Daily Verse Version:


Today, July 28 2023, my mother sees my writings about the murderous Iglesia Ni Cristo and gets angry. She wants me to remove it. She shouts at me, calling me disobedient, disrespectful, selfish, uncaring, the one who will bring down this family, because I expose the INCís sins.


My mother tells me she does not love me. I tell her I love her and tell her this Bible verse I memorized: John 17:17 Sanctify them in truth, your word is truth. My mother warns me that I will end up in a mental hospital. She says Iím like a robot, like Google, to not believe people on the Internet who talk about the Bible.


She tells me I will be fired from my job. Suddenly, (I believe this is predetermined fate) my boss calls me on my phone. Panicked, I answer, and I type this as he talks. This feels like a scripted event, a cutscene. Like Iím an actor playing my part. Because in the past she desired to have me fired from my previous job, and behold, my employment was terminated on her birthday.


She has told me in the past that it does not matter what religion a person has as long as they are a good person who does good works. This is false! We must believe in Jesus Christ to be saved! He is the only way to Heaven!


```Deuteronomy 13:1-3 CSB ďIf a prophet or someone who has dreams arises among you and proclaims a sign or wonder to you, and that sign or wonder he has promised you comes about, but he says, ĎLetís follow other gods,í which you have not known, Ďand letís worship them,í do not listen to that prophetís words or to that dreamer. For the LORD your God is testing you to know whether you love the LORD your God with all your heart and all your soul.Ē ```


My mother tells me I will end up dead if I continue to talk to people online about the Bible and if I continue to physically write Bible verses on paper. She tells me if I stop, I will live a long and happy life with my family. What do I choose? I choose to not stop promoting the Biblical truth of Christian Universalism, that all shall believe in Jesus Christ and that all shall be saved.


My mother tells me she can see the future, that itís not just a prediction, but something she knows will happen, like the phone call from my boss today. She says she will tell me about the bad thing when itís already happened. That she will write down what will happen before the bad event on a piece of paper and then reveal it to me after the bad event.


My mother says that all my friends will be laughing at me because they are successful. ďYou fool. There is your being foolishness.Ē she tells me.



July 28 2023

My mother tells me that I donít know whatís good and whatís bad. My mother says that everyone already knows about it [the evil Iglesia Ni Cristo], like her relatives, however I must still expose this evil. She has screamed at me for many many years and I forgive her.


My mother says quote: ďI feel sorry. Youíre overdoing it. I donít like you writing about the church. Iím telling you. ď


She says something like, do you think you are righteous because you do this? I reply something like, I am a sinner who has committed many wrongdoings. My mother replies, yes we all are.


As my mother leaves I tell to her ďGod blessĒ


My mother tells me that there is a doctor who has years of experience who helps a patient, but the patient goes online to get their health information instead. She tells me to not talk to strangers offline, and that includes strangers online. My friends on these Christian Forums, I will continue speaking with you. Because, like I told me mother, did not the disciples help the strangers? If we are to go ďStranger DangerĒ with all strangers, then tell me, who is there thatís left for us to help, to evangelize too, to pray for, to support in the name of Christ?


ďYou are not listening to meĒ she tells me, which is ironic, since I am listening to her. But because it is the Will of The Father that I continue promoting Christianity online and offline, I cannot obey her command to stop doing those things. He takes superiority, authority, over my earthly parent.


My mother looks at me with wide eyes and tells me that I will be manipulated to kill someone. I reply to her that murder is a sin. Truly, the oneís who are most susceptible to manipulation by the Devil are those who do not read the Bible at all, because how can they know what is good and what is evil?

Exodus 20:13 ESV You shall not murder.


My mother asks how I can be a leader, how I can lead the household. This refers to the fact that we are worried she may have breast cancer and may die, due to the results of her mammogram, so she tells me this because I am the first born male and our earthly father is not that involved in house hold activities. The way I feel is, Iím just an ordinary average person, so I can help out in whatever role the LORD gives to me. Letís not think about titles so much, but rather, just do the best we can do in our given situations my friends!


My mother tells me itís not too late to change my action. ďItís not too lateÖ you have to change and I will forgive you.Ē Even still, I already forgive her for her actions. I love her and care for her. Itís why I feel I can handle it when thereís pushback against Christian Universalism from people online, like on ChristianityBoard, CityData, ChristianForums.net, etc. Iím already familiar with those feelings by talking to my mother regularly about Christianity.