Hey all. My mom just revealed I have autism Aug 20 2023. She’s prob known for years, but idk why she’s only told me now smh. Intriguing fate that this role and channel became available 5 days later.


Interesting. I'm not sure what the requirements are exactly. But my mom explained to me, one thing I'd do when I was younger was to physically connect objects together. Like the end of one object, to the beginning of another, and chain them. She says my memories deteriorated so I have to rely on her to remember these things for me, so I trust her diagnosis of me.



Interesting. I'm not sure what the requirements are exactly. But my mom explained to me, one thing I'd do when I was younger was to physically connect objects together. Like the end of one object, to the beginning of another, and chain them. She says my memories deteriorated so I have to rely on her to remember these things for me, so I trust her diagnosis of me.



Answering this now, uhhhhh why are a lot of these questions actually so relatable


Like sometimes I'm with my family and I'm talking and they tell me to lower my voice and I'm like "i didn't know I was talking so loud"


ayyy welcome welcome


AHHHHHH hahaha

yooo it's like you can read my mind

i was writing this word document while doing this survey as commentary and this is what i put in advance






8. I only like to talk to people who share my special interests.

a.     True now and when I was young

b.    True only now

c.     True only when I was younger than 16

d.    Never true


The special interests, why’s there no middle ground, like a maybe option, why’s it go between the true and the never????


I will put true now and when I was young since I like talking about my special interests (like Christian universalism as you can see by my website)


10. I always notice how food feels in my mouth. This is more important to me than how it tastes.


I have uhhh… unique combinations when it comes to food, but I do it because of the surprising taste,


11. I miss my best friends or family when we are apart for a long time.


me, still thinking about my old highschool teacher


14. I'd rather go out to eat in a restaurant by myself than with someone I know.


I like hanging out with friends but not all the time it’s tiring


15. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be someone else.


I can


16. I have been told that I am clumsy or uncoordinated.


very often by my mom


12. Sometimes I offend others by saying what I am thinking, even if I don't mean to.


well, when I tell people to believe in Christ with faith alone, some people may be offended because they are works salvationists


13. I only like to think and talk about a few things that interest me.


how much is a few??


19. I am very sensitive to the way my clothes feel when I touch them. How they feel is more important to me than how they look.

YES THIS. well for me I like comfy clothes even if they don’t match


20. I like to copy the way certain people speak and act. It helps me appear more normal.


I mimic like the way people talk, be more relatable


22. I have to 'act normal' to please other people and make them like me.


part of being relatable


23. Meeting new people is usually easy for me.


yeah I can meet them, but can I get al ong with them?


24. I get highly confused when someone interrupts me when I am talking about something I am very interested in.


THIS like I would talk to people and keep talking about a topic, they’d shift it and I’d try to go back to the topic I’m interested in and they’d say something like “ohhhh but we already talked about that opic”


25. It is difficult for me to understand how other people are feeling when we are talking.


tricky yeah


26. I like having a conversation with several people, for instance around a dinner table, at school or at work.


too confusing when so many people


27. I take things too literally, so I often miss what people are trying to say.


well my mom says I take the bible too literally, but not everything in the bible is meant to be taken literally, like some of it’s parables, like metaphorical stories, you know


28. It is very difficult for me to understand when someone is embarrassed or jealous.


even I get embarrassed you know, like with my songofsongs.net site ……..


29. Some ordinary textures that do not bother others feel very offensive when they touch my skin.


some texture annoys me


30. I get extremely upset when the way I like to do things is suddenly changed.


yes, when I placed something and have to spend so long looking for it, that’s stressful


31. I have never wanted or needed to have what other people call an 'intimate relationship.'


well I wish I had an intimate relationship with my fav fictional character okuu, but with a real life romantic person here on earth, ehhh not really interested tbh


32. It is difficult for me to start and stop a conversation. I need to keep going until I am finished.


if it’s about Christian universalism, then yeah, lemme keep going at it XD


33. I speak with a normal rhythm.


I speak irregularly with varying tempos for excitement


34. The same sound, color or texture can suddenly change from very sensitive to very dull.


color or texture, ehh idk


35. The phrase 'I've got you under my skin' makes me uncomfortable.


ok I don’t like that in terms of like I physically imagine it and ehhhhh ok next question next question!


36. Sometimes the sound of a word or a high-pitched noise can be painful to my ears.


really high pitch sounds are annoying


37. I am an understanding type of person.


I am a HSP empath so yes


38. I do not connect with characters in movies and cannot feel what they feel.


man I was feeling so sad for the fictional character raiden ei in Genshin impact, augh, too relatable, she’s just like me fr fr


39. I cannot tell when someone is flirting with me.


not all the time but sometimes. one girl would say “ohhhh it’s so cold” and then grab my arm and I’d be like “well you should have brought a jacket” and shake her off


40. I can see in my mind in exact detail things that I am interested in.


yes, it’s good for imaging songofsongs.net content eh heh heh…


41. I keep lists of things that interest me, even when they have no practical use (for example sports statistics, train schedules, calendar dates, historical facts and dates).


well stats are just cool in general


42. When I feel overwhelmed by my senses, I have to isolate myself to shut them down.


white noise is based


43. I like to talk things over with my friends.


yes with the friends that I am able to make somehow


44. I cannot tell if someone is interested or bored with what I am saying.


it depends


45. It can be very hard to read someone's face, hand and body movements when they are talking.


tricky yeah, since it’s so much external stimuli to focus on


46. The same thing (like clothes or temperatures) can feel very different to me at different times.


very much this, depends on my mood


47. I feel very comfortable with dating or being in social situations with others.


depends how well I know them but with strangers it can make me really tense up and feel nervous, though I put up a confidant mask, an act, hopefully I think??

Part 2, since my mom kept coming downstairs and telling me to do my other work, so split this up since it’s a lot


Gain permanent life by faith alone in Christ, all shall be saved. 1 Cor 13:8 love never fails.

that sort of message is something I’d put on this Christian Universalist Discord server, which is where this conversation takes place Aug 25 2023


me since I am kinky but I’m not interested in regular sexual intercourse with actual real life humans, I’m a Christian hentai enjoyer like oratio heh……………. [I talk about this on songofsongs.net, hentai is not inherently sinful]


48. I try to be as helpful as I can when other people tell me their personal problems.

yes like I would spend time just listening talking with my family members


49. I have been told that I have an unusual voice (for example flat, monotone, childish, or high-pitched).

well when I try to do voice acting people frequently ask me for revisions


50. Sometimes a thought or a subject gets stuck in my mind and I have to talk about it even if no one is interested.


well… *motions at this whole website* Christian universalism folks!


51. I do certain things with my hands over and over again (like flapping, twirling sticks or strings, waving things by my eyes).


for me like snapping my fingers,


52. I have never been interested in what most of the people I know consider interesting.


not really interested in like regular sports talk tbh, esports maybe


53. I am considered a compassionate type of person.


yes I’m empathetic I think


60. When talking to someone, I have a hard time telling when it is my turn to talk or to listen.


.,.B• https://embrace-autism.com/raads-r/#test

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