Christ will save everyone. All people will go to Heaven by Him. Trust in Christ with faith alone and be saved!

Philippians 3:20-21: "But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like His glorious body, by the power that enables Him to subject all things to Himself."


Journal Entry 2 – First But Not

September 7th (Thursday) 2017

You think that titlefs enough of a landmark title? I actually quite like the name of it, sounds poetic. Makes me sad though that I could never use that title again. However, Ifm reminded that I donft have to obide to those meaningless manmade traditions and instead do it to how I please. So if you think that such a good excellent title is going to be wasted on some rushed Journal Entry, then fear not! For I could always use it again :)

First off, on the bus rides home and back Ifve decided to start praying. For these two bus rides (Home and back) Ifve done it with my head raised and my eyes opened. I end up changing this position quite a lot in the next few Journal Entries.


One thing I found funny is that we all waited without having on us. I mean, yeah they were on us, but those were inside of our bags. When we got there, she talked to how she had to take care of her dad who had dementia. So, truth be told, donft be hard on anyone, even if theyfre late. Youfll never really know why theyfre late until youfre early to respond. Anyways, we actually did some Herefs the conversation, just so it doesnft get confusing going back and forth.



She gave us these papers for us to fill in so that we can write down our information, just so she can have our general information. What really made me hesitate here is that I really wanted to put down that I was a Christian, but I didnft want to at the same time. She herself seemed like a Christian, albeit a Catholic one. Note that I donft care how different we are, Ifm just looking for some Persecution Points, hoping that because I mentioned what my faith in that shefd lower my mark or give me a scoldy look. At least something to earn me some more rewards in Heaven. [Future Edit: Everyone will be equally in Heaven] However, seeing how that would be too blunt and could hurt any potential conversations (since I still wanted to convert her at the same time, not simply relying on my persecution to her for points, just for an extra source of income). Therefore, to be subtle, on one of the questions titled, I replied with a study of etymology, except with the word gBibliosh. I said that I liked how it related to the word Bibliotecque and how French can be similar yet different to other languages, such as Greece. This type of mentions is an effective solid statement because it both avoids harsh judgement from atheists and religious people a like. The religious person will know that Ifm aware of the Bible, the most popular book in the world, while the atheist will know that Ifm aware of how widespread the Bible is. Either way, itfs an effective solid one, mind you. (I do try some crazier things though. Also, did I mention there was 6 people? Yeah,


Therefs both advantages and disadvantages to using a phone to read the Bible. The positive is that you can look at it anyway you like and sit comfortable while you hold it around. As well, people wonft know that youfre actually reading the Bible, so they will less likely both look behind you to see what your up to as they are mostly assuming that your just doing typical phone stuff that relate to you. Plus they relate in the way that they too desire not to have their phones looked at from behind, so theyfll probably apply that Golden rule unto you with the phone. Downside is that the school wonft know that youfre what your searching up. Personally, I like the school tracking my religious websites I go to, such as and the KJV Bible online (Look at that guys commentary there, but donft acutely trust in it at the same time). Laptop has the advantage that you can actually add to favorites and rename files to advertise sites. (I literally only advertise because that website has this look that makes you curious and shocking, and sometimes REDACTED on the side, just if someone is not fond of that in your face style of stuff. Personally, for this website, while Ifm still trying to find my own identity, Ifm hoping it to be like the Jesus-is-Savior site, except more organized in categories.) [Future Edit: The style of this website was based off that, but I am a Christian Universalist, and as such, against many of the things mentioned in that site, I only support faith alone in Christ to be saved). redacted part, future edit here, since they are against Christian Universalism, even though itfs the truth, so I donft recommend parts of their site.


Honestly, I donft even remember what I had for lunch. God will reward me for being honest, because as much as I like typing out all of these, I donft consider it play. I wouldnft blame them for being worried though. Ever since I was young I always lied, and always prayed. Oh how I thank God for saving me, so that the Holy Spirit dwells in me and that I can do good to Him. [Future Edit: Due to being saved, I try to tell the truth more often. Everything on this site for instance, is true, as itfs spoken by God, I am just a messenger]



Here is where things escalated. To no avail, as he started with interest. I find it funny that he went into this by first. Ifm talking about employment in an actual industry that you do not own, that once worked a certain amount of hours gives you money type job. It is true than, that no man can serve to masters at once. I used to be obsessed about money, until I realized that the greater rewards lie in actually doing the soul winning yourself! [Future Edit: Explanation, money should be used for your survival, but each of our purposes should be to serve the Lord first most, having money lets us live longer to do that]


As much as Ifd love to go in track with these, I canft since not only am I busy busy busy with my work piling in, but as well with the REDACTED ] So, anyways thanks for reading! See ya later for today!