Christ Jesus, our Lord, will save all people in existence! Do not worry, have faith in Christ! Christ is faithful to us and will bring us all, everybody, to Heaven, our Saviour, the King of Kings, amen!

MALACHI 1:11 In every place incense and pure offerings will be brought to my name. (NIV)


Journal Entry 24 – Disappointting Sapped

October 9th (Saturday) 2017.


Yes, I know I spelled gdisappointtingh wrong, but I donft care. Ifm just too disappointed to do it. In fact, Ifm too disappointed to even go all out with this meta joke.

Yesterday, I was working, expecting to have vacation holiday on this thanksgiving. While everyone else talked about having these fun family gatherings with lots of rich food and thanksgiving stereotypes. gIfm going to be having turkey with some jamh.

itfs good to give thanks,

I just feel sad, knowing I wonft have time. Every day is just surviving. Yet, God gives me hope. It is by the precious blood of Jesus Christ alone that washes away my blood, sprinkled at the mercy seat of Heaven by the highpriest that is Jesus Christ. We are not saved by our own works, they are the fruit not root of our salvation. Rather, we are saved by simple; childlike faith in Jesus Christ alone to get us to Heaven. (I love to clarify that, just to exemplify the name above all names in everything I do, so that in my suffering I may achieve more rewards in Heaven!).

Imagine how wonderful Heaven will be. Ifll finally be able to breathe normally the breathe of life (as described in Genesis with nostrils) through my nostrils. Imagine all of the wonderful music that can instantly be created in Heaven I finally wonft be made fun of by my family members for trying to improvise piano. Ifll finally be able to make it sound good. I am saved, I have the desire to bring souls to Christ, the fruit of a change life. These are my works. I do works not to be saved, but rather because I am already saved. These works are ultimately the result of my salvation, only possible through the Holy Spirit inside of me who makes all of these works possible. Truly, it is not I who saves people when I bring souls to Christ, but rather Jesus Christ that does. Hence the term soul winning! I imagine having my small blanket that I rub across my check to feel warm (not so small like handkerchief. About the size of a pillow in a 4 fold.) Imagine feeling that softness when generated in heat all the time! I will never have to worry about my salvation, because the devil will no longer attack my mind with fiery darts of confusion to whom he is the author of.

I will carry through, life will get better. I will see this life through, itfs the only one I have, and thus the only chance I will ever get to earn rewards in Heaven. [Everyone will be equally rewarded in Heaven with the reward of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ] Ultimately, itfs worth it in the grand scheme of the eternal life that awaits this one. Just gotta drag along my dead body for just a little while longer.