Post Millenialism = Christ AD70 Second Coming After Millenium 1000 Years

Pre Millenialism = Christ AD70 Second Coming Before Millenium 1000 Years




Thanks for the link. Part of the beginning and end of it, got cut off, but luckily I was able to recover it as this:


He starts with Matthew 25:31 and shows a parallel to Revelation 20. Timestamp 9:03 he mentions that there are those who view Rev 20 as being fulfilled in AD 70:1-4.


Looking at it, personally, it appears it was fulfilled after the 1000 year reign. It says Satan was bound up and released when the 1000 years ended/finished/completed. Now the question is, when did these 1000 years take place?


τελεσθῇ (telesthē) Strong's 5055: (a) I end, finish, (b) I fulfill, accomplish, (c) I pay. From telos; to end, i.e. Complete, execute, conclude, discharge.


It's impossible for a period of 1000 human years to occur within a period of 70 human years. So these 1000 human years must come either before (post mill) or after (pre mill) AD70, the Second Coming of Christ. From a pre-millenium view, a person could see Satan bounded up around 70 AD, released around 1070 AD.


Rev 20:4 mentions the 1000 year reign. Thus, from around AD 70 to AD 1070. A preterist pre-millenial viewpoint I found


Quote: "Once populated almost exclusively by ethnic Jews, Judea was 95% Christian by A.D. 614."

So now we're in the New Covenant age, so we are not the first resurrection.


Quote: "the Battle of Gog and Magog in A.D. 1096"

My fake putin futurist prediction was almost a thousand years late lol


Quote: "Christians won this Crusade but that Muslims ultimately took back Jerusalem and Palestine in the end explains why the Millennium is called the Thousand Year Reign and not the 1500 Year Reign, 2000 Year Reign"


Timestamp: 14:21 And then Satan is defeated after this 1000 Year Reign


Or, from a post-millenium viewpoint, where the 1000 years happens before the Second Coming of Christ, Satan was already bounded up, and thus the 1000 years start at 930 BC ends at 70 AD.


Hmmm... interesting. I'm not sure which is correct, pre-millenium or post-millenium, still researching it. I do believe that the Second Coming of Christ happened in 70 AD though. Thus, I appreciate you linking this video, has given me plenty to think about!


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The incorrect translations of olam (Hebrew OT) and aionios (Greek NT) to mean forever was predicted in the Bible! The true meaning of olam and aionios means “pertaining to an age”. They do not mean forever, endless, eternal!



γραμματέων (grammateōn)

Noun - Genitive Masculine Plural

Strong's 1122: From gramma. A writer, i.e. scribe or secretary.


What is a scribe? It’s a translator. And a Pharisee was a group of Jewish People who believed in the false doctrine of endless torture.

“And we know the Pharisees, an important group of Jews, believed in eternal torment”


Verses that prove that the Scribes and Pharisees are grouped together

Matthew 5:20 N-GMP
GRK: πλεῖον τῶν γραμματέων καὶ Φαρισαίων
NAS: surpasses [that] of the scribes and Pharisees,


Matthew 15:1
GRK: Φαρισαῖοι καὶ γραμματεῖς λέγοντες
NAS: some Pharisees and scribes came


Matthew 23:2
GRK: ἐκάθισαν οἱ γραμματεῖς καὶ οἱ
NAS: saying: The scribes and the Pharisees


Pharisees and Scribes Grouped Together

Matthew 12:38 N-GMP

GRK: τινὲς τῶν γραμματέων καὶ Φαρισαίων

NAS: some of the scribes and Pharisees





Was dealing with some technical troubleshooting with my website for a while, but I'm back now. Thanks for sharing these events, this definitely sounded exciting!


Acts 1:11 is a strong verse to start with. The "Men of Galilee," means

Γαλιλαῖοι (Galilaioi)

Strong's 1057: A Galilean, an inhabitant of Galilee. From Galilaia; Galilean or belonging to Galilea.


The Galilieans saw Christ ascend to Heaven Acts 1:9. Therefore, the Galilieans must also see the Second Coming of Christ, as He descends from Heaven. Since Jesus was physically resurrected, this seems like physical ascent physical descent.


For futurists, they must prove that the Galilieans were still alive after 70 AD. Not just any "Galiliean", rather, the male Galilieans.



Ἄνδρες (Andres)

Noun - Vocative Masculine Plural

Strong's 435: A male human being; a man, husband.


And not just any male Galiliean! But as YLT puts it "Men, Galileans, why do ye". Ye men of Galileans, not just any male Galilieans!


But how can these men of Galileans be alive past 70AD? Genesis 6:3 tells us around 120 years is the max physical human lifespan. With Preterism, these Galileans must be alive to witness the Second Coming of Christ.


