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To answer your question, I don’t think premarital sex is inherently sinful. So it’s the same way I see being a lesbian, as in, not inherently sinful either (I mean, I am a lesbian after all...)

Whether or not a person wants to wait until after marriage is their own personal choice. The issue is when those who view all premarital as a sin (typically conservative puritans) use that view as an excuse to behave in a hostile and toxic way towards others.

And I think that’s why you could be affected by guilt. The reason why they espouse this viewpoint is because in their own insecurity, they want to feel “morally superior” to others. They want to go “See I’m not that bad, look at X group!” which only encourages further discrimination which I think Jesus would be against. In fact, much of Christ’s rebuke was towards the religious moral authoritarian leaders of the NT.

[Matthew 23:3-5]

Matthew 23:3-5 NRSVue therefore, do whatever they teach you and follow it, but do not do as they do, for they do not practice what they teach. 4 They tie up heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on the shoulders of others, but they themselves are unwilling to lift a finger to move them. 5 They do all their deeds to be seen by others, for they make their phylacteries broad and their fringes long.

Essentially, they hold their viewpoint because they want to be seen by others, to be seen as better than others. And thus, they want the other party to feel guilty, hence the “heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on the shoulders of others”.

my thought process is "why's God keeping them there. if infernalism, why not torture them already forever. if annihlationism, why not destroy them permanently already?"

2 Peter 2:4 (YLT) For if God messengers who sinned did not spare, but with chains of thick gloom, having cast [them] down to Tartarus, did deliver [them] to judgment, having been reserved,

NRSVue, while a cool translation, unfortunately uses the word “hell” here even tho it doesn’t exist in the Bible (it’s a place in norse mythology more accurately)


I definitely believe in Monism, not Dualism


In theology, dualism is the theory that there are two supreme forces that govern the universe, good and evil. This is in opposition to monism, which posits that there is only one supreme being.


huh... actually that's a good way of putting it. if a traditionally depicted humanoid angel appeared, it might actually be more likely to be a demon in disguise that's just playing off of pop culture representation

an actual angel probably wouldn't care about that and would just show up like they've done in the past, with a buncha eyes looking like

but then again, angels could also show up looking like humans. So really, it’s hard to predict whether it’s a demon in disguise or not and multiple theories exist.


i thought if i was just more masculine for my mom, if i kept my beard, if i acted like a tough strong "man" that i would somehow get her to respect me

but she didn't

and i feel like i lost years of my life trying to suck up to her

so i don't want you falling for that too my friend

augghhh fuck, what you mention really reminds me of my abusive mother. i'm lucky to have been writing down quotes of what she's told me, but one from Jan 1st 2018 “Be a man, stop being so emotional you girl”. Then on Dec 15 2023 where she said "If papa passes away then you're gonna be the father. The man in the house ok. "

about 5 years later and she still treated me like shit

no matter how much i tried to "be a man" to her

you are not a failure here, they have failed you

i mean i was going to call child protective services on my mom

i didn't at the time

but then when i ran out of the house i ended up calling 911 on her anyways

so it's like fuck, i could have just called the police sooner

since i was gonna end up calling them anyways

all they had to do was not abuse their child. they definitely fucked up majorly

Imagine thinking people are weak minded just because they use language of the common people

Alright I’m back. I posted a Simpsons meme that said “fucky wucky” and a user started breaking rules because they didn’t like the word fuck (maybe you can call that a fucky wucky lol).

Anyways, when I was in elementary school, I wanted to wear women’s clothes. Years ago I wanted to be a girl. But I still didn’t know what being trans even meant. I don’t remember learning about it on school.

For years my abusive mother would tell me to fit into a concept of toxic masculinity, to “be a man”. I didn’t even know I was being abused, so I would force myself to be like that for her, thinking that she would show me love for it in return. She never did. My mother would stop me from making IRL friends. She tried to even ban my sister from all sleepovers, literally. So my sister has remained my IRL friend.

So as a Christian Universalist, I joined this server Dec 6 2022. Took me a while to open up. Then on August 26th 2023 I talked about how I wanted to be a girl. I eventually realized that I was being abused this whole time. So I spent months researching what being trans was.

Then on Dec 14 2023 I realized that after I was described as a mother to my sister, which was a feminine term, that I wanted to add “she/her” to my pronouns. A day later, I realized I enjoyed being called “she/her” so much that I decided to come out as a transfemme. Then later as a transgirl.

I asked on this server help for buying a razor.

My mom wanted me to keep my facial hair because she said if I shaved it, it would get all spiky. So I decided, to be more like myself, I would buy a shaver to shave it off. But, when I wasn’t looking, my mother stole my razor from me. She also stole the women’s clothing I bought.

So I vented about it in the server and after talking, I realized that I had to go No Contact with her. So I was preparing my belongings, planning to leave in a few months. But suddenly, my mother found my belongings and locked me in my room. I told this server and they said to call 911 so I did.

I was able to escape and with the bags ran in a random direction. I then became homeless. Eventually, I found a place to stay at my aunt’s house. I was happy. But then, while I was typing on this Discord server, I looked to the side of my screen and my mother was standing there. So I tried to escape, but I was locked inside the house, and then locked inside the basement. After this, I went No Contact with my mother and father, yet I’m still in the house of my abusive mother. I’ve been able to dress more feminine and I just got a job after job hunting for a while. I’ll need a record of employment in order to rent an apartment and move out, but eventually I will escape.

what's weird to me is when men want to be masculine by "not showing emotion" like, wtf, you're cutting out a whole aspect of the human experience

not showing any emotion at all just sounds miserable, regardless of gender


there are some psychologists which speculate the masculinity is aligned more with agentic and feminity is aligned more with communal, but it's just a theory. i'd say "a game theory" but then i realized matpat is leaving game theory and that has me like (sad face). so under this model, since giving people advice is more associated with task functioning, then they would associate it with masculinity. and since feminity is about emotionally comforting people, it's more associated with social functioning. that's just their speculation tho.

honestly a lot of masculinity vs feminity is really vague

people like to come up with a bunch of theories, but like oliver said, it's up to you to define it

i don't think that's something that needs to be "fixed" tbh. gender expression varies between different cultures, that's why there's stereotypes

God is agape love 1 John 4:16 and there is no fear in agape love. 1 John 4:18

It's not the Holy Spirit if there's fear

I guess a person could go from the perspective that it might be harmful to God, or it might be harmful to God's plan... but things could get tricky defining it

I like to go with the definition of sin as any violation of God's law

But again, what counts as a violation or not

Cause Leviticus certainly had a lot of uhhhh... "unique" laws, let's just put it like that, but then, breaking those laws counted as "sin". So it's definitely interesting

I've called the police 3 times. 1st was to report my mother for abuse, 2nd was to try to find my stolen phone, 3rd was to inform them of someone screaming loudly in distress that I heard outside

3rd time obviously idk what happened, but the first two times they didn't really do much

Tbh part of me wants to move somewhere else cuz the wait time to get HRT is 1 to 2 years :blob_nosleep: (and I'm still trying to get on the waitlist)


Sin being harmful is inherent to it's definition

All sin is harmful

The same God that said to not eat pork Leviticus 11:7 and then declared all food clean Mark 7: 18- 19

leviticus 18:22. answers like: ban on anal sex, leviticus law only for israelites under moses, זָכָ֔ר (zā·ḵār) referring to male as condemnation for pedophilia (child is used in Leviticus 12:7 with zakar as well), we're no longer under bound under same OT law as per NT, abomination in Leviticus referring to more so social paranoia like modern idea of not walking under a ladder, leviticus has very specific stuff like not wearing mixed fabrics, etc.