Interesting timing for your message that I just saw today, March 30th 2023. Today, I received a Bible that was the color purple that I ordered on a bookseller website. It arrived at the Canada Post. One of my friends who has a PhD was wearing a purple jersey today too! What does the P stand for, purple? Lol. Anyways, he spoke to me 1-on-1 and offered me an incredible opportunity to help him in his academic paper research! I think the Bible gave me good luck.


I canft give too many details. He mentioned how he had received a scholarly grant and will be meeting with his research team tomorrow, so I should be receiving an email later tomorrow. He said how hefs supposed to post the application online first to let other people apply, but he already recommends me to the position. I think itfs an advantage that hefs also the person who interviews candidates XD


In that same building, they have a public computer lab. I think Roblox has hardware banned or poison banned me? Because, on either one of my laptops Ifm unable to make any accounts. It shows an error. Itfs advanced tech, to be potentially detecting my machine specs.


Luckily, I found multiple public computers that I used to create around 30 more accounts (until I had an error that prevented me from creating more accounts on that computer). Ifve had a dozen banned already for spreading the Gospel on Free Draw, so those should last me a while. Ifve even bought 5 accounts for bulk for a cheap low price from an online seller.


I never thought things would expand this much lol. I used to have one Roblox application I would manually use. Now I can have 4 accounts running at the same time with anti-AFK tech that prevents them from being kicked after 20 minutes of inactivity. Been coding C#, Java, HTML, etc when I was younger, so itfs a lot fun.


Yeah, Abby Lee Miller, I was surprised to see that she genuinely got arrested! Like, an actual court sentence. I feel like her wrong doings have caught up to her, such as emotionally hurting children. The Lord is very strict when it comes to protecting kids, so whoever hurts a child has a huge consequence in store for them.

Genesis 18:19 For I have chosen him, that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing righteousness and justice


Hell is both a mistranslation and a misinterpretation of the Bible. Two views that exist for Hell are as followings. As a disclaimer, even Strongfs Concordance can have errors, due to being written by a mere human translator (James Strong, 1890).


 Ifve included the parts I believe are correct.


1) Eternal Conscious Torment (ECT).

This is the false belief that people who do not believe in Christ before they die are endlessly tortured in Hell. The truth is Universal Reconciliation, all who die before believing in Jesus will go to Sheol/Hades, and they will eventually choose to believe in Christ and be permanently saved.


First off, eternal does not mean forever, it means pertaining to an age. We are in the age of sin, and we will all enter the age of no sin. As all people will have faith alone in Christ and be saved.

aiónios: agelong, eternal

Original Word: ἰώ˃ǃς, ί, ǃ̓

Part of Speech: Adjective

Transliteration: aiónios

Phonetic Spelling: (ahee-o'-nee-os)

Definition: agelong, eternal

Usage: age-long, and therefore: practically eternal, partaking of the character of that which lasts for an age


We can determine that eternal does not mean endless because gAionh was the name of a god from Greek mythology.


In English, aion is close to geonh meaning a temporary age. Temporary, not endless.


As such, Eternal Concious Torment Hell does not appear in the New Testatment at all.


In Hebrew, itfs connected to golamh.

5769. olam

Strong's Concordance

olam: long duration, antiquity, futurity

Original Word: עוֹלָם

Part of Speech: Noun Masculine

Transliteration: olam

Phonetic Spelling: (o-lawm')

Definition: long duration, antiquity, futurity


Herefs a Hebrew word study that goes into more detail.


A great quote from that is gThe simple, basic truth is that Classical Hebrew, the Hebrew of the Old Testament Scriptures, has no term that carries the concept of "eternity." There are phrases that carry this concept, such as "without end," but there is not a single word that carries the concept of eternity as there is in English.h


As such, Eternal Concious Torment Hell does not appear in the Old Testatment at all.


Therefore, Eternal Concious Torment Hell does not appear in the Bible at all.


2) Annihilationism aka Conditional Immortality.


This is the false belief that those who do not believe in Christ in this life are permanently destroyed in Hell. This contradicts Bible scripture which says


Psalm 138:8 The Lord will accomplish His purpose for me. Thy true love, 0 Lord, endures for ever, leave not thy work unfinished.


The Lord always finishes what He starts. Imagine the waste, creating a human, and then destroying them?


EZEKIEL 18:23 Have I any desire, says the Lord God, for the death of a wicked man? Will I not rather that he should mend his ways and live?


God is a God of Life, the Lord of the Living. He does not desire death. He desires to have all people be washed of their sins and be saved. Therefore, neither will His desire be unfinished.


Those are the two false versions of Hell debunked. Itfs essentially getting a concept from Greek mythology and putting it in the Bible. Itfs both a mistranslation and a misinterpretation.