What year was the book of Acts written? It must be before the Second Coming of Christ, because Revelations, which came after Acts, was written before the Second Coming of Christ.


Acts 1:9 and Matthew 24:30 both mention "cloud" νεφέλη (nephelē) = νεφελῶν (nephelōn) = Strong's 3507


Oooo... Matthew 16:27-28, that's a good discussion starter!


The classic melo = will = μέλλει (mellei) = to intend, i.e. Be about to be, do,


Matthew 16:28 is especially strong. death = θανάτου (thanatou) Strong's 2288: Death, physical, same Strong from Mark 9:1.


Rev. 22:12 is good companion, repaying + reward. μισθός (misthos).


Let me see what I can make out of those verses.


Matthew 24:34, Mark 13:30,  Luke 21:32, Matthew 23:36,  generation. γενεὰν (genean) Strong's 1074: From genos; a generation; by implication, an age = 40 years. 30 + 40 = 70.

Which is strong proof that all the Revelations prophecies must be fulfilled before ~70AD passes.


Those are my thoughts as a Full Preterist Christian Universalist. Hopefully some futurists will go partial, or maybe the host Mark goes full!


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Psalm 118:14 The LORD is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation. :)



Pre-Mortem Salvation Is Not The Only Way

My mother, sister and I were crying. My mother told us that for her mammogram… they found something. She’s scheduled for another appointment July 18 2023. We’re worried she may have breast cancer.


Even after telling me this bad news, she continued telling me to stop writing Bible verses. I love her… but I will not stop.


```Acts 5:29 “Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.” ``` (KJB)


I know I wanted her to stop preventing me from spreading the good news that all will become believers in Christ. But please, Father, not like this…


My mother says she feels pain in her right breast and in her right hand. The one who did her mammogram asked my mother the name of her doctor so they could send a written note. We are preparing for her possible death.


```James 4:14 ESV Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. ```


We discussed who gets the share of her assets, her will, how to be buried, her cooking recipes, what sort of casket she likes, etc. If you told me I would be making these preparations a few days ago, I may not have believed you.


She warned us there are women who may want to marry my father in order to divorce him and get half our assets. As well, to take off her ring before burial so funeral staff do not commit the sin of stealing it. Exodus 20:15.


While my sister and I stayed with her, she talked about how life is short and fragile. Yet, she has continued to tell me to stop spreading the Bible. Though I love her, I will continue telling people to believe in Christ to be saved.


Yet… our lives are so short. Is that really enough time to come to such a big decision as to believe? In Numbers One:1,18,2022,24,26,28,30,32,34,36,38,40,42,45 it refers to those “twenty years old and upwards” as the age of consent, like for consensus or war.


Many don’t even live that long! Yet, are they doomed to endless torture or permanent destruction because biologically their brain has not fully developed?


In fact, when does our brain EVER fully develop?


Harvard Medical School states that “scientists now see the brain as continuously changing and developing across the entire life span”. What if someone’s brain has not biologically changed in a way that makes the idea of becoming a believer in Christ appealing?


Today marks day 4 of the hottest day recorded on Earth. External factors like heat due to climate change also affect someone’s cognitive functions. Many are too busy living paycheck-to-paycheck, what time is there for them to even learn the basics of Christianity?


To deny post-mortem salvation is cruel, unjust and unbiblical. Psalm 16:10. Acts 2:27. All in the realm of the dead, Sheol/Hades, will eventually become believers in Christ and thus be saved.


This was featured in Add69 as part of my daily Christian Universalist verse series, which I posted on “Verse of the Day”, “Daily Universalist Verse”, “Everyone Goes to Heaven”, “Universalism All Aspects Pros and Cons”, “Sola Fida is True”, Slack channel “dailybibleverse”,


Ah, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately.

Few days ago, my mom had a mammogram test and they found something. Wrote up letter to her doctor, she’ll have another appointment. We’re worried its breast cancer. She says she feels pain in her right breast and right arm.

A lot of crying. She’s been talking to us about her will, how her assets are divided, what coffin to get, where to bury her, etc.

I’m probably coming across as super personal all of a sudden, but that’s just how I’ve been tbh.


[And to my Discord friend, who’s name is Ken, I say this]

Hey brother,

A lot has happened. Hard to keep track of everything.

My mom had just had a mammogram test… they found something.

They wrote a letter to her doctor.

She’s gonna have another appointment, we’re worried it’s breast cancer.

She says her right breast, right arm, feels pain

Now we’ve talked about her will, how to divide her assets, coffin, burial, etc. Just in case.


