[These Journal Entries, 2014 to 2015 were written before I was saved, as I was saved in 2017. I will provide Christian context to each. That is, everyone will go to Heaven. Jesus Christ will save everyone. Believe in Jesus Christ with faith alone to be saved. Everyone will be saved. Everyone will become believers in Jesus Christ.]

[2 Corinthians 5:19: "In Christ God was reconciling the world to himself."]

2015 Journal Entry 1

Seeing 4 times Seeing taller deeper voice. Go into jewelry for no reason. Science sees other French again. Shows my friend my webstie assigned seating. Gym over 100 people there there Leaves Waits 30 for bus Catches early bus Gets homes organizes


2015 Journal Entry 2

Sept 10th, 2015

I started the day by going EXTREMLEY early. I got at 7:30 instead of 8:30. I had extra time to give my, so the office just kept it and put it with their usual Science Stuff, we revised past science stuff

In French

At Lunch, I ate lunch in the cafeteria with my friend,

Oh, not pottery. Everyone used to play that. Theyfre literally ALWAYS playing it.

Wow, that must have been a fancy! I mean, not every can have pottery.

Are you talking about the actual vase making pottery?

NO! Ifm talking about the Ipod App about Pottery. I canft believe you donft know about it.

Oh THAT game. My friends used to play it back, but it wasnft as popular as you described it.

I canft believe you thought it was actual pottery Song!

Well, itfs not my fault that I donft know about EVERY APP IN EXISTENCE. Itfs like therefs an app for everything.

Oh yeah, therefs pretty much an app for everything.

There better not be an actual app on the app store called gpretty much an app for everythingh I mean who would all their time and effort just to make that one joke?

Song, Ifm just done. I donft even know right now.

[If you have a Christian Bible app where you can read different versions, that can be useful. Itfs best to consult different versions, as only the original Hebrew and Greek scriptures are the perfect word of God and other versions in English translated can have translation errors, like aion and olam words being mistranslated as gforeverh when the true meaning is gpertaining to an ageh]

[1 Corinthians 15:55: "O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?"]


Picture day, I took my picture and I saw. I said Hi to him.


so me and my friends had a conversation in the cafeteria.


Also, one of my friends talked about how his parents are divorced. He is the middle of an older and younger brother. The dad is really strict. My friend described that he takes all of the money from any money cards they receive (Birthdays, Chirstmas and etc.) He even takes them from their uncle (the Dadfs brother)

[God the Father is better than all human fathers in existence, He is perfect. Romans 11:32: "For God has consigned all to disobedience, that He may have mercy on all."]


Anyways, that was my Journal Entry. I probably would edit these later and wonft have time to get these later. Ifm filling up my freetime on my timetable with more. Therefore, Ifm going to strive to do my best in all of the











2015 Journal Entry 3

The day, tried. He tried to change his timetable, because the MESSED UP. Something, something, introc I DONfT KNOW. Just, go on with the story alreadyc Okay, anywaysc


Donft you just HATE it when you think someonefs being nice to you, but just TAKE that present and give you WORK. Well, yeah, story in summary.


(By the way, we pretty much just revised stuff from the last, not starting anything new JUST yetc)

For nowc DUN DUN DUUUNNN! (Dramatic Zoom In + Suspenseful music)

I ate my lunch of spaghetti quickly and I didnft have time to brush my teeth. I had to hurry. I came there, but it was closed.


I go back to email my mom more and discuss the best option. I go back there, realise that you need a signature and go downstairs, email about it. Yeah. (Sure was a lot of running UP AND DOWN AND U- well, you get my point)


I sign my

The crossing guard can cross it out in a JIFFY. Wait, who says jiffy anymore?

When  I read the book, it felt odd. The charecters were saying stuff like, this is one of my FAVORITE outfits. As though they already had previous outfits, hmmc Oh wait! Nope this is the last in a TRILOGY. A TRILOGY for crying out loud!

[Unlike other books, with the Bible you can start reading from any book you want, or any chapter you want, as all verses in the Bible are useful as all scripture is breathed out by God! Romans 5:18: "Therefore, as one trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all men." Thatfs why I like to get verses from various Bible books and put them here, all of them are useful and they motivate me to keep going in life]


I wait for my bus at the bus stop, Yeah, and now Ifm writing this LONG story. So yeah, these journal entries are going GREAT so far, but I fear that I may get too busy at to continue to wri- TYPE these entries on a regular basis,  but OH WELL, I guess wefll just have to wait and see!

