ďThen youíre gonna tell your story. Iím really. Ö Iím really feel sorry ÖI donít even know you will find a job. I donít even know if youíre Ö I donít know. I have a bad feeling about that. ď my mother says on Aug 25 2023 at around 1:23 PM. Behold, here are some of the events that happened on this day, the time is 1:59 PM now.



Isaiah 54:13 DRB All thy children shall be taught of the Lord: and great shall be the peace of thy children.


I reply to her saying that we should not judge people based on their physical appearance, like their age.

John 7:24 ESV Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.Ē


My mother comes downstairs and tells me ďThereís something weird about you that I noticed. Youíre like those people that are delusional, they think.Ē


My mother declares that I will end up in the mental hospital in the future. That there will be at least another there who also recites Bible verses too and we will talk with each other. I tell her that I donít see anything inherently wrong with that, since itís just Bible study.

My mother says that I will be injected with something that calms me down. And that I will die in the mental hospital. She tells me that she wonít even visit, that she wonít even tell my family because itís embarrassing, an embarrassment .


I tell her that I will continue to spread my handwritten Bible verses. The reason she tells me these things is because she wants to stop me from promoting the good news of Jesus Christ in this way. What do I write on these papers? Something like, to believe in Jesus Christ with faith alone to gain permanent life, thus all will be saved. 1 Cor 13:8 Love never fails.


I recently added my email based on what a pastor said, saying that it was good that I answered people questions, like through email. That way, thereís 2-way communication. But my mother does not want me to include my email on these papers that I write.


ďYou have to follow your mom. Follow me. You have to follow me.Ē my mother says to my sister upstairs.


ďYouíre giving that scenario when you did not really tell the backstory and then theyíre gonna say to youĒ my mother says

But I tell my mother that when I make these posts, she is aware of these ones, that I give the backstory. I tell you, readers, that I spread my handwritten Bible verses in public and my mother does not want me to do this because she thinks that I will be blacklisted from work. She tells me today that I can appear on the news because of what I do, that any company that I work for will lay me off, they will terminate my employment with them. I asked what the company would do in response to if the media were to say that I worked previously at the company, and my mother tells me that the company will deny that I work with them.


ďAnd donít communicate with those people because theyíre not giving you the right advice. 16 years old 15 year old that youíre asking. Hello! And you cannot figure that out? This person telling you the right thing or not, you cannot figure that out. You donít know which is bad and which is good anymore, because what, you are leading to destruction already. The way I see it, [name] has more logic than you. Imagine. Imagine that. [name] even though heís notÖ he has more logic. I canít believe that [name] has more logic than you. Aye aye aye. [name] is more knowledgeable. You know. But he has logic. He did not lose his mind totally.† You are just like. Putin thinks that what heís doing is good, to remove all the evils in the world. So he started the war. He thinks thatís the right thing to do. He thinks his god is telling him to do that. So, itís just you. Youíre understanding is wrong. At least Putin has become a president at least. He did not get himself down, he did not become a bum on the street, you know. Thatís the difference between you. You are not educated. Putin is crazy, but he is at least a mansion, all these richness in the world. Youíre like a different version of Putin. You are poor because even PutinÖ doing such things. At least before, he became successful in life you know. But you, you havenít attained that. Youíre already poor. Right away. Right away. Before you even find a job, but at least Putin he reaches. But you. Youíre like Putin, but Putin is intelligent. He did not let himself down, really. Study. He studied. He attained higher education. But you you have not. You will become the same thing, whereís your moral, no respect for others, nothing. You have no morals. Same thing as you. Whereís your moral there? And he thinks he has moral. Thatís what heís thinking. Youíre thinking youíre doing good deeds. So, thatís the difference. Thatís why Iím telling you right things. Also telling you right things to do and you donít want to accept anyways, whereís your morals? Whereís your moral. And then soon Ö work forÖ if your company tells you do not do this and you keep doing that youíre like Putin, thinking what youíre doing is right. Ö your wrong. So youíre no difference. No different. But youíre the lower, the lower, youíre poor and heís rich. Thatís the difference, he has education, and you donít and he did not let himself down in the beginning, but heís going. What will happen to him because heís not listening to authority anymore? He will become poor at the end, he will die. At the end, he will become what, if ever he become capture, Ö jail. [toilet flush sound effect] Heís going to his own self destruction, same thing with you. The only difference. You go straight to being a bum on the street, crazy person. But Putin, before he became crazy, he reached his goal to become president. But because he has no guidance, no guidance from God anymore, he has no guidance, look what happened. Itís chaos, heís creating. He also believes in the Bible. Okay. So, thatís what Iím telling you. Youíre not listening to me. Look. Look at your mind. Look. Where is your mind. Youíre insane already, you cannot remember what youíre doing anymore. Ö Look at yourself. You donít understand. Ö Thatís what you will become in the future, you cannot do your job. Then they will. You canít. Youíre. †Exactly what Iím. ď

my mother tells me from upstairs, I type her words as she tells them from me downstairs.



I said to her verbally this Bible verse. She came downstairs and saw this screen:


Proverbs 28:6 NLT Better to be poor and honest than to be dishonest and rich.

She clicked the button in the middle of the bottom edge of this TV to try to turn it off, but she would have had to have click it again I think to turn it completely off, then that power off menu disappeared over time.

I also read her this quote:


Proverbs 19:1 TLV Better to be poor, walking with integrity, than be a fool whose lips are corrupt.



ďBut you donít have intelligent person to talk to. These people are all minors and they donít know any better. Thatís why, you should not communicate with minors, you donít know them. I feel sorry for you.Ē my mother says

Itís ridiculous to believe that every single person that I talk to is a minor. There are roles on servers, like on the Christian Universalist chat, where there are people who have the role of literally not being a minor, like those who are above the age of 18 years old and I talk to them regularly. Iíve even been on Zoom Calls where there have been people who talked about Christian Universalism.

As well, there are certainly minors who are intelligent, very intelligent. Just because a person is young does not mean that they are not smart! Again, we must not judge people based on their physical appearance like their age when it comes to having intelligent discussions with them. If a person will ignore everything a minor says, just because of that personís age, that they wonít even consider any suggestions or advice they give, then that person is making a mistake.