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John 6:44 "No one can come to Christ unless the Father who sent Him draws him."


Journal Entry 106 – Break the Cycle

December 30th (Saturday) 2017

While it may seem like the next day, itfs actually not. Itfs actually just 1:00 AM, so Ifm typing this from yesterday. Still getting used to this new keyboard, but itfs pretty sick.

They literally bought this for my birthday/Christmas present with the mouse, and I can say that itfs pretty sick. Literally glowing with colors sick, I hope I donft get a seizure from this lol.

Anyways, Ifm busy and since I was tired, I couldnft really express my joy for this, since Ifm usually monotone and have to fake it and due to my personality type (INFJ), I know that they know when I fake it, so Ifm being honest and telling them that I like it but am too tired with all of to appreciate it and be joyful about it.

And thatfs the reason why Ifm busy so see ya.

Mah boi, apparently both screens actually zoom in and out with ctrl and mouse wheel. No wonder the second screen (additional one on my left) is always so zoomed in then the main one, itfs always going to be naturally smaller and because of this will never be able to increase or decrease more than the main monitor because they both increase and decrease from the same set. Seesh, Ifm getting mathy already and itfs, what, 2:30 AM??

Wait, can it read my data, because I literally just gfull pageh screenshotted literally all of my confidential information. One word; dangit. Welp, guess I gotta trust it now. Pro Tip 4 the kiddos: donft do anything when itfs like 2:45 AM in the morning, Ifm tired and feel 


Hey, itfs 5:00 PM and literally just wasted 4 hours doing a whole picture taking session with my mom shouting gSTUPIDh all the time at us for literally not being perfect in our pictures. And when I try to talk about the motivation of money and talk about how my main goal in life is to make money, she tells me to shut up and stop repeating the same message over and over again. But I canft, because this cycle of screaming verbal abuse keeps on going over and over again, and itfs always going to be the same solution no matter what.

I could go back in the journal entries for nostalgia, but I canft. Even post-PASSOVER content has been affected by this plague. Though, I guess I never should have expected this transition to be easy, but once I make it to the other side, therefs going to be nothing in my way. Ifl have money. Ifve already looked into every aspect of life, Ifm ready for what comes next, even after death Ifm not worried. Because everything is ok. And Ifm glad.


So much to do but not enough time to do it all.

Thatfs my ultimate goal in life, to make myself happy until I die. Of course I want the happiest life possible lol.

Anyways, itfs already 8:00PM


Unused Stuff

Itfs true tho, Ifm already done with that THING after death, so Ifm all good. Everyone else is wrong, because He has shown me the solution to it all. And some other stuff that I could reference, but am too tired to at this moment.

But Ifm too tired to care, the screen is literally so ORANGE right now. (That may or may not be a Code Geass reference).


Ifll never be able to truly relax now, so I donft care if I miss my whole break. Ifm done,. HAHHAhahahahaha, makes me glad everything goes away in the end, even my words, just let them out4 in any contenxtgy HAHAHAH HAHUFEWHDFAUIPSHF AEHRFIUSHFEDUIAHSIUDFUAHSEIRFOISHEFDKJASHDFIUAHFDIASH HAHAH HUUUUUSHAHAIFUPDHSRF IAEWHFIASDUIFHASLJDFAWOYBEIRFBHAEGFASDICGKJA HE9RFUA8WEYGHRF8OASGFASDGFUSGDFAESRFGA80OW347RTYQ08WH3A4RTYQ4