Believe in Jesus Christ to be made permanently clean of all sins, all people will. Christ was killed, buried and risen to pay for all sins.

Psalm 122:7 NRSVue  Peace be within your walls and security within your towers.”


Typing today on road trip with family away from house, safety. Murderous Iglesia Ni Cristo has been to our physical address.


“Are we there yet?” is a common road trip saying. Everyone will reach the destination called Heaven as all will believe in LORD Jesus Christ; He is the only road to paradise.




Spread Gospel of Christian Universalism at the town called Winnipeg Beach. On the sand, at the carnival, the fair, inside of the portable washroom stall at the parking lot selling booths, with my handwritten Bible verse papers. They say to believe in Jesus Chrisy to be saved and that all shall thus be saved.


Reminded me of Ai-kon with fictional aka fake anime series I enjoy like Demon Slayer, Pokemon, Overlord (Albedo), 


I collected rocks close to the water, like those with sparkly minerals inside that glimmer in the sunlight. Let us convert people to Christianity, who’s souls are much more valuable than even the most precious shiny stones.


Gimli is around 14 km from Winnipeg Beach. Close by is Sandy Hook where my relatives on my father’s side are having their house built since they want to live somewhere rural not in city. They already paid certain amount of money.

But the builder stopped working so it’s at standstill. Foundations are up but that’s about it, it’s stuck incomplete. Since another person may like to hunt there so they don’t want houses in the area. Let us have faith in the completed house in Heaven prepared by the hands of the LORD for each and every person in existence


Driving past the Gimli sign it says “Your place in the sun”. They call me Harold Samson, Samson meaning “man of the sun” Samson (/ˈsæmsən/; Hebrew: שִׁמְשׁוֹן Šimšōn,enemies%20and%20perform%20herioc%20feats.


Gimli Beach and Winnipeg Beach are both on the western shore of Lake Winnipeg.


There was a person on the boardwalk wo gave my father a flyer paper about


Since I also promote my own website by handing out physical papers to others (though mine are handwritten not printed) I decided to check it out Going to the page redirects to the following link:


Gimli glider didnt have enough fuel to land in winnipeg, landed without fuel. Short run way here, pilot landed it did not hit kids in bike. Painted mural of it at Gimli Beach. Did fuel conversion imperial to metric or vice versa and got it wrong.


Folk Festival, Fringe Festival, Jazz Festival

Portage la Prarie Festival

Corn and Apple Festival

Icelandic festival gimli

Usually festival to celebrate the harvest


Gimli International Film Festival RBC Sunset Screening with screen projecting on beach showing movie Top Gun 1986. Then drove to Selkirk town.


Around 210 km now that we’re back in garage.

saturday july 29 gimli


country with free university,of%20their%20country%20of%20origin.


july 30 PS4 summer sale had a lot of sales for games so got  demon slayer fighting game elden ring, sekiro, plants vs zombies garden warfare. saved like 40% of price around there overall

total i paid was around 200 CAD but without sale it would have been 350 CAD


ps4 only show play station plus games in search


since i dont have playstation plus. ok just updated my system software. 


ok now the search results work as normal and it feels like it runs much faster too which is good


ps4 games bot shoeing in libraru nor in downloads. settings > account management > restore licenses. ok they show up on not installed


also got here already ff7 remake, gravity rush 2, gravity rush remastered, marvels spider man, persona 3 dancing in moonlight, persona 4 dabxing all night, persona 5 royal, persona 5 strikers, bonus content, persona 5 dancing in starlight, touhou double focus, touhou genso rondo, sharefactory, youtube


since sister wanted to give sekiro poster to friend ehibknew game alongside elden ring but decided not to give it so we go ibti franchise so we know what it is


one girl in elden ring i remember has the same voice actor as mio from xenoblade chronicles 3