2015 Journal Entry 4

(Sept 14 2015)


I went go to the I went past the room and got there just in time.


2015 Journal Entry 5


 The lights were dark, but I knocked anyways. He wasnft there, so he left. (WOW. BEST STORY EVER. ACADEMY AWARD DEFINITIVE WINNER)

I read my Iphone awith the notes on it. He talked about the weather and what not, then the bell rang.

I take that as a compliment. Of course, since it, is a compliment. OR IS IT *DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS* Nahhh! *Dramatic Music Ends*


Journal Entry



I finished my work in the morning which is due for today


I get ice pack and sleep ( 5 HOURS)  Headache caused by hot and cold

Journal Entry 9


After much searching on the Internet I realized thAT MY difficulty breathing was due to anxiety, which makes sense because. Thatfs why Ifm typing this relaxed


told mom, she was relaxed instead of shouty. I feel this is going to be the start of something great. [Well, she wouldnft stop shouting come the next Journal Entries from 2017 and even now in 2022 she still shouts. But Ifve gotten stronger and her shouting has gotten stronger and hopefully the Lord has made me stronger than that shouting. 1 Corinthians 15:22: "As in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive."]

, but hey! Itfs a summary! So, it works!


Journal Entry 1 (Time for some new fun with the SECRETS)

August 29th, 2016

Hello! You may be wondering why therefs that parenthesis up there, well itfs there to help organize these journal entries together more fluently, since it took a while to track them all down and place them in one folder, since they were made on many different dates. Ifve decided to start this routine back up again. Now that I feel confident in my work flow managing abilities, Ifm confident Ifll be able to maintain all of this with EASE! (Or this will be the only Word Document in that Folder). Either way, while Ifm moving masses of data on this computer, what no better way than to use the rest of my story to explain what happened to a missing 3 hours today?


1. Why are you motivated to go back. Youfll have less time to work on your own projects.

Answer: Well, during January, I had theses breathing complications where I found it really hard to breath at the night, going to the point where I would be crying, which is rare, since whenever I see those Youtube Videos that say VIDEO COMPILATIONS 110% PEOPLE CRIED TRY NOT TO CRY CHALLENGE, I donft cry, even though Ifm not really trying. It even got so bad that I decided not to do swimming, since my mom said that it apparently helps people develop asthma at a young age. *Whoops* Anyways, I realized that the cause of this was STRESS, which made a lot of sense since work is stressfulc

I need more reasons than thatc

Okay, herefs some examples: in that up gap)

By the way, if you havenft noticed by the order of all of this, Ifm trying to do this as non challently, challentelely, chalant lee, HOWEVER YOU PRONOUNCE IT, as possible so that its as realy to me as possible. (Also, itfs funny reading back on it all, as a way of seeing all of my progress so far, and all the challenges that I managed to get across) Which relates to my breathing in which I donft want to stress myself to crazily since, I want to save all of that for my BIG PROJECT. If youfre reading this, thenc you probably know what one of those big projects were ;) [That gbig projecth was making my own website and having somewhere to post my writings. Which has become this website youfre reading, www.jesus-saves-all.com, as I type this Dec 29 2022]

Anyways, sorry if Ifm blabbering, Ifm just getting so much nostalgia from doing all of this all over again, itfs hard to get going into, but the journey itself is fun and a bunch of that metaphor. (But there was one there AND here!)

2. How come this post isnft posted late at night like your other posts?

Answer: Luckily, for this post (Maybe just this one or few others) Ifll be posting it on the last week before!

3. Are you all warmed up to start writing this.

Answer: I believe soc LETfS GET RIGHT INTO IT

(Or maybe left into it)

Date: Before Today Time: Before this Time Organization Method: Before that other Method

Sorry, I got interrupted by her yelling. Anyways, I found out that by relaxing and soozing, seuthing all of my muscles,Ifm able to sleep better, while relaxing on my back.

she yells and it goes on and on, breaking my ears (Ifm surprised that I havenft gone deaf yet from all of the yelling, only partially since I have trouble hearing people)

I then go to the bus driver, give the ticket and drive to

 and eventually move on with my life.

