cleaned. Before though those girls kept on attacking me, especially that little one to, hitting me with these glow sticks and literally punching me. It literally hurt, like right in the stomach to ow. They even pinned me down to the floor, stole my pizza and rubbed it all over my bed.


Afterwards, my mom wanted me to go to this church of hers. Little did she know that I actually researched it in advance to see whether it was heretical or not (Gotta keep your eyes out for those wolves in sheeps clothing bois). Find out that it was, since on one of their videos (that I just saved just to have a backup in case they try to cover their tracks) the head pastor literally admits that to be saved is to repent and believe. This is correct, but not the definition that he gives to repentance! Instead of defining repentance correctly from the greek word metaonoe gto change your mindh, he defines it as literally gturning from your sinsh! We canft possibly turn from all ours sins!

I told my mom about this and she said that you only have to turn from the obvious. The problem is, all sins are obvious to God, because God can clearly see our hearts and knows all of sins. To say that we only have to turn from the obvious sins would say that God is not omniscient and is not perfect and is not God!

She then said that, while God can see every sin, he knows the intention behind every sin and itfs the effort that counts to be saved. God doesnft care about the effort in terms of salvation, because for him to let a person into Heaven based merely on their effort would be to let an imperfect person into Heaven! God canft do that though because only perfect people can go to Heaven. While God is merciful, God is also just. If He lets off the sins of a person, just because those sins garenft obvious to other peopleh or garenft with evil intentionh, it destroys His perfect standards. So God canft do this because He is perfect and thus must have perfect standards.

In truth, wefre all guilty sinners deserving of death (the punishment for committing even one sin!). However, God loved us enough to send His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to the Earth, to be born sinless (virgin birth), live a sinless life, and died on the cross for our sins. After dying, He bodily resurrected from the grave 3 days later, ascended to Heaven, and sprinkled His own precious blood on the mercy seat of Heaven.

I trust in God to fix them for me.