Christ Jesus our King of Kings, the Saviour of all Mankind will save all men, all women, every human in existence! Every person in the world will come to Heaven, all of creation will become believers in Christ Jesus and thus be saved!

Genesis 22:18 All nations on earth will be blessed through Abrahamfs offspring.


Journal Entry 25 – Disappointting Sapped

October 11th (Wednesday) 2017.


Every day my mother shouts more and more. Shefs yelling

Just more talking and shouting over and over again. While I still find it comforting that my mom says sorry to me for shouting to much (knowing how sensitive I am, since I cry easily, but only to specific things). She still keeps on shouting. Thatfs the problem, they just keep shouting over each other.

These feelings make me hope in blessed hope more so the day I finally enter Heaven. It is by faith in Jesus Christ alone that I get there. To not be selfish in my salvation, Ifm simply alive to show people the Gospel of Jesus Christ while enduring my own personal difficulties from the devilfs relentless attacks on my mental state. At least Ifm someone worth targeting with all of these thoughts lol. Once saved, always saved. The eternal security of the believer.

So much rush, so much blood.