As soon as I got my head out of the weird deep metaphors that would probably take up a lot of space on a Word Document, I decide to check my phone to see if Ifve got a call. Surprisingly, once I grab unto it, I feel it buzzing in my hand, vibrating with a tingling sensation (Okay, enough with the descriptions already!). I check it

Placing the two papers in my bag, satchel on shoulder, I step outside and to the bus stop thus ending my journey entirelyc

As I sit there, alone, waiting for the bus, I recollect on my past year and how to relax and unstress. I feel my breathing climbing up a little bit and hastening, but then I relax, and breath normally, not through my mouth, but through my noise, relaxing with the pleasant anti mosquito wind all around me. I knew this year would throw many challenges at me, but the most important thing for me to do would be to relax and not be so uptight, over motivated and stressed. Sometimes, while doing work in which isnft your grand project, itfs important not to go over board and instead get only the necessities done, business manager style. Besides, I wouldnft want to waste all of my energy on, when in reality there would always be more awaiting me after over.

After a grand total of 25 minutes of contemplating my life existence, the bus FINALLY came.

That said however, I feel glad that I got the motivation to type this and start this series all over again. Sure, my notes during probably wonft be of this length and this long, but this is setting an example that a Word Document of any length can be accomplished in writing as long as you set your mind to it.

Now, whenever I see a horrible and unfortunate event happen to me, I donft see it as bad, but as a new experience to write about in my Journal Entries.


Journal Entry Sept 7th

See, I was able to keep it going!

Ah, waking up early, and riding the bus, ahh, the memories are flowing back. Anyways, on the bus

After that weird encounter, I had finally reached

At home, I get my organizer that I forget with some loose leaf papers in it.


I sure am a professional.

Journal Entry 3 [Sept 8th]

Ah, fresh out of the shower and ready to write another journal entry! What? Showering is very motivating after all!

Anyways, surprised that Ifm still continuing this daily and there hasnft been a huge time jump yet? Well, I havenft broke the daily streak yet, so letfs get right into the journal entry!

[John 6:33: "For the bread of God is He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world."]



so I wished in my head that this was a Quality over Quantity esque (Esc?) (Type) situation and that I didnft get the SHORT END OF THE STICK! (THAT WAS THE SOUND OF ME LAUGHING AND APPLAUDING TO MYSELF WITH FISTS! I DONfT EVEN KNOW ANYMORE :D)

At lunch, I ate sandwiches (Sandwhiches?)


Upon them saying gBye!h I realized that I didnft know that guys name! Since he didnft notice me not saying his name, I decided to get ahead of myself before he realized this. (I mean, Ifve known him on and off for a year, I canft just re ask for his name!)

For me, I personally think itfs the breathing, since I was getting really stressed worry about what other methods theyfd lay out next, so instead of taking nose breaths, I was taking full mouth breaths, resulting in a lack of oxygen going through.

After all those tiring words written I can finally conclude this journal entry. Bye!

Journal Entry 4

the next holiday is Thanksgiving in October :(

I decided to breathe more through my nose than through my mouth, making it much more relaxing. Though, probably the main reason why it was relaxing was because it wasnft as intense as yesterday,


Journal Entry 11

Then, I went to the library where I was before to get it, but to no avail I couldnft find it.

Itfs things like theses that tell me that life doesnft want me to succeed, that it wants me to give up. You canft understand how this feels since theses stories have no real weight. You canft feel the stress I felt in thoses situations.

[The Lord upholds us and protects us from the sin of this world. Ephesians 4:10: "He who descended is the one who ascended far above all the heavens, that He might fill all things."]


At Home: Sunday

Speaking of that, a similar situation happened right now

Luckily, my breathing has gotten a lot better, so Ifm going to talk about it less nd less in the hopes of completely forgetting about it.

Anyways, I have more work to do, so Ifll see you later!

(Whenever that is)


Joruan lEntry 7

You know what I find annoying.

Now, you may be thinking, but Song, youfre good at computers right! I mean you are typing on a computer after all.

Though, I hope you donft take any of this too seriously, Ifm just ranting about a long heartfelt and crying gJust from my parth talk

I just need to rest. (Not like death or anything, but rest naturally) (REALLY, not like death or anything)

[Christ Jesus gives us all rest, the only rest we can have is in Heaven, which comes after death. Believe in Jesus Christ and be saved. All people will become believers in Him and be saved]

Daily Journal

September 17, 2014.

This will be my first journal entry to, hopefully, many to come.

[Thatfs right, the first Journal Entry! At the time, I never knew my Journal Entries would lead to the creation of this site, but Ifm thankful to the Lord for it. John 12:32 "And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself."]


