Oh yeah, I'm back btw. Was busy with a lot of real life family events for a while. Then technical issues with my PC's display. And surprisingly, a person who claims to be a famous Roblox Youtuber (they sent me a screenshot of what appears to be them editing their channel) directly messaged me on Reddit about Christianity after I called them out for trying to scam children.


Now my own biological mother is trying to stop me from writing Bible verses and spreading them in public, as well as trying to prevent me from talking about Christian Universalism online. Definitely a challenge, but I will still continue.


Here's a comment I found from one Redditor


Start quote "Fictionpress has a clunky interface; it's not easy to use; it's not a particularly nice reading experience; and so many stories go up that yours will disappear off the front page within six hours or so, thus severely limiting any kind of discover-ability." End quote


Personally, the advice I can give is this. If you have a Word Document, you can export it as a Web Page, Filtered (*htm;*.html). to make your own copy.


The problem I've had with Web Hosts, and I assume with third-party publishers is censorship. You have to be careful because they may remove what you right, like a falsified copyright infringement takedown, a DDOS


Even if you may personally feel like you are "trash", I do not view you that way, the Lord also values you more than sparrows Matthew 10:31


I understand your fear though. When I was younger, I had intense fear of hell. I would always worry about relapsing into that mindset, as I'm someone who thinks of things quite obsessively.


One psychological strategy that helped me was the Havening Technique. Biologically, when we see physical danger, we look around us. If a hunter in the past was worried that a tiger would attack them, they would rotate their head, search around. So, I would imagine my fear and then turn my neck to the left, right... up and down, moving my eyes and scanning my surroundings. This tells my brain biologically that the threat is not there, so there's no reason to be afraid.


Perhaps, this technique could help you in overcoming temptation. You can also pray with your eyes open during this for God to release you from your temptations. Personally, I pray that you are protected by these temptations of sexual immorality.


Mark 14:38 Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak. (KJB)


It is good to honor your parents, as I do. Ephesians 6:2 But know that, there may be times where a parent may command you to do something that the Lord is against. Such as in my case, where my mother commands me to not evangelize Christianity. Even though my own mother, my parent, is against me writing Bible verses, I know that my parent, Our Father in Heaven, supports me in writing Bible verses. He takes priority.


Because you read the Bible and pray to resist the temptation of sexual immorality, you will receive rewards of godliness, as a believer in Christ. Even the richest people in the world, who actively manages many businesses, gains nothing if they have nothing in Christ. My friend, truly, you do better than them.


When playing Mega Man, [the fictional aka fake video game series] I assume you may be worried about the sin of murder.


What is the sin of murder? It is unlawful killing. There have been many times in the Bible where the LORD God has commanded people to kill others. He cannot sin, therefore, one can kill without murder.


Many of the enemies are mechanical or robots. If I take apart my computer, that's not killing.


Dr Wiley is trying to take over the world with his robots through the use of violence, so destroying these robots, even though they are not your property, serves as protecting people in the world, which can be good.



The villains wiki is a useful encyclopedia. Here it states that his crimes are "Unethical experimentation, Kidnapping, Mass murder, Terrorism" all of which are sins! By stopping Dr. Wiley you are stopping sins, which is good! Now... what method has God used to stop sin. By destroying and killing:


Deuteronomy 20:16-18

Destruction of the Canaanites

16 “You are not to leave even one person alive in the cities of these nations that the Lord your God is about to give you as an inheritance.  17 You must completely destroy the Hittites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites, just as the Lord your God commanded you,


The typical Mega Man select screen has 9 options, Dr. Wiley in the middle, with different "Man"s surrounding him. A man is a descendent of Adam, who had the breath of life breathed into Him. How can Dr. Wiley mimic this "breath of life"? Which of his robots are made from dust from the ground? Which ones have nostrils, or even a nose?


Genesis 2:7 Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature. (ESV)


Imagine those "Man"s as the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, Jebusites. The LORD God commanded them to be completely destroyed. So if that Bible verse were like a level in a video game, even killing all the enemies would be good, as the Lord commands it.


Violence is evil Psalm 11:5, yet the LORD God cannot commit evil nor can He commit violence. Therefore, the destruction of these nations, killing their people, was not violent.


What is violence? Violence is defined as "physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing,". Therefore, if a person kills to violate God's law, it is sin. If a man damages in a way that breaks the Lord's commandments, it is sin. If anyone abuses another in hate, that is sin.


Thus, when you play the video game Mega Man, imagine love. Love means to stop evil, to act with justice. To stop Dr. Wiley from taking over the world is acting with justice, and therefore love.


The Lord blesses you with this love my friend, have an amazing day! :D