[Slap here is allegorical to sin, though not all slapping is inherently sinful. And President of the United States, would be allegorical to God. For the sake of example. Obviously the President of the United States is not God and not all slapping is inherently sinful, but this is the example that the Infernalist Attila used, so in order to fit into their framework, I go with the terms they use]


Interesting scenario. Infernalism definitely looks at the direction of the sin more-so than the size of the sin itself. So by extension, it would view any sin, no matter how small, as deserving forever punishment, like the example you mentioned, because it's directed at a forever God. The thing is that everything God does is correctional. God loves the world John 3:16 thus God disciplines the world.


For discipline to be successful, it must eventually lead to a disciplined state. For correctional punishment to be beneficial, it must eventually lead to a permanently corrected state. So for the President of the United States, they would want the person who slapped them to not slap them again. So the person is punished in order to make them become a NonSlapper. If that person is being punished forever, then they stay stuck as a slapper forever. That person is always at risk of, escaping prison and slapping the President of the United States all over again. So, in order for the President of the United States to fully eliminate this risk, they would need to teach the person not to slap them. In order for God to fully eliminate the risk of us sinning forever, He needs to eventually remove the sin that exists from each of us.


[Specifically, with my commentary, of course it’s God’s desire for us to not sin at all, however the only way we can get this mindset is to be born again. Since God desires us all to be saved. We are saved, not by not sinning, but rather, by faith alone in Jesus Christ, which makes us clean of all our sins. Thus, all people must become believers in Christ in order for them to gain this new mindset, the Holy Spirit, that makes them clean of all sins, being counted as righteous by the LORD God. ]


[How can a person stop sinning unless they are made clean of their sins? Specifically, without being saved, it’s impossible for a person to stop sinning. The salvation process is all about removing the sin that exists in a person, making them permanently clean of all their sins. A believer in Christ can still sin, and will feel guilt for sin, they may lose the joy, happiness, of salvation, but never the salvation itself. ]

Psalm 51:12 KJB Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.


So, we are rewarded based on our good works. We can lose our rewards, however we can never lose our salvation, as it’s sealed by the Holy Spirit, we are permanently counted as righteous by God no matter how many times we may mess up. But we’re still going to make mistakes. But eventually, after salvation, we will all reach the point where we will never sin again and there will be no more sin. Does not sinning save us? It’s good work, so no. Salvation is the free gift of God that we accept by faith alone in Him, not a reward that we work towards, a gift we accept by belief in Christ. Amen.




Hi my friend. Sorry it’s been so long. My mother has a benign tumor and we’re worried it may become malignant (aka cancerous). My mother has been actively stopping me from spreading Christianity, she took my Bible verses from me. There’s the evil Iglesia Ni Cristo cult that my mother fears will torture and murder our family.


I’m currently wrapped up in Discord server drama as I type this, where users are mysteriously being randomly removed. I’m in contacts with the previous owner and we’re investigating this. I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to talk, but it’s just one terrible incident after the other for months since I last spoke with you. I don’t know when this will end, so I’m replying to you this quick update so you know I’m still at least alive.


The Gog and Magog Russia Putin part I have mentioned before is under a dispensationalist futurist assumption, which assumes that the prophecy has not come true. Recently, a friend of mine has shown strong evidence that Gog and Magog has already happened, preterism, and is just history in the past. Right now, eschatologically speaking, I believe in full preterism, which is defined as


Full preterism is the view that all eschatological events necessary to secure complete redemption for all believers, past, present, and future have been fulfilled.


Thus, I’ve realized that all end times Bible prophecies have already come true. Because all eschatological events were created to secure a “complete redemption” for believers. Therefore, when someone believes in Christ, they are already fully redeemed. It was already finished in the Destruction of the Temple at 70 AD by Titus.


Of course, there are still people in this day who do not yet believe. However, when they believe, they are already completely redeemed by the Holy Spirit. In Genesis 15:6, Abraham believed in God and it was counted as righteousness, thus saved. A prophecy of the future for Christ to come. Incomplete redemption as Jesus did not die yet. Now, Christ has already died for our sins, thus the prophecy has been fulfilled, and all those in the past are completely redeemed. So, when someone believes, they are completely redeemed.

My friend has shown me preterism and it has very strong evidence pointing in favour of it! As such, as of March 30 2023, I have gone back to my previous futurist dispensationalist assumption posts on Tentmaker and have added the following disclaimer to them.


This is under the assumption that Gog and Magog prophecy hasn't already been fulfilled (a dispensationalist futurist assumption). Under preterism, the Gog and Magog prophecy is ancient history and has already been fulfilled. The video series below discusses very strong points about the last days having already occurred.