Journal Entry

Date: September 18 2014.

This is the second entry in my series. Ifm writing this on September 20, 2014, so it may not have as much detail as you would want it to have. (Entry isnft a tree)

 (He only said that to me and to nobody else except me.)


Sadly, I donft remember anything else that I did (Since Ifm writing this late) Sorry!


Journal Entry 3

September 18 2014

I was taking pictures for my. I was taking a picture of me looking sad with all my stuff lying on the floor with my back against. Then all of a sudden my Momfs Sisterfs Sonfs Wife shows up and asks what Ifm doing (Shefs a janitor there). I had to explain to her that I was just posing for an act.




Journal Entry 4

September 22 2014

Math (Are YOU a mathlete?)

[God created the universe through math. Mathematically, all = all. Thus Christ shall be all in all and save all people fully completely. All will become believers in Christ and believe in Him with faith alone and be saved]

That was the end of my very stressful day.


Journal Entry 5

Today was probably one of the most stressful days that Ifve had so far.

(More to come )

I sat with my friend and had chicken nuggets. I didnft have time to brush my teeth (2 in a row days)


Journal Entry

For lunch I had chicken fingers with sweet and sour sauce.

Journal Entry 7

September 29 2014

Weekend (Lucky Seven Lucky Seven!)

(Woot Woot!)


At lunch I had cheesy pasta with meat and some grapes.

(Insert Cheesy Joke here)

(I guess my lunch was englicious) (Delicious + English = Clever Pun)

At home when I went to the washroom, before I went I checked if my phone was on. It was, but I forgot to put it away and carried it to the washroom. I couldnft put it back so I put it on one of the shelves in the washroom.

Journal Entry 8

September 30th 2014


It was very intense today. I was sneezing and I had a running nose (At least it wasnft running away from me!) I had to use my hanker chief A LOT. (I actually ran out of space to blow my nose on my hanker chief so I had t get some tissue instead. Luckily I finished (Phew what a relief!)

At lunch I had chicken fingers with ketchup.

(I better KETCHUP with my work! Hahaha!)

Journal Entry 9

(Woohoo!) (Word just recommended me to use Boohoo instead.) (I guess it doesnft like math


woohoo! (Word recommends boohoo) Anyways it was very exhausting.

At lunch I had chicken nuggets with ketchup

Journal Entry 10

October 2, 2014

(The suspense carries on)

 (Ifm actually doing that work right now, and then I remembered about my person journal entry. [The Lord did not forget about my Journal Entries and used them as a way to inspire me to make this website, which I hope benefits you all. Jesus Christ will save everybody in existence! This is true. Have faith in Christ Jesus and be saved, all ends of the Earth will! 1 John 2:2: "He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world."]

(And On)


And MORE on

At lunch I had sausage with macaroni with cheese.


During lunch I sat with this guy (my friend if you want the specifics), but the weird thing about him was that I saw him, EVERYWHERE! When I finished my lunch and went to the washroom, HE WAS THERE!. (Standing outside of it playing his Ipod. When I went to fill up my water bottle, HE WAS THERE TOO! I think he does that because Ifm his only friend and that he doesnft have any friends

AndcwellcI think you get the point already.

I thought you got the point?

Oh well. (By the wayc And ON!)

And On

Journal Entry 11

October 8th 2014

Start of the day.

I take the city bus. (When youfre taking the city bus, itfs important that you donft miss your stop because you might get lost) While I was on the city bus on my way to, I accidently fell asleep on the bus. While I dozed off, the bus went right by my stop to go to. (I didnft mean to fall asleep, I only closed my eyes for a little bit and then I fell asleep.) (It was probably because I was working very hard the nights before this one.) (Which is also why I havenft made journal entries for those days, I was too busy.) (I still thanked the bus driver, for polite reasons, even though he dropped me off away from my wanted stop.) (Oh the Irony!) (Somebody call Irony Man!) Anyways, when I woke up (At 8:00) (So not too late because I got on the bus at 7:25) I walked to the nearest bus stop that I could find (other than the one that I was just in) I decided to go on my phone (with a green case) so that I could check Google Maps so I could find out how to get back to, the place I was supposed to stop at.) After I quickly entered my phones password, I went on the Internet. When I got on the internet, to my surprise, there was no internet connection. (Well, obviously, your in he middle of nowhere, why would there be Wi-Fi there?) Disappointed, I put my phone back into my blue phone case and back into my bag. I decided to go into the to ask for directions on how I should get back to. They said gIf you want to get back there you have to take the bus- oh there it is right now, hurry!h After he said that I ran towards the bus so that I wonft miss it. When I got onto the Bus, I asked the bus driver if he stopped at and he said yes, luckily. (Just to make sure that I was going back there. Safety first!) I was very relieved that I was getting back on the bus.


The End


Part Two

While I was riding the bus, I was starting to doubt my decision. gHad I made the  right decision? Will this bus take me back to) Questions poured into my head faster than the speed of the bus. I couldnft take it, I was doubting myself too much. I deciding to hold it in, until I saw this thing. gThis thingh was actually. I quickly realized that both the bus rider and the teacher though I was going to, not! (Oh No) (Side Notes. 1) They shouldnft have named it all because people can get easily confused, two, I guess they like the name, three I should have told them that it was the, four, they probably though I meant the because they probably havenft been in the area that was in and five Umm.. Hmmc. Uhhhc Hi?)

Meanwhile. I quickly realized my dreadful mistake and I rang the yellow string and rapidly got off the bus as soon as possible (ASAP Definition!) When I got off the bus, I found myself near a church, [I donft remember what church it was, but maybe this was a way for the Lord to demonstrate to me and foreshadow how I would later come to be saved by faith alone in Christ Jesus in 2017. All people will eventually be saved, just like how I was saved too.  Revelation 5:13: "And I [John] heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and in the sea, and all that is in them, saying, `To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be blessing and honor and glory and might forever and ever!"'  ] (and obviously a bus stop  While at the bus stop, I tried to use Google Maps again, but that didnft work. I tried to think of a place that had a free Wi-Fi, but I couldnft think of a place. (I only though of MacDonaldfs and it wasnft there.) Then I decided to try and call I dialed the home phone number for her, but there was no answer. (By the way, I had to sand away from the road because it was hard for me to hear the call.) I was about to call her work number, but apparently I couldnft end the call. (I still havenft gotten used to my phone yet, so I thought it felt weird.) I tried to end the call by clicking the power button at the bottom of the screen, but it wouldnft end the call. I tried every way I could think of, but it wouldnft work. After the frustration of my efforts not working so far I decided to put my phone back in its blue case back in my bag again. Once I put it in my bag, I saw a bus come up. Before I got on the bus I asked the bus driver if he stopped at. He said that he didnft know where that was. (NOOOOOO!) So I had to wait for a bus. I gave up. I didnft give up! I didnft lost hope! I asked the bus driver if he stopped at He said that he stopped there. (Phew what a relief!) (Finally, Ifm heading back on track!) I was so relieved that I finally got back (He doesnft give that much time after and during, as you probably know from my other journal entry that mentioned that flaw.)


Now, back to the everyday day,



(The events that had occurred during the story that has mentioned affects the rest of the story as well. It is obviously non fiction because this REALLY happened, REALLY!





After I decided to check in to see if it was there. Luckily it was there.



At lunch I had chicken fingers with sour cream.


At some part during the day I thought I lost my watch because it wasnft on my wrist. Luckily, [I found it. Just like how the Lord finds all the lost sheep and retrieves them. All people will be saved. All will believe in Jesus Christ through faith alone and be saved. Amen. 2 Corinthians 5:19: "In Christ God was reconciling the world to himself."]


(So much Plot Twists)

PLOT TWIST: Seriously.

Journal Entry

October 9th 2014


Yesterday Night

Yesterday night I was very busy


 Ifm too busy

For lunch I had two hot dogs. After I quickly ate lunch



Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi

Journal Entry 11

October 11, 2014

Introduction (So much elevens!) (C-c-c-c-combo!)

We had a lot of tasty food to eat. We ate all of this delicious food

List of food we ate. (Did I mention that they tasted good?)

1. Noodles with meat and vegetables (carrots and broccoli) (Called chow main)

2. Fried Rice (with vegetables) (we were supposed to order fried rice, but we forgot.) (When we said our order without the fried rice included, they gave us a bowl of fried rice for free! (Lucky us!)

3. Lemon Chicken (Itfs chicken that tastes as sweet as lemon)

4. Cooked Shrimp (It was very crunchy)

5. Pepperoni Pizza from Dominofs Pizza.

6. We had cool Ice Tea to drink with our food. (Ice tea or iced tea? I donft know!!)

We ordered our food form two different restaurants, Dominofs Pizza and a Chinese Food restaurant.

That was all that happened. I had to speed it up at the end because this is taking too long. Bye!

Really Bye




Journal Entry

October 15 2014

I did a very long presentation. I volunteered first to do it, By the way, 30 minutes, so yeeeaaaahh, it was long. I raised the bar pretty high for this presentation.









BUSY!              (Hi)

At the start I asked him what he though about it. He said that he though it was good that I worked hard. I asked him if he though that I was struggling and he said this. gI donft think youfre struggling. You look at your work a little too effectively though, is what he thinks of it. but youfll be very busy during that time. Ifve seen that in your recent that you actually try to work fast, so itfs good that youfre not taking advantage of this system. Me: gItfs not that Ifm doing it too effectively, itfs just that therefs this that is harder than the rest. While I was working on it, it wasnft that difficult. Then, I realized the true issue that made me takes longer for me. Me: gHerefs the, sorry I took to long. By the way, I found out the true issue that made me take long with this. It was because I was tired in the morning from waking up after staying up late yesterday. That means that Ifm not struggling in this topic at all. gOhhhhh!h  gWell sorry about taking too long. gNo problem! gBye! gBye!h



Today was the day where you wear

Sad Times.

I literally had to type all of it because if I copied it would be this:  

Thatfs the entire day. I didnft make it that detailed because one, Ifm busy and two, Ifm actually typing this on October 19th 2014. Bye!



Journal Entry


At lunch one of my friends asked why I was so busy all of the time. I said that for example I had to. He said that. I realized why they finished all of their things so quickly while I took long with my stuff. Itfs not how fast you do something; itfs how effectively you do something.

gDeeper than the ocean!h


Journal Entry

 (October 31st 2014)

When I was walking towards the next

When I had said in that faithful forum that I played Piano and Guitar, I was sincerely shocked to hear that they didnft use those kinds of instruments. gSorry, but we donft have pianos or guitarsh. [The Lord is always faithful to us. He will save all people. All will come to believe in Jesus Christ by faith alone and be saved permanently guaranteed!  You can understand why I call myself Song as Ifve played the Piano and Guitar for many years.

[Philippians 3:20-21: "But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like His glorious body, by the power that enables Him to subject all things to Himself."]

Luckily, in that faithful forum, I had mentioned that it was


(Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Agc)

(DUH, DUH, DUUUUHHHHH!!!!!!)(Duh Duh!)



Side Note: Did you enjoy the usage of my SUDDEN ACCENTS in my text. It really adds a great depth into my story. Hopefully I can use them more often, they are really GREAT! BYE!





(So you wonft go crazy looking, check the font)

 (Transmission Lostc Again)

Journal Entry 19

Jan 5 2015, Monday

(This may be the last I right, running out of Time

10 divided by 2 is 5. 5 plus 5 is ten.

At lunch I had some food (obviously) to eat (ObviouslycAgain)


Digital Technology FANCY!





Journal Entry 19

Date = Jan 8 2014


Start of The Day

At the start of the day,




Normal Scale = A B C D E F G

Arpeggio = A C E

Chromatic = A A# B B# C # E E# F # G G#


Dictionary. Copyright (PLATINUM STAR!)

Bells (Not my Gym Teacher, Mr. Bell)

1. A small version of a glockenspiel (metal xylophone)          Duck             Page 1590


Not an exact quote, only a representation. Same goes for other quotes used.

(People wear coats) (They also wear quotes) (COAT OF THE DAY!)


(Hi! Nice time seeing you again!) Sure is a nice place here. Pretty Roomy)

Journal Entry 20

Jan 9 2015

to make these messages, outline has to change all)


[Early rough draft I made for my website. Yep, I was planning on making a website since 2014! Took a while to understand how it works, but finally figured it out. The Lord always finishes His work, and He knew that I would be able to make this website for Him. Jesus Christ will save all people through faith alone. Trust in the Lord Christ Jesus and be saved, everybody! ISAIAH 46:9-10 I am God, there is no other, I am God, and there is no one like me; I reveal the end from the beginning, from ancient times I reveal what is to be: I say, "My purpose shall take effect, I will accomplish all that I please."]

Co. (Buisness Card)

Contact Information

Phone Number =

Address =

Website = [www.jesus-saves-all.com]

If there is an error in which the phone number, address, or website is at a mistaken address on the information above, then please contact us using our phone number, address or website one the information above.



I got my attendance at


(This font is metALL the fashion these days)

(If you want to see all of the comments that look at the page underneath this page) (Down, Down Down!)

Notes to Myself

- Try to make a new style of writing every day

- Make sure to try and do these EVERY DAY

- Seriously, , do them every day

- Seriously


gYou had some very cool graphic effects!h –

Thanks! –


gHowfd you make all of those pictures?h –

I used Photoshop to edit all of the images in the PowerPoint Slide. –


gIfm not trying to hurt anybody elsefs feelings, but yourfs was very impressive, an EPIC.h –

gThanks!h –


gWow! You msut have worked really hard on that!h –

gIt sure did take a long time to make!h –

gItfs Great!h – Other Teacher (I guess now itfs GREYt, get it?)

Hi! I see we meet once more. Its feeling grey here today.



JAN 10, 2015

Last Night

Last Night we were on a DANCE MANIA! We danced for 4 HOURS NON STOP. I was very sweaty after all of that dancing. On the bright side, I made A LOT of new songs. Herefs a List of a few examples of them. [Dancing as in a form of exercise, it motivates me to persevere for the Lord and survive. ISAIAH 48:10 See, I have refined you ... I have tested you in the furnace of affliction. (NIV)

(Nice Black to White Gradient Touch)

(The List is on the next Page)

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(The List is on the next Page

(The List is on the next Page)


List Co.


1. Tiredness MAX (MAXIMUM TIRED)


2. Le Lawnmower

Picture = doing the Lawnmower downwards with no legs.

Dance = doing the Lawnmower.


List Co. gWe make listsh


When I woke up While we were getting ready, we discovered Siri, a computer that would respond to any question you ask it. The first question that we asked it was gHello Sirih Then gTell me a STORY!h

(Story Time!)

Right Now = Ifm doing my work. (Obviously)


Hello Again! Been seeing you around here!






(Hi Again)




(And Again)



(AndcWellc you get my point here.) (Hi!)


Why are you down here? The Entry is ABOVE!

Journal Entry 23

Jan 12, 2015


(Bzzzt) Incoming broadcast,



As you read this journal entry, remember the howls of the winds. can be heard as the air streaks your face. gTheycArecApproachingh says a mysterious voice. Then, the voice fades away.

- gDeeper than the Oceanh –The Poets


gIfm a poet and I donft even know it!h

Probably the best one-line poem in the entire of the UNIVERSE

[Universal Salvation. Jesus Christ will save all people. Christian Universalism is true. All will believe in Christ Jesus by faith alone. ISAIAH 55:1, 3, 5, 8-11 "Come, all you who are thirsty ...I will make an everlasting covenant with you ... Surely you will summon nations you know not, and nations that do not know you will hasten to you, because of the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel]


EXTREMLY HARD. It was very challenging because I had just discovered new things right before I did

Lunch (ITfS OVER 9000!)

At Lunch, I ate food. (OBVIOUSLY!)


Digital Technology

Digital Technology, we started working on a new type of technology, HTML (Hyper Text MakeUp Language). That basically means that we worked on creating our own web sites. After I went through some of the tutorials, we went to the (Hyper Hyper HYPER LINK!)

[This is the first time I learned how to use HTML. Yep, the same HTML that this whole website is written from. Though, I type these on Word and convert them to HTML files that I put all together all connecting back to the homepage, an index.html. The Lord finishes what He starts, and He will save all the creation that He started, finishing them by wrapping them all with the Holy Spirit, all will be believers in faith alone in Jesus Christ amen.]

gDigital Technology, where the future is NOW!h

Journal Entry 24

Jan 13, 2015


Poets o

The forgotten souls, lost and fretful ones, grow weary As though in a new state of living, has no known weakness to this day. The apocalypse has already begun. [The Lord does not forget about souls, rather, all shall be returned to Christ Jesus and believe in Him as their saviour, the departed in Sheol will be saved, all people will become believers in Jesus Christ by faith alone and go to Heaven. JEREMIAH 32:27, 32, 37, 40 I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?... I will never stop doing good to them.]

gDeeper than the Oceanh – Poets of




Ads Everywhere

Ads Everywhere!


ADS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Water you waiting for? Drink MORE water!

Digital Technology

Digital Technology, I continued doing HTML. Theyfre extremely long. Ifve already put more than 2 hours into those lessons. but its yet to be completed. (


Daily Journal Entry 24

Jan 14, 2015


The Poets

The rose petals gracefully fell of the bouquet as the masquerading guests danced through the night. At the stroke of midnight, a strange occurrence occurred. The moon turned into and engulfed the ballroom. Everything vanished.

gDeeper than the Oceanh –The Poets

[The Lordfs love and compassion towards all of humanity is deeper than the ocean. Christ Jesus our Lord of Lords will save every person in existence. The entire world will guaranteed become believers in Jesus Christ and be saved! This is true! Amen, truly. EZEKIEL 37:12 I will open your graves and bring you up from them, and restore you to the land of Israel . You shall know that I am the Lord, when I open your graves and bring you up from them, 0 my people.]


At Lunch I ate Lunch. (Really? I gNEVERh knew!)


After I ate lunch



Digital Technology

We received our Instructions

HTML = Make Your Own Website

Scratch! I chose to work on Scratch because I was very good at it. (Ifm pretty good at scripting) I also had a part of a project pre made that I already did

Journal Entry 25

Jan 15, 2015



01100011 01101111 01101110 01110100 01110010 01101111 01101100

Internal ERROR. Contact service provider!


At Lunch I ate food stuffs

(Based on the food stuffs I saw on

00110000 00110001 00110000 00110000 00110001 00110000 00110000 00110000 00100000 00110000 00110001 00110001 00110000 00110001 00110000 00110000 00110001 00100000 00110000 00110000 00110001 00110000 00110000 00110000 00110000 00110001 00100000

Journal Entry 26

Jan 17, 2015


- running out of time for this. (Poem)


(Welcome to TYPO LAND!)

(A land where all of your ANTI-GRAMMER DREAMS COME TRUE!)

(Typos, typos everywhere)

(These notes are SO CREATIVE!)


At lunch I ATE MEAT WITH VEGETABLES (not obviously?)

During Digital Technolgoy, I worked on my HTML Now Ifm writing code so Ifm writing this journal entry at brewak neck speeds, ithats wehy the writing looks a little weird in some palces opf the netry.


You can realty tell THART IfM RUSHNIG WITHN All of thwesde4

(Hi! Hello!)

Journal Entry 27

Jan 19 2015

(Insert Empty Space Here) Never mind, I already did that

DUH DUH DUH (Dramatic Scene Enters) (DRAMA!)

(Busy Level = 9001) (ITfS OVER 9000!)

222 2222 Great Pizzas for a great price


At lucn I , obviously, ate lunch

(Did you eat, PIZZA!) (No)

Digital Technology (Cool Mistake Typo)

At Digital Technology, I worked on my HTML. Ifm doing the HTML because itfs what is majorily going to be on the Digital Technology.

I didnft finish it, so Ifm going to finish it at homecif I have time. Outrageously Busy At The Moment.



(Hi!) (They sure are busy up there!) (Ifm glad that Ifm not doing it though)

Journal Entry 28

Jan 20 2015



and my hand was aching like crazy.

More Stress

Word of the day = stress.


At lunch I ate food

Definition = Work

Digitla Technology

At Digital Technolgoy, we, sadly

Madness, Insanity


Will I ever get it back?



(Whoops, I forgot to remove my caps-lock)

Why do bad things always happen to me?

The only fun I have is Scratch, yet, I donft even have time for that.

[That was from 2015. Itfs now 2022 and Ifm still working until 10:00 PM. Yet the Lord upholds me and Ifm asked gWhatfs that?h by a family member when Ifm working on this, but I do it because Jesus Christ loves me and I love Him and I tell you all the truth that Jesus Christ will save every person in the whole world. We will all finally be happy, finally, I want to experience happiness, please my Lord, I beg of you, deliver all the people in the world from their suffering, as you do with mine. All will have faith in the Lord Christ and thus be saved, this is true. Everyone will guaranteed go to Heaven no matter what, all will have faith alone in Jesus Christ and be saved, amen. HOSEA 6:1 Come, let us return to the Lord; for he has torn us and will heal us, he has struck us and he will bind up our wounds. ( NEB )].



Hello! He sure is stressed with all his work. I better not bother him for now.

[Good timing, thatfs the end, itfs already 11:20 PM for me so good timing to sleep. But thatfs all the Journal Entries I could find from my USB, so I hope these helped you all in some way. HABAKKUK 2:3 The revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay. (